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  1. Sanctuary

    Heya everyone!, I'm glad to be here and be part of this small community ^^.
  2. Odium Brotherhood

    /Archive. Iv'e decided to not lead a group and instead gain some more experience and get more known in the server to become a better overall leader and whatnot. Sorry for making you read all of that lore haha. Peace. -Fidz
  3. Whats allowed in character personality?

    Lmao that reminded me of one time in an official server where a hacker was chasing me with flash bangs yelling "god is going to blind you of your sins" probably the funniest experience i had on official servers. But yeah as they've said,dont go hurting people cuz they dont want to convert and such.Cant wait to meet you in game.
  4. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Never cuz people cant find me.
  5. I'M BACK

    Welcome back! as Ramon mentioned,we had a lore wipe not too long ago,it's worth the read ^^
  6. Need help writing character backstory

    Here ya go ^^,i left the ending out so you could add it in yourself and choose what your character did/chose to do. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timothy was a quiet child,he never really liked to go outside,he had very few friends and even them he did not trust completely,he was an introvert but had an abundant amount of socialization so he wasn’t completely asocial,you could say he was an introvert with extroverted tendencies. Timothy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder from a young age,when he was 8 years old Timothy got into a fight with another child in his school because the other child did not give him back his pencil,such an overreaction caused his parents to send Timothy to a psychiatrist where they had found out he was bipolar. Timothy’s parents believed believed they could completely cure his disorder,money was not a problem for them,investing large sums of money into research in the hopes that their son,their only son,could get cured but it was to no avail,the parents were angered that they had to settle with medication that only mildly reduces Timothy’s mood swings but Timothy had no opinion on it,to him his life seemed normal and he did not want to change it,finding out his parents tried to change his life angered him,this action from his parents left a grudge on Timothy,from that point on Timothy trusted and loved his parents less and less as time passed by. When Timothy was 18 he went to Chernarus with his family for holidays and on that trip he met a young girl named Anna,he fell in love at first sight,she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen,but being introverted brought it’s own problems,he was too shy to talk to her because he thought she was way out of his league,but then one day she actually came over to him and asked him why he kept staring at her,he didn’t want to lie as he believed this would probably be his only interaction with her so he revealed his true emotions to her and how he felt,the first he had ever done so,he had never shown his true self before to anybody because the society back home did not have a place for introverts,he had to mask his true identity,his true thoughts because he was afraid he would be looked down upon.Anna was flattered and could not believe how straightforward he was,she liked that in him and decided why not give him a chance.This one interaction between them has led them to leave one another invaluably.Before leaving Timothy gave her his number and social links so they could talk. Timothy enrolled into college when he was 19 and could no longer keep on texting Anna,he wanted her to fly over to him,Timothy wanted to show Anna Denmark,his home country,Anna loved the idea and agreed,she flew over and stayed with Timothy while he was studying his degree in neurology,time passed and their love for each other grew,Timothy could no longer wait and so he asked the magic question,he asked Anna to marry him and she agreed,Timothy was married at 23 years old and was going to complete his neurology degree in a year’s time.On december 20th 2015 Timothy passed his exam and got his degree,Timothy and Anna both wanted to move out of Denmark,somewhere into the wilderness as they were both tired of society and of everything that was going on so Anna suggested they move back to South Zagoria and build their own little place in the forests, Timothy was ecstatic and could not believe she had suggested such an idea,they booked the next flight out to South Zagora and landed at the international airport on January 1st.They bought supplies and equipment that was sufficient enough to build a comfortable hut to survive in the wild. Timothy and Anna worked together to build their perfect home,a decently sized hut in the middle of a forest,no landlines no internet connection,just the wilderness and them and it was perfect. A year and a half had passed without a hiccup,they loved it,Anna had hunting experience,she learned from her father who was an expert hunter and passed down the knowledge to Timothy too so he could have some fun,Timothy learned how to operate bolt-action rifles and small firearms as well as how to craft bow and arrow, but in late July of 2017 it all changed as one morning Timothy went out hunting,he did not get far,at most he had traveled 300 meters from their home but the screams from his wife could be heard from further than that,everything was perfectly quiet leading up to the screams,Timothy bolted back to his home and arrived to an open door and what looked like dozens of people inside his home,fearing that they were sexually assaulting his wife he fired a shot into the head of one of them and almost all of them turned around in unison,their faces dark,eyes white they looked possessed and they did not respond to verbal commands,fearing for his life he shot a few more in hopes that the others would run away but that did not work,he had to fall back further from his wife to kill these infected people if they were even that. Once he had taken care of the infected he rushed as fast as he could back to their home to check on his wife,her arm was bitten,a mouth sized chunk was missing,her left leg nearly ripped off,she was bleeding profusely,little did Timothy know,he only had moments left with his wife until she passed away,he leaned in to kiss her and that was the last action his wife had ever done. Timothy was mentally scarred,in his sleep it’s all he saw,multiple nights in a row he was awoken to the images of his dying wife. -Fidz Peace.
  7. Odium Brotherhood

    Thank you for the kind words,like wise,we would like to rp with some more people.
  8. Odium Brotherhood

    The things that i do for this thread haha running from Kamenka by the coast all the way up to novo for a screenshot of a building,nearly 2 hours of running but its all worth it. Fixed the spacing issues,added more to the actual groups lore fixed some grammatical errors (was sleepy while writing the institutes lore my bad..) Thank you for helping me with improving the thread @Major ^^. @Chief I would really appreciate if you could give your invaluable feedback on what i could improve on, thank you.
  9. Odium Brotherhood

    I have created the institute lore and added some goodies to accompany it,i will work on extending the actual groups lore with more clarification tomorrow!
  10. Thank you for the kind words ^^,and yeah i agree it would be mass murder maybe even perceived as genocide if they are all of the same background,but i literally just typed into le google "country with the most serial killers" and the US popped up at the top with the said number, not here to argue or anything of that sort.
  11. [GAME] Continue the Story

    burning flag of
  12. [GAME] Continue the Story

    it pecked the eyes out of
  13. Odium Brotherhood

    Thank you for the kind words, I'll get working on everything listed as soon as i have some more spare time. Much appreciated for the input. Thank you,ill be looking forward to meeting you in game