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  3. Yuri Jansen

    I Yuri Jansen was apart of the 200 UN peacekeepers, a small detachement of the Dutch elevent air to ground assault squad has been sent to Chernarus (Netherlands is apart of Nato), on the 20th of July my squad of 7 soldiers was sent with the CDF to search for refugees, after returning from the search 7 of my fellow comrades became sick, they showed the signs of those monsters, the CAF took care of them, I was thinking to myself, ''why didn't I get sick?'' was I lucky? am I immume?, since I didn't have a squad to lead anymore I was attached to a CDF squad, we were told that NATO was abandoning the area, so we went for 1 last search for refugees, I was dropped with a squad on a hospital rooftop on Chernogorsk, we had 2 hours and the MI-8 would return to pick us up, we first searched the building itself, it was a absolute horror, body bags everywhere, sometimes no bodybags, the bodies just layed there, we didn't think we would find any survivors, but then we saw those infected hitting a door, we took them out, the door was all reinforced, My Chernarussian comrades asked ''is anyone in there?!'' a man said yes, we helped him get out, we asked him if he knew if there were any other survivors left, he said he hasn't seen any ''living'' people in days, we decided the city was lost, and waited for the helicopter to pick us up again, in the mean time I was taking a look at the city, It was just chaos, dead people laying everywhere, fires, what could possibly be the cause of all this?, after waiting 3 hours we started getting worried, the helicopter should have picked us up an hour ago, after 6 hours we knew something was wrong, the helicopter did not return, we knew we had to stay in the hostiptal overnight, it was a scary night, you could hear those monsters breathe, walk, bite, eat. We woke up, the helicoter didn't come for us that day, we decided we had to take action, we went downstairs, there were allot of infected, we took them out, but the shots attracted more infected, we started running on the streets trying to look for a working vehicle, the only thing we found was a Lada, there were only 5 seats, and there were 9 of us, 8 soldiers, 1 civilian, they were stressed, they started to shout and speak chernarussian very fast, I couldn't make it up what they were saying, the infected were approaching, in the street, then suddenly one of them takes his Makarov and shoots the civilian in the leg, I screamed at him ''What are you doing! we are supposed to save the refugees!'' he mumbled something in Chernarussian, and shot me in the arm, I was the only one from Nato, ofcourse the shot me, they dropped their bags and they managed to fit with 7 people in the lada, and drove off, the infected were really close, we were left for dead, the civilian couldn't walk so I had to drag him into a nearby house, I bandaged my arm, the infected started to surround the house, there was no way out of this, the civilian couldn't speak any English, I was trying to find a way out of this, a good way..., but I couldn't. If I wanted to survive this, I had to go to the extreme, I had to let my chaotic senses do the job..., I took my combat knife, and stabbed the man in his legs untill he couldn't use them anymore, he was screaming and crying, the only English word he knew was ''no'', he was screaming no no no no, all the time, he was bleeding really bad, I tied him up in the front door, he just couldn't stop screaming... that was exactly what I needed, the infected starting to group infront of the frontdoor, the backdoor, looked clear, I opened the frontdoor and the infected started eating him, I dropped my bag, the only thing I had was my combat knife, I started running like I have never runned before, I could still hear him scream, but then it stopped, I run out of Chernogorks, I looked back at the chaotic city and thought - - it is lost
  4. LoreMaster Recruitment Change

    I would like to become a loremaster, but I am sure that I won't be able to do it