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  1. Tennessee

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *Looking at the radio in disgust she lays her rifle across her lap before pressing the transmit button..her voice still soft and calm as she begins to speak* "This crap still goin on....Holy....eh whatever...come on now all us civilians out here...well we ain't stupid. Every single damn one of us knows...with most just too scared to say it...that you and your boys are only tryin to take people weapons to save yourselves from A having to get off your lazy asses and find your own weapons and ammo....and B to keep the good people of this country from having an easy time wiping the floor with you and your merry band of eunuchs. Grow up...get off your high horse...and realize that these people are not going to give in easily to you. Probably not gonna give in at all as a matter of fact...so be prepared for a war little man...its coming.' *starting to laugh quietly she moves a little to the side* "Oh and Mr Ken....making someone a literal dickhead...thought I was the only one that did that. Good luck out there...these guys are some kinda crazy" *Smiling to herself she turns the volume down on her radio and goes back to watching the people in the town below her*
  2. *She pulls the radio free not even opening her eyes as she presses the transmit* "Oh I get it...I get alot more than you think boy. Ya know...I kinda like your attitude...if you ever decide that all this radio measuring BS ain't for you...let me know " *Quietly laughing she rests the radio on her thigh*
  3. *Lays her bag against the tree pulling the radio from a side pocket pressing the transmit button firmly* "Holy hell you boys are on it today. Mr nonrussian russian whoever you are...lets think about this...you say your taking people's weapons to protect them...to keep down on crimes. I mean...you really think taking their guns is gonna stop the robberies, the murder, or even the trafficking? It's always been a thing... always will be no doubt. All your gonna do by taking people's weapons...people's choice...is make it worse. Now I think all the other little boys on the radio have made it clear they ain't gonna give anything up easily and I know my say ain't gonna change nothing so I'm just gonna keep to my path...watch the world burn...and enjoy the show. As for the rest of you out there...I say keep doing what your doing...just maybe not on the radio so much eh? I mean...if its a measuring contest maybe you guys should be doing that in person somewhere instead of where the whole country is watching...althoughhh" *She sighs as she clips the radio back into the pocket leaning her head against the rough bark of the tree closing her eyes*
  4. *Sighs softly as she picks her radio up from the ground beside her pressing the transmit button firmly her voice soft and southern* "Ah Mr. Jones...your not alone out here. There's plenty of folks around specially in these parts. Hit the towns and cities. You'll find 'em...now I'm not gonna say if that will be a good thing or a bad thing what with the way its been goin lately. But hey...I know what its like to want to find other humans. So yea...watch who you deal with and good luck out there." *she looks out over the airfield smiling as she raises her radio back to her lips* "Oh and Mr. Jones...I'd also be real real careful announcing your location to everyone with a radio on 'em...could be a bit...dangerous? No?" *soft laughter is heard as she releases the transmit button laying the radio to the side packing her belongings to move out*
  5. Jasmine was the standard country girl. Grew up rough grew up fast. In and out of trouble up until she lost her family to a car crash. Drugs, parties, you name it she would always try it once. She ended up with her Grandparents who taught her the value of life among many other things. Raised her strict with rules for everything. Taught her how to survive off what the land offered, to give people a chance, to just be true to herself. With a love for travel she goes on to become a flight attendant. Of course very first flight she gets sick in a little known country of Chernarus. Put out of the air by the doctors of the Servograd Hospital she spends a good week there recovering from a minor surgery. Weird attacks started happening with people being brought into the ER with various wounds. Those very same people getting sicker by the hour. Finally released from the hospital she travels back to the airfield only to find out all flights are grounded. Not really surprising considering the chaos she had witnessed on her way there. Now under Military orders she leaves the airfield traveling the neighboring towns meeting the few civilians there. Until she is held up beaten and almost killed where she learns to avoid large groups. People in general she views with a certain caution. Watching from a distance if at all possible she learns more about the world as it stands now. Slowly losing hope in whats left of humanity and any hope in getting back where she belongs she decides to fall back on her old ways. Going back to what life in the backwoods had really taught her. She begins to wander the land quietly getting to know her new home.
  6. *Picking her radio up from the table she presses the transmit button lightly* *Hmm....so old man. People leaving you out again? Well I mean I would say it surprises me but it really doesn't. Respect....that's what people are missing nowadays. But I'm sure....judging by that accent of your.....you know this all to well don't you. Now I'm curious....what do people have against Doctor's....I mean really...come on people...we kinda need them don't we? Well at least the sane....competent ones. Which this one seems to be....at least so far. Otherwise.....let's say you old man.....how are you gonna get the care you need next time you get sick? Some old hag living in the woods practicing healing? Think I'll pass on that one. Welp boys and girls....guess the answers I seek will come later.* *Throwing the radio on the bed she quickly changes before going to look out the window over the town*
  7. *Pulling the radio from her vest she presses the transmit button her smile evident in her tone as she begins to speak* *Doc...now I know I didn't get to meet any of your so called mercenaries....but if they are half as brave as you...well I look forward to that meeting. Takes spine to stand up to this....now let's hope they can back it up. Time to step it up people....see who's just talk round these parts.....soooo *soft laugh* let's see who turns up to help the good Doc out....maybe I'll see you there boys.* *Sliding the radio back into her pocket she sling's her rifle over her shoulder and turns towards Vybor watching the sun set as she prepares to move out*
  8. *Laughing softly the young woman lifts her radio pressing the transmit button firmly* *It is good to hear that the good Doctor has support behind him....here's hoping the gentlemen speaking up are strong enough to back all that talk up. As for you Doc....well we spoke briefly yesterday...and as I said then....I'll help out any way I can. I'll keep in touch Doc....stay safe out there. And thanks again for helping out my travelling companion. Oh and to the guy shot at NW....well if its a through and through keep it clean and your golden....if on the other hand its lodged in there....your gonna need someone to remove it....unless you have the stomach to do it yourself" *Laying the radio on the ground she goes back to cleaning her rifle*
  9. *A concerned look on her face she presses the transmit button gently* "Dr. West so good to hear from you.....I do hope your ok. Mr. John here seems to need you a bit quicker than me....my little problem can wait a few more days. If you could just let me know when your near that town we first met in...and last seen each other in *soft laugh* I'm sure you remember the one. I'd gladly meet up with you whenever your close to there. Look forward to hearing from you again....oh and if you need help with John over there....please feel free to let me know." *Letting the button go she looks out over the field watching the deer*
  10. *Climbing from her bed the woman pulls the radio off the nightstand before slipping out the door, pressing the transmit button firmly she speaks in a soft southern voice* "I am trying to reach Dr. West. No it's not an emergency....more of a *ahem* personal matter. If ya get this Doc or if anyone knows him and can let him know I need to speak with him....well it would be greatly appreciated." *Sighing she sits leaning against the wall of the little house letting the radio slip to the ground beside her*
  11. *Laying her bag on the floor she sits on the side of the bed bringing the radio up to her mouth slowly pressing the transmit button* "Gotta love how little boys like you hop on the radio just to try to hurt people....all because you ain't big enough to do it out there. This guy...he has something to look for...something to hope for....you....well your just a sad excuse of a boy trying to make yourself feel better by pouring salt in his already bleeding wounds. Just pitiful if you ask me.....and trust me.....the women now....the few of us left out here....we want a real man." "Releasing the button she places the radio on the table laying back on the bed with a quiet laugh*
  12. *Looking out over the town the woman sighs as she listens before picking up her radio pressing the transmit button firmly* "First off lemme say....John...don't let go of hope....not until your positive she's gone. Never know she could be next town over looking for you just as hard. Or sadly yeah she could've met with a worse fate. But don't give up on her yet. I will certainly keep an eye out during my travels. Secondly....to this other *soft laugh* boy...dang I tell ya....ya sure have a way with words there little man. Lemme guess.....poor baby all alone?? I can only wonder why...." *Lets go of the radio with a soft click laying it beside her as she resumes cleaning her gun and watching people gather*
  13. Tennessee

    Somebody save me! [OPEN FREQ.]

    *looking quickly around the woman pulls the radio close pressing the transmit button firmly* "Ma'am....I'm a ways out....at least 20 mins and that's pushing even my limits. And assuming I'm guessing correctly where ya are. I will try my best to get to you but I can't promise with this. Just hold in there....if your where I think ya are its a pretty well traveled area. Otherwise I'll make my way there quick as I can. Damn I hope I guessing right here* *Her voice trails off as she slides the radio into her vest quickly slinging her rifle over her shoulder and preparing for the run*
  14. Server and location: S1 Polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between 03:30 and 03:50 Your in game name: Jasmine Harris Names of allies involved: Graves Ivern Name of suspect/s: Dean Sullivan, Sgt. Kyle Smith, Arthur Cane, Lisa Valentine, Bryant ? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and my newfound friend Graves Ivern are traveling around the Gorka area when we ran into his friend Bryant. We talk for a few until Bryant takes off with Lisa and another guy. Graves and I go towards Polana one to look for a IZH shotgun and 2 Graves loves investigating gunshots. We get there, run into a guy with a blue armband (later heard him called Dean), we get held up by this guy and a few of his friends (Bryant and Lisa included), they proceed to tie us up...take all of my "gear" (backpack, M4, ammo, and medical) while leaving Graves with everything he had.....including his guns and ammo. (Which would have been great with me if they had RPed as I'd been looking for some good hostile RP all night.) I ran back to Gorka where I logged out long enough to make sure the video had saved then logged right back in. Then I realize these guys have all apparantly logged out (that will need to be checked on logs of course). The video took a really long time to upload so logs from chat will have to be used to get exact times.....sorry.
  15. *Pulling the radio to her she presses the transmit button her voice soft and southern* "Oh there's people out here....all different types. Ya got your basic *cough* nice guys...then there's the lovely bandit one's...and last but not least...those that would rather shoot ya than look at ya. I've seen very very few actual decent human beings in my time around here...still hoping people prove me wrong but I ain't gonna hold my breath for that one. So Mr. my advice to you....if your lonely....be very careful who you trust. For now...it was nice talking to you and remember the radio is full of big talk small game." *With a soft laugh she releases the button laying her radio beside her and looking back at the trio she had been watching*