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  1. Ryan Carter


    @Taryn, He shoulda got his ass KOed when she shot her rifle!
  2. Funny Uncle..... Limpan I can hardly deal with her no way in hell you get to!
  3. Yea kid won’t stop pickin on me....
  4. I listed all the people that went from where @TehZombyBeard and @Taryn met me to take me down to vyshnoye.
  5. Server and location: Server 1 Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Dont know the time. Your in game name: Joey Thompson Names of allies involved: @TehZombyBeard @Taryn @-Chow- @shipwreck117 @Reckless @Flea @Geraldo Da Witchi Name of suspect/s: Hondo Hunt ( @Mr.Panda) Luke Krey ( @LouieRP) Dont know Character's name @CaliforniaRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/dd909d2877e1efa445d1dc5a934e8a78 (Message to louie), https://gyazo.com/c7253c553a522d0e835552a09174992f (messages to @Mr.Panda) Detailed description of the events: Yesterday night they had given the demand after I spooked one of their friends that I could reach her and she wouldnt know bout it, That if @TehZombyBeard didnt deliver me to Louie, Hondo, and @CaliforniaRP,within 3 days, they would kill @Taryn and if I "Disappeared" @Taryn would be killed. After we did the hand over, from my allies handing me over to Louie and his guys, I got knocked out with a bat, then woke back up, got stripped of majority of my equipment besides two peices of uncooked food I had, then got taken up to a house just outside of vishnoye, and beaten the fuck outa by @Mr.Panda with a crowbar and a hatchet, I posted in chat that I couldnt yell due to the time it is,and I private messaged @Mr.Panda that I was bleeding due to not being able to see blood, and at the end of the RP I got killed by Hondo outa a one hit kill with fists on accident,I private messaged both louie and panda on steam that they wouldnt get execution rights due to the situation. After I died I hopped into their open channel and pointed out that that situation was a stupid situation, because of rule 6.4, I always hop up and say somethin to them after I get hostile RP from them, and when I pointed it out they claimed they will make @Taryn "disappear" when I was told by @TehZombyBeard they said she would be killed, when I was halfway through talkin to them bout it I was told by @LouieRP that I was just bein nit picky and got kicked out. WIll not reply unless a question is asked by staff team.
  6. Ryan Carter


    *Joey presses the PTT* Ahh but to get a ghost to show there face you had to give idle threats.... to get his kill he get others to do the work... who am I.. *Short pause* A woman who eats human meat has been found... Now she tries to find ways out... I’m coming to deal with you little one, you’ve met many other people.... but not a damn one like me... *Joey releases the PTT*
  7. *Joey presses the PTT* Sorry if the insults aren’t up to par... kinda had to stop a town full of civilians from gettin butchered... somethin you, Hondo, and Blue wouldn’t understand...and if it makes ya fee any better shithead I’m not even a mile from your precious town...Oh look at the time, time to go! *Joey releases the PTT and turns it off*
  8. *Joey presses the PTT clearly tired and angry after a long run* So you know that he killed my pregnant Fiance, he forced me into hell and back, he forced my family to suffer over shit between me and him..... Cause I swear he is the one going to other peoples homes butchering them and tryin to say we are the ones at fault.... Kid you got it all wrong, I dont bring people that dont have anythin to do with it into someones issues, I dont go around butchering towns, IM not the one going and killing somebodys family.... Im the one trying to make ammends to MY FUCKIN FAMILY BY FIXIN THE SHIT HE HAS CAUSED. *Short pause* No you just know the shit he has told you, that aleksie has told you, Why you think i sat in that shit whole.... I did it because I thought you were my chance to fix the wrong.... Clearly I was wrong..... *Joey releases the PTT after lettin out a sigh*
  9. *Joey presses the PTT and lets out a laugh* I wasnt good at bein a parent by all means, then again you were the first kid I tried to help in this world.... but by all means what I did to people was nowhere near your "Father" did, hell did he even tell you how what happened to me.... Cause oh you wouldnt see him as the perfect Father figure you think he is.... Now im takein a page out your book, you dont intimidate me, hell im still waiting for you to grow some balls and meet me where I can show you what a man is... *Joey releases the PTT*
  10. *Joey presses the PTT* Oh, you know how I get not one to listen to someone that is a little birdie named Davids bitch..... Hell least I dont hop from one dick to another..... *Joey releases the PTT*
  11. *Joey presses the PTT and the radio would be nothing but static for a moment* Yes trust the people that maybe hurt the girl you stepped up to help.... One of them that tries to fill some shoes she cant... another that I tried to help and look where that got me, just bout killed me.... Dont trust anybody other than your own gun.... or hell you might end up like me.... *Joey lets out a chuckle and realeases the PTT*
  12. *Justin listens to all the others speak and once the waves fall quiet he presses the PTT* How bout instead of threatinin to kill eachother and tryin to prove you have balls you just live away from eachother and prevent another war.... Besides why kill innocents to fuel your egos, why steal from the cripled to "Prove a point".... *Justin lets out a sigh then releases the PTT*
  13. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey presses the PTT clearly eager to fight you would hear a fire crackleing in the backround* Maybe its time you learned when its time to be a smart ass and when not to be... Just cause I am bout three days out doesnt mean I wont turn my sorry ass around.... But if you want to end this dispute by all means man up and come at me without your bitches up your ass.... *Joey releases the PTT*
  14. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey hears the little kid and presses the PTT you would hear a fire crackle in the backround* Maybe its time for good ol Joey to comeback and make ends.... maybe its time I eat.... maybe its time I find Hondo and kill him... Maybe its time to burn a town to the ground... *A minute pause* Maybe its time that you dont say idle threats.... *Joey releases the PTT*
  15. Ryan Carter

    Moretti Famiglia

    *Joey presses the PTT you would hear a sadistic laugh and the crackling of a fire* Seems like they are my kinda people dont you think Louie..... Hell you are the one that made me this way.... or did you think that after what you did I would disappear for good... Shit I bet Blue thought I died.... see ya in a bit partner *You would hear a bit cut off bit of laughter*