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    S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    I'm not sure about a muffled voice because I understood both you and him okay even at a distance. Maybe it's the accent? I'm sure you can appreciate the reason he killed you even if he was in the wrong for not accounting for VoIP delay in a tense situation surrounded by people who could have intervened at any moment. From our point of view you both had no intention to stand down as Dale Parsons raised his weapon to defend himself and you shouted "I'm being robbed" and continued to do so despite being told to stop talking several times. You heard the part about him taking your radio so him telling you to stop talking must have also reached you by that point. By the way, we're all from the same country and if you're saying he should've taken VoIP delay into account, you too should have waited for him to stop talking before asking what he said, or better still could have typed. I heard both of you fine with 100ms+ latency. We're all partially in the wrong here as far as I'm concerned, though I'm not 100% sure about myself as I only walked in after the ordeal and fired one bullet to finish Dale Parsons off.
  2. JoeOnThePC

    S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    He's not contradicting himself. He said you were given time to comply, but in retrospect not enough. You also claim that he didn't clearly give any demands but I heard him from twenty odd metres away tell you to not say another word otherwise you'd be shot, and from what I heard you then said "I'm being robbed" again and you were shot.
  3. JoeOnThePC

    S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    I'm playing as the character Joe McNabb, Darragh McNabb's brother. I don't have a recording of my PoV unfortunately. I witnessed the holdup outside the church at Stary Sobor but stood watching about 20-30 metres back taking cover behind a gated wall and only came out once the two involved were unconscious. As you can see from the timestamps in the log I killed him thirty seconds after George King was killed as I realised Dale Parsons II was unconscious and not dead, and therefore potentially still a threat once he regained consciousness. The others in the area would have witnessed me do this. From my PoV I heard Darragh McNabb say to them not to move, but Dale Parsons II persisted to move and turned around to face Darragh despite him instructing him several times in VoIP to not move and to raise his hands; Darragh shot him for malcompliance. Darragh then said to George King that he was taking his radio, to which George King replied "I'm being robbed". Darragh threatened him again at gunpoint saying that if he said another word he would be executed, and George King repeatedly said "I'm being robbed" and persisted to walk. Darragh knocked him unconscious and after I came out to treat any wounded as the team medic. I realised he was unconscious and took aforementioned action. I witnessed the earlier robbing at the tents at Stary Sobor, however as I was not directly involved I presumed I was unable to intervene without making my presence known to the robbers. I hadn't been seen by either of the two that were held up and executed as I was providing overwatch on the town for my friend. *edit* Mixed up your two names. Sorry.