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  1. Ryan Carter

    Katie [99.2Hz]

    *Justin waitin for the press to call heres how they are actin and presses the PTT* Quit bein all lovie dovie and get my guy, press.... You dont want me to comeback and end this love fest for ya.... Or end the boys life that I had in my hands.... *Justin would release the PTT and start to gather his shit*
  2. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    In the files or the mod launcher @uSx Nevermind I found it.
  3. *Justin would press the PTT* To bad I wasn’t in the room for the interview I woulda made sure they didn’t ruin such a lovely interview, than again I got some stains on my fuckin boots cause of him.... *All you would hear is static as the radio cuts*
  4. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    thanks Josh.
  5. Ryan Carter

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    so how do I do the radial menu for the gestures and vaulting??
  6. *Justin presses the PTT again, not as pissed as before* You know I think this bitch wants someone to teach her how “news reporting” in this day an age works cause shit I’ll show you who would be suckin dick *Justin releases the PTT and starts to pack up his equipment*
  7. *Justin would press the ptt after listening to her, clearly pissed* How bout you come talk to one of the faggots and see who will be sucking someone’s dick... get your shit right if your gonna “report” the truth..... *Justin releases the PTT and starts to wait for an answer*
  8. Ryan Carter

    RP Ouija Board

  9. Ryan Carter

    So who's who?

    *Justin would be flippin through the frequencies and hear the first part of the message but switched it again before he hears all of it, and switches it back* Those guys are the police in town, then again there’s not many of em *he would go back to flippin through the frequencies *
  10. Ryan Carter


    @Taryn, He shoulda got his ass KOed when she shot her rifle!
  11. Funny Uncle..... Limpan I can hardly deal with her no way in hell you get to!
  12. Yea kid won’t stop pickin on me....
  13. I listed all the people that went from where @TehZombyBeard and @Taryn met me to take me down to vyshnoye.
  14. Server and location: Server 1 Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Dont know the time. Your in game name: Joey Thompson Names of allies involved: @TehZombyBeard @Taryn @-Chow- @shipwreck117 @Reckless @Flea @Geraldo Da Witchi Name of suspect/s: Hondo Hunt ( @Mr.Panda) Luke Krey ( @LouieRP) Dont know Character's name @CaliforniaRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/dd909d2877e1efa445d1dc5a934e8a78 (Message to louie), https://gyazo.com/c7253c553a522d0e835552a09174992f (messages to @Mr.Panda) Detailed description of the events: Yesterday night they had given the demand after I spooked one of their friends that I could reach her and she wouldnt know bout it, That if @TehZombyBeard didnt deliver me to Louie, Hondo, and @CaliforniaRP,within 3 days, they would kill @Taryn and if I "Disappeared" @Taryn would be killed. After we did the hand over, from my allies handing me over to Louie and his guys, I got knocked out with a bat, then woke back up, got stripped of majority of my equipment besides two peices of uncooked food I had, then got taken up to a house just outside of vishnoye, and beaten the fuck outa by @Mr.Panda with a crowbar and a hatchet, I posted in chat that I couldnt yell due to the time it is,and I private messaged @Mr.Panda that I was bleeding due to not being able to see blood, and at the end of the RP I got killed by Hondo outa a one hit kill with fists on accident,I private messaged both louie and panda on steam that they wouldnt get execution rights due to the situation. After I died I hopped into their open channel and pointed out that that situation was a stupid situation, because of rule 6.4, I always hop up and say somethin to them after I get hostile RP from them, and when I pointed it out they claimed they will make @Taryn "disappear" when I was told by @TehZombyBeard they said she would be killed, when I was halfway through talkin to them bout it I was told by @LouieRP that I was just bein nit picky and got kicked out. WIll not reply unless a question is asked by staff team.
  15. Ryan Carter


    *Joey presses the PTT* Ahh but to get a ghost to show there face you had to give idle threats.... to get his kill he get others to do the work... who am I.. *Short pause* A woman who eats human meat has been found... Now she tries to find ways out... I’m coming to deal with you little one, you’ve met many other people.... but not a damn one like me... *Joey releases the PTT*
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