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  1. Angron almost doesn't know anything about himself, he woke up at the beach in Chernarus with a piece of paper saying Angron Thalkyr, he guessed that would be his name, after a couple minutes he could feel a burning sensation in the back of his head, he couldn't control himself and beat a infected to death with his fists. Then the burn faded away and he could control himself, but the day after he could feel the burn again, he had to kill, he had to kill or else he would die, yet again he killed an infected and the burn went away, but that night the burn came back, he could feel the burn twice a day now, it worsened, he tried to not kill anything for the next couple of days in hope of losing the burn, but it was unbearable, everyday the burn became worse and he had to kill more, he had no option, or else he would die.
  2. MrMegaSheep

    Features relying on logs have been disabled

    DayZ devs have big gay
  3. Bobka Jansen. Bobka Jansen was born in the Netherlands and raised in Russia, his dad was a succesful business man that had a job in Russia, he only saw him once a month, he was homeschooled by his butler Nicholas and didn't have any friends since he wasn't allowed outside of his father's huge mansion. He spend his time playing chess with himself, reading and looking out the window, spending lonely nights in a huge empty house, there was a big forest surrounding the mansion no people anywhere. Bobka wonders every day why he is not allowed outside the manison, ''Am I sick?'', ''did I do something wrong?'', ''Is my father a criminal?'', he asked his father every month, he would just ignore Bobka, Nicholas wouldn't answer any of Bobka's questions about life outside the manison. Bobka was questioning himself if he really was his son. One day Bobka stole a newspaper from Nicholas his backpack, ''Chaos in Chernarus rising'', Bobka became obsessed with it, he was sick of the life that he was leading, it made him mad, it made him furious, it made him crazy, He wanted to go away, ''This is my opportunity''. Bobka is sitting behind his huge desk playing a game of chess with himself, he hears a car driving towards the mansion, it is his father, it was that time of the month. Nicholas opens the door for Bobka's father, Bobka greets, ''Hello father'', ''Hello son'', Fahter didn't ask anything. Nicholas prepared the table for dinner and went upstairs to his room, Bobka and his father were at the dining table, father starts eating but Bobka didn't take a single bite. ''Father have you heard about the news in Chernarus?'', Father looks at him straight in the eye, ''How do you know?'', Bobka looks worried, ''I read it in the newspaper from Nicholas Father!'', Father is furious, ''That Stupid son of a bitch'', ''Why wont you let me out of this god forsaken prison, what is your plan? Hold me in here forever!?'', *BLAMS ON THE TABLE* ''Alright you want to know the truth?'', *SCREAMS* ''YES!'', ''you have never seen your mother because she is DEAD, at your birth we knew your mother wouldn't survive and I PROMISED her to protect you, I won't let you out because of her, I don't talk to you because I hate you, you are the reason why she DIED!'', ''YOU ARE LYING!'', ''HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A LYER BOBKA'', Bobka was furious, after all these years he wen't crazy, ''I am done with your lies father'', Bobka grabs the kitchen knife and rages against his father, they fall to the ground, Bobka is giving all his strength pushing the blade slowly into his fathers chest, the knife sinks into his lung, he can't stop the knife now. Father choked to death in his own blood, Nicholas wasn't allowed to disturb them but he heard what was going on, ''What have you done Bobka!?'', Bobka's clothing are soaked in blood, ''No witnesses'', Bobka overpower Nicholas and cuts his throat. Bobka has never felt so good before, he is finally freed of his prison, he knew what to do, he burned the mansion down, he knew the place where he could truely be a free man, no laws, no rules, no nothing, he is on his way to, Chernarus.
  4. MrMegaSheep

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Add me for BPR ally, normal character : Makarov Jansen, BPR sniper
  5. MrMegaSheep

    S2: BadRP in Stary - 29/08/2017 13:50

    So I saw Grimnir being followed by allot of zombies at the stary tents, I was cinda bored so I quickly came up with the idea to try to interrogate him, allot of people hate the UN so I was trying to act if I was some cind of spy, I killed the zombies and asked Grim to bandage me, then I told him to put his hands up, I asked if he came from Berezino since he came from west, he said no but I still interrogated him, I told him to put his bag and vest down first I didn't want him to strip down completely since that would be badrp, I searched his bag and vest, then his shirt and last his pants, when I looked into the pants I saw the revolver, and I thought well shit, he took the revolver and I tried to shoot him, my glock jammed and then he shot me, once again I didn't rob anything I just wanted to get some roleplay and leave, but it turned out very bad for myself.
  6. MrMegaSheep

    S2: BadRP in Stary - 29/08/2017 13:50

    Yeah I wasn't even robbing you I was roleplaying that I was searching something, some evidence that you came from Berezino, I did not take a thing, I do not deserve to be banned since me dieing in game was my punishment for searching you, You also survived because my glock jammed lol.
  7. MrMegaSheep

    S2: NLR in Cherno - 08/18/2017 18:00

    Yeah I wasn't killed by anyone, I tabbed and my character starts running of the roof and then I Died, I was looting Tisy all day to get stuff for the group, I was pretty pissed about the fact that this was the second time that I jumped off the roof by tabbing out, I know it was a stupid thing to return to my body I won't deny the facts.
  8. POV: as the video showed I was just taking a look over our camp, and suddenly I started getting shot at, the bullets were really close, I was very confused why someone would shoot at us since there were no initiations dropped, Then I spotted the person that was shooting us from the appartment and I just shot him in the head. The video that was given by Jack Rees was my video so that is the same proof.
  9. MrMegaSheep

    yay no anime

  10. MrMegaSheep

    Anime is gay

  11. For your safety? your friend took all my stuff and broke my ghillie down, he kept the guns you guys were robbing us.
  12. As I stated It crashed, it is your problem if you do not want to believe it.
  13. I was recording, but my DaYZ crashed while the server restarted so I was only able to record the footage from after the restart, but everything you need to know is in the video, and btw yes you told me to not put up an attitute again and I DID, I just explained myself with a normal and calm tone and then you shot me, you didn't tell me to STOP talking or else I die no, you told me to not put up an attitute and I didn't I explained myself calmly. And please, give all the names of your friends that were involved just like the admin asked.
  14. Server and location: Server 1, new Myskino dam. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-06-14, 18:10 little bit before this time. Your in game name: Yuri Jansen Names of allies involved: Lan Funk Name of suspect/s: Chabu Doewski. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So, me and my buddy Lan were chilling around the base over at the dam, that is owned by the caveliers, we just hang around there and they allow us to store our stuff in one tent, later on these guys apeared and started to rob us, they started negotiating us, to me it really seemed like they just made up a bullshit story to get our loot, I would like to report the suspect that killed me and all his friends that are involed for BadRP since some of them looked like freshspawns just like the guy that killed me, so they just robbed us to get some quick loot since they didnt have any, and I would like to report the person that killed me for rdm aswell, I know he told me to not put up an attitute again, and I did like he asked, I didn't put up an attitute like he asked but I just explained myself as you can see in the video, and he just felt like killing me for it.
  15. MrMegaSheep

    LoreMaster Recruitment Change

    I would like to become a loremaster, but I am sure that I won't be able to do it