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  1. *Justin presses the ptt* And just how many of em had balls to come collect son *Releases the ptt
  2. *Justin presses the PTT* Your askin for a death sentence you degenerate piece of shit. *Pulls the bolt back on his rifle and released it* we are gonna have a head on a pike son *Justin releases the ptt*
  3. Ryan Carter


    *Takes a drink from his Canteen nd presses the PTT* How bout you stop with your islamic bullshit nd quit tryin to impose Allah, who ever the fuck that is, nd start\ mindin your own business in this hell whole. Next thing I have on my mind you terroist fuck, Who the hell says Allahu Akbar anymore, Last person I heard that said that ended up with a SEAL team raidin his compound nd gettin a bullet in the head. *Lets go of the PTT and clips it to his belt*
  4. *Justin waitin for the press to call heres how they are actin and presses the PTT* Quit bein all lovie dovie and get my guy, press.... You dont want me to comeback and end this love fest for ya.... Or end the boys life that I had in my hands.... *Justin would release the PTT and start to gather his shit*
  5. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    In the files or the mod launcher @uSx Nevermind I found it.
  6. *Justin would press the PTT* To bad I wasn’t in the room for the interview I woulda made sure they didn’t ruin such a lovely interview, than again I got some stains on my fuckin boots cause of him.... *All you would hear is static as the radio cuts*
  7. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    thanks Josh.
  8. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    so how do I do the radial menu for the gestures and vaulting??
  9. *Justin presses the PTT again, not as pissed as before* You know I think this bitch wants someone to teach her how “news reporting” in this day an age works cause shit I’ll show you who would be suckin dick *Justin releases the PTT and starts to pack up his equipment*
  10. *Justin would press the ptt after listening to her, clearly pissed* How bout you come talk to one of the faggots and see who will be sucking someone’s dick... get your shit right if your gonna “report” the truth..... *Justin releases the PTT and starts to wait for an answer*
  11. Ryan Carter

    RP Ouija Board

  12. Ryan Carter

    So who's who?

    *Justin would be flippin through the frequencies and hear the first part of the message but switched it again before he hears all of it, and switches it back* Those guys are the police in town, then again there’s not many of em *he would go back to flippin through the frequencies *
  13. Ryan Carter


    @Taryn, He shoulda got his ass KOed when she shot her rifle!
  14. Funny Uncle..... Limpan I can hardly deal with her no way in hell you get to!
  15. Yea kid won’t stop pickin on me....
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