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  1. Fidz

    Greifing of tents

    Literally had 3 guns and shit tons of stuff in my tent only to log in and everything including the tent itself is gone lol i mean lets be real to take all of the shit i had in my tent you needed a minimum of 2 people and they had to have nothing on them with an alice pack and vests etc plus it was so far away from anything,like literally you would have to run a minimum of half an hour or more to the closest area of known populous and its not like you would run with a party searching for shit where i had my tent set up lmao its sad really.
  2. Fidz

    Potius Cras

    Welp there goes a PMC style group that i was planning on creating,although i had totally different goals. Best of luck! Going to be fun finding out how we interact once our "company" arrives for a different reason . Regards, Fidz.
  3. Fidz

    New NWAF Video - HASes, Helicopter zone, re-vamped taxi-ways

    Im in love holy Garfield balls this is going to be amazing
  4. *Holds the PTT button and lets 15 seconds of static run by* 14 Days. *Wide grin across Jason's face* Just you wait. *Holds the PPT button and lets 14 seconds of static run by*
  5. How would you even explain this RP wise lol,just go hunt some Z's practice your sniping,as people stated before its a nightmare for the staff.
  6. My RP stretches way back into SA:MP rp servers haha,I bought DayZ on September 2014 and played a bit but put it down to let it develop a bit,came back a couple of years later in 2016, played more and enjoyed it a lot more,at the time i was just going through my youtube feed and saw a youtuber i cant remember which, titled the video "Dayz Roleplaying" and I was like "hol' up" i didn't know there was DayZRP servers and i quickly hopped onto that wagon. It's been an on and off relationship with DayZ recently due to college, rarely any spare time being a CS Major but ah well what can you do. Finished my towers of work and now have a hell of a load of time to play .
  7. Fidz

    Dayz's Trello

    WW2 style haha,arrive at nwaf and just see a crop duster taking off shooting the z's, modders working their magic on the different things you could do with it,ah,amazing
  8. If anyone was wondering what is still WIP (work in progress) here's the trello for dayz,the "just right" hand gesture always gives me a good laugh. https://trello.com/b/5yzeFpo2/dayz Whats your favorite thing that's currently WIP?
  9. Welcome aboard! Just don't get robbed,or stalked hehe You'll enjoy this home.
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcomes See y'all ingame
  11. Jason was born into a military family that had decades of military experience both from the fathers and mothers side. Jason enlisted at 18 and completed his 4 year contract after which he took up training to become a mechanic. After 3 years of training to become a mechanic Jason felt lost, for his 25th birthday Jason bought himself a motorcycle and started to ride with his local bar group. Little by little he gained their trust and eventually after a year of riding with them he was allowed in. Jason got himself into a hierarchy similar to that of a military and he felt like it's where he belonged. Riding with the group for 4 more years he worked himself up to the second highest position as older members left and newer joined. Jason oversaw the club whilst the leader was gone but something inside of him was still itching, Jason wanted more action, he missed his military days. So on his 31st birthday Jason decided to hang up his MC jacket and take up some more firearm training. Jason excelled in small arms training and soon became so good that he was allowed to teach newer members at the range under the guidance of a certified instructor. After a year he was given a job at the range as a small arms instructor but had no official certificate,Jason didn't want to bother with going through that hassle. One morning Jason read about a private military company contract job overseas in South Zagoria, protecting a compound,it read: "4 years minimum of military experience,excellent firearms skills and under 40 years of age,6 month contracts with excellent pay,contact Blackwater." Jason felt like it was the right job for him,he did some research on South Zagoria so he wouldn't be going in blind and figured why not, he called up Blackwater and the rest is history. Fast track to today and Jason is out traversing the land on his own,with multiple kills of both pesky bandits and innocent people, he doesn't pass up the opportunity to gear up better than yesterday after all his motto is survival of the fittest and best equipped. Jason didn't know he liked killing, not until the infected came, the first few kills were tough on him,his morals were at an all time low but with each day passing and more and more challenges emerging he found it easier and easier to do the deeds and put people down, it was reminiscent of his young childhood days where he found stray animals and did all kinds of diabolical things from skinning the animals alive to cutting off limbs to see how they would react, I guess you could say he was practicing victim selection from an early age and this whole infection just sparked back up what was hidden inside of him this whole time, a monster.
  12. Well, I'm back and I'm not surprised that I am,after a long break and a tower of college assignments i actually have the time to play if you can believe that haha. Iv'e had quite the character on my mind for some time now but i won't spoil it,i'll keep it short and sweet for now. It'll be fun to see new and old faces soon. Stalk ya'll soon, -Fidz
  13. Fidz

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Heya everyone!, I'm glad to be here and be part of this small community ^^.
  14. Fidz

    Odium Brotherhood

    /Archive. Iv'e decided to not lead a group and instead gain some more experience and get more known in the server to become a better overall leader and whatnot. Sorry for making you read all of that lore haha. Peace. -Fidz
  15. Lmao that reminded me of one time in an official server where a hacker was chasing me with flash bangs yelling "god is going to blind you of your sins" probably the funniest experience i had on official servers. But yeah as they've said,dont go hurting people cuz they dont want to convert and such.Cant wait to meet you in game.
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