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  1. ahhh right, cheers and yeah i suppose dayz will never be reliable for timely updates haha
  2. has there been a release date announced for .63 yet does anyone know?
  3. Yeah i figured this would be the case, however i am wondering where people have been in game as well these days like, where exactly can i most likely find people on the server at the minute as in high traffic areas?
  4. Hope you all have a merry christmas playing dayz
  5. *Grinning Turns Radio on* "Its been a while, im sure some of you have been wondering what happend to me? *grins* lets just say ive been watching and waiting and you had better be ready... because im back!" *Radio Clicks off*
  6. GiddysGames


    this one should win
  7. haha thanks a lot man, i appreciate it thanks a lot man im glad you liked it, and will do
  8. this is the story of my revenge on the group of scientists who tortured me!
  9. *Hears the message and grins* Your'e going to regret sharing that with me, you really think you can intimidate me. *laughs into the microphone* Do you have any idea.. Who.. youre.. talking to If i were you id get ready because you wont see us coming.. but trust me... Were coming. *clicks radio off and stares at the reflection in his machete* *Clicks radio on* Glad to hear it but unfortunately they are like a disease and so they keep growing but if you join me we can end this once and for all *Clicks radio off*
  10. *radio clicks on* unless it is. *releases the button grinning*
  11. *Radio clicks on* There is a meeting in stary at 6pm (2 hours from now) *radio clicks off*
  12. *clicks radio on* "I understand you not wanting to join the war as there is risk involved but if you have any information on where they can be found please let me know, i employ you to think of the other people they will do this to i only got off so easy because i escaped but someone else may not be that lucky, please we have to stop this"
  13. *Giddy surrounded by new found friends clicks the radio on* "My name is Jordan Giddy and i am a victim of the group of people calling them selves SOF, they tortured me in the name of science or so they said, they fed me infected meat to see if i were immune with no guarantee i would survive they evenn fed my toe to someone i was travelling with. And im not the first" *Pauses in anger he speaks with conviction and motivation* "But today they will learn a valuable lesson that they cannot continue this without consequence that we will rise up annd fight them united as one WE WILL SHOW THEM THAT THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE THAT YOU SIMPLY SHOULD NOT TORTURE AND THEN LET LIVE" *Pauses* "Im calling on anyone who has been a victim to them or even knows of their horrible ways i can end this but not without help if you have any information about where they can be found or who wants to help me in this endeavour you cannot sit nn the sidelines anymore, its time we end this!" *cllicks the radio off and reloads his weapon, looks around to the people beside him grinning*