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  1. Joey Thompson

    Joey was born and raised in Houston Texas and at the age of eight his father was transferred from his job in Houston to Pittsburg Pennsylvania to work in a steel mill. After Joey had lived in Pittsburgh with his mother and father for nine more years Joey was playing sports all year around while his mother stayed at home and his father worked in the mill. The month before Joey graduated from Brunswick High school He came home to his house to find that his father was shot dead on the front lawn and his mother being questioned by the police. the Police assumed that the Cartel had some reason to kill him with the only proof being some skid marks and a red C painted onto his back. The Police department had no where to look, no evidence besides a C on his back. At Joeys graduation after being handed his diploma he made himself and his mother a promise to find out who killed his father, kill him and to make Pittsburgh a better city. *Fifteen years into the future* Joey was taking place in a raid on a drug deal where the dealer slashed into Joeys arm 3 inches deep after the dealer was apprehended Joey was rushed to the hospital where his wound was stitched up. as the doctor was finishing up with stitching Joeys partner came into the room and gave Joey a note that was dated March twenty-fifth nineteen ninety-three the cartel boss had finally shown him self by writing "Hose I am starting to be suspected of murdering, stealing, kidnapping, and drug trafficking throughout Pittsburgh its time for me to find a new place to set up and continue -C.". Joey had finally found what he was looking for... a chance to finish his promise after chasing "C." around for 5 years all around the globe always being one step behind after the final place he had searched Chernarus he decided it was time to settle down and live somewhere and be someone other than a cop chasing his fathers killer. Joey decided he would continue with making a city a better place but instead of Pittsburgh he applied to be in the berenzino police department. When the outbreak happen he was at his house in the country side living off his garden and cattle he had. to be continued.
  2. Is the ts down can not connect

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  3. Is the ts down can not connect

    When ever I try to connect I get this error: Failed to connect to server
  4. Taking a short break

    See ya bud
  5. Life is mask [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Sitting in his tent trying to not think about what happened* * presses PTT* May god have mercy on his soul. *Releases PTT*
  6. Hello World

    welcome dude.
  7. I think im going to go insane!

    Just take your time took me a few times to figure out oh shit its not put shit together its a code so like others have said sit back relax and just read out loud.
  8. Hello I'm new !!! :)

    Welcome to the community bud hope ya have fun.
  9. Returning?

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  10. *Jessy hears the mans call for his friend while walking to his stand and presses the PTT* Blue pants? Well if he is the guy thinkin of last I knew he was shot at camp 101. *Jessy releases the PTT and and continues to walk out to his stand*
  11. Bye

    good luck man just remember always have fun.
  12. Haha jut learned how to post status update. I am a idiot had to get @idole and @Samti's help.

    1. Samti


      CONGRATS! you have used your brains for once

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      I believe its ''an idiot'' my good sir. 


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      lol glad to help

  13. *Listening to the argument in his stand looking for deer* If you guys don't mind people are trying to find food so shut the hell up about it. Now I haven't known john and his men for long but if you want to shoot people for comin to your little paradise and shoot a man that has helped me you guys sound more like the pricks in this don't you. So if you want to shoot him I could more than easily pack up my stand and bring It down south and fuckin shoot at you if you want to swim across to me. Now I'm just a simple hunter tryin to live but I don't want people ruining the peace an quiet of hunting and making me have to go without some food and with Johns deal fuckin live with it because he is offerin you guys a way out of all this fighting. *puts his radio back on his belt hoping that the people complainin about john be quiet*
  14. Group Takeovers

    The group page was made by just about everybody in the group it is not his work and only his.