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  1. Distress Call. [Open Frequency]

    *Joey presses the PTT* Normaly I would be gun ho to help an old friend but after your actions Louie go fuck yourself... *Joey releases the PTT*
  2. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Joey presses the PTT* What you need son *Joey releases the PTT*
  3. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Presses the PTT* Haw bout you gut yourself an slit your own throat, I respect ya enough not to kill ya in a church. *Relaeses PTT*
  4. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Joey presses the PTT with a furious tone* Last I knew your ass ran with the people that would walk up and cap a kid for what, a can of beans, hell I bet the kid didnt even understand what you guys wanted. If you want to say we are living in the real world you don't go out find someone and make an example of someone that had nothin to do with it by cutting her innards out of her then decapitate her. That is not living that is to kill because you can... *Joey releases the PTT*
  5. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Joey presses the PTT* So you weren't apart of them back in the days of Tortuga Falk... *There is a pause* If you want to cut a child from a mother and decapitate her, be my guest just don't do it to my family.... Hell you would be family to me if you didnt kill her.... *Joey releases the PTT and starts to skin a wolf he shot*
  6. Then there was me with my mask
  7. Dangerous Discussion [Secured Freq.] 99.9Hz

    *Joey listens to the empty threats and presses the PTT* Bring it on mother fucker I will kill your ass... *All you hear after is static*
  8. To the Black fangs, Common Folk of Tortuga [PRIVATE]

    *Joey presses the PTT in stunned voice* Holy shit how ya been Falk. *Joey releases the PTT*
  9. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    Good luck boys and a new approach hoping you guys get a fresh start and a new hub is always good.
  10. The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    The hostage rp from @ItzzNate, @Bostonthicc, @Strawberry, and @Its Boris was very good I thought that you guys were going to kill me. You guys put a hell of a lot of effort into that situation especially @Bostonthicc givin me the option to stop with my goal and live or continue my goal and die, only two things I have to say that I didn't like: I didn't like Dean/ Reggie dying so fast I would have liked to hear why we were hated by the doctor, and why he wanted to kill @XxGrAipYyxX. Along with the fact of some of the things we did confused me just a little because of mics cutting in and out and it was hard to understand Boris. Overall rating of situation: 9/10
  11. The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    I get I haven't role played with the new group yet but unless I'm missing something people are upset by a small tax, which @Dusty said was even if it was done by *Give bag of food* Is perfectly fine. Hell if you look back I would say 3 months ago (Not to dis on my friends) the black fangs if they had a reason to initiate they would use there reason give you good hostile RP and they would strip you of anything they needed. but now on what I think needs done: I think you guys need more long term and short term goals, and you need some "Filler goals because you have about 100 days for your long term goal and you have 50 days until your short term goals.
  12. Oleg you out there. (Open frequency)

    *Joey presses the PTT yet again after letting a short sigh* That helps but there is one thing I need to know before I stop with the radio....who? *Joey release the PTT and looks out the window looking into town*
  13. Oleg you out there. (Open frequency)

    *Joey presses the PTT after punching the wall* God damn It... why oh why did he shoot himself, what happened before he shot himself? *Joey releases the PTT and wipes his eyes with his shirt sleeve*
  14. Oleg you out there. (Open frequency)

    *Joey presses the PTT while pacing around the house* Oleg you out there I haven't seen any of us since Thursday was thinkin you were lookin for your partner. *Joey releases the PTT and continues to pace around the house*
  15. I'm sorry. (open)

    *Joey hears all the broadcasts and presses the PTT* Hold up take a second to breathe and explain to me what has happened. *Joey releases the PTT and starts pacing in the house*