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  1. *Justin listens to all the others speak and once the waves fall quiet he presses the PTT* How bout instead of threatinin to kill eachother and tryin to prove you have balls you just live away from eachother and prevent another war.... Besides why kill innocents to fuel your egos, why steal from the cripled to "Prove a point".... *Justin lets out a sigh then releases the PTT*
  2. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey presses the PTT clearly eager to fight you would hear a fire crackleing in the backround* Maybe its time you learned when its time to be a smart ass and when not to be... Just cause I am bout three days out doesnt mean I wont turn my sorry ass around.... But if you want to end this dispute by all means man up and come at me without your bitches up your ass.... *Joey releases the PTT*
  3. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey hears the little kid and presses the PTT you would hear a fire crackle in the backround* Maybe its time for good ol Joey to comeback and make ends.... maybe its time I eat.... maybe its time I find Hondo and kill him... Maybe its time to burn a town to the ground... *A minute pause* Maybe its time that you dont say idle threats.... *Joey releases the PTT*
  4. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey presses the PTT you would hear a sadistic laugh and the crackling of a fire* Seems like they are my kinda people dont you think Louie..... Hell you are the one that made me this way.... or did you think that after what you did I would disappear for good... Shit I bet Blue thought I died.... see ya in a bit partner *You would hear a bit cut off bit of laughter*
  5. *a man with a southern accent presses the PTT after spitin up some food from the girls message and laughin his ass off he replies* Jesus Christ kid remind me not to sell you a damn riffle or if I ever meet you to be packin a fuckin shotgun... Cause lord knows Ill need it. *The voice cuts off*
  6. Justin was born and raised in houston texas, He lived on a farm and was a huge hunter, he had multiple blinds and stands along with a few feeders to bait out his kill, Justin went to a few public schools in houston along with a few suspensions. After high school Justin had a half ass job as a bank clerk, but his passion for hunting never died.... after a few years of saving up Justin decided to take a trip to eastern europe to go on a hunting trip for a few weeks.... Lets just say he decided on Chernarus because he had little money but enough to get there, rent a place, buy ammo, and a ticket back... but when he woke up the next day and got his equipment ready for the day he heard some gunshots and lots of yellin done the hall. Justin stayed in in his room with a knife in hand and his equipment on his back... After sitting around for bout a hour Justin decided to make a run for the woods where he would be somewhat safe.... When Justin got to the woods he started to walk north to see if he could find somewhere to ride this shit out, on his way north he ran into a man named Jose who said he ran into two men named Roy and Bobby Kalo, Justins cousions, After hearin this justin took out his radio to see if he could find them on a frequency as he continued north for a place to call home...
  7. Take a drink every time you let out a sadistic laugh on the radio.

    Image result for 2 shots of vodka gif

  8. Ryan Carter


    *Joey presses the PTT Joey lets out q sadistic laugh* If only i could have been there to do it myself.... *Joey releases the ptt*
  9. Ryan Carter

    Altar radio reporters needed!!!!

    *Joey presses the PTT* Relax Vasily.... I’m going to make there deaths long and painful... *Joey lets out a saistic laugh and releases the PTT*
  10. Ryan Carter

    David Anderson

    *Joey presses the PTT and gives a nice laugh* Well what if I had a serious question this time around for ya... So whats it gonna be with the good ol revenge do hicky.... *Joey releases the PTT*
  11. *Joey presses the PTT and gives a saudistic laugh* No I ain’t giving you boys a bat rep.... I am doing what I am willin to do..., *Joey releases the PTT*
  12. Ryan Carter

    David Anderson

    *Joey presses the PTT* Why not just say it you fuckin rat! *Joey would sadisticly laugh and let go of PTT*
  13. *Joey presses the PTT* Ive always been solo since every time someone I trust betrays me.... you don’t want me to act like this???? Well to late anarchists made me this way.. Hondo, Aleksei, Boris... they made me this way... I’m just doin the sensible thing blood for blood she wants to act big when I have a gun in hand fine... you want to defend her actions fine, getting me , and Vince fucked up by them not fine.... they made me like this nobody can help me... *Joey releases the PTT*
  14. *Joey Presses the PTT and lets out a sadistic laugh* Wwwweelll you see here is the catch, all anybody has done to me is gain my trust and betray me if your a man that believes in god then end it people betray me they deserve what they get.... I don’t come after your people jjust her.... You have heard my losses to them,very touching but.... not much helps a dead man walking with nothin to lose.... *Joey releases the PTT while he laughs his ass off*
  15. *Joey presses the PTT* You see now we have a conflict of interests you want me to stop, I want you to realize I can get to you no matter what, you want the radio station to work, I want to burn it.... See ya Polly pocket Parson! *Joey releases the PTT*