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  1. The double standard.

    I'm not sure why you're still on the point of management being the downfall of the community. Mismanagement being a major contributer to downfall of many communities is one brief point I made to add credibility to the point that Rolle makes some really questionable decisions. Hop off that train man, its not even what thread is about, contribute something meaningful to the discussion instead rewriting the same comment over and over again. Like I said earlier, it every negative post that beings in staff decisions serves to make a change to something, but there isn't a problem having a purely benevolent conversation about it.
  2. The double standard.

    Not every thread that questions staff or daddy rolles decisions is meant to start a dayzrp revolution. It is a serious topic, but if I wanted to change something I sure as fuck wouldn't bring up the topic on domain that is under ownership of the very person who's choices I'm bringing up as very questionable. That's just silly Willy. Its a discussion forum...for you know...discussing. Not a deep dark corner of the forums bent on overthrowing rolle.
  3. The double standard.

    The way you wrote this you act like I give a fuck about "rights" , I could give less of a fuck about that. I'm just having a discussion about what I view as utter horse shit. Its not really as serious as a lot of people have taken it.
  4. The double standard.

    Man I completely forgot about that shit storm, another great example.
  5. The double standard.

    You're 100% right here man. It is rolle's choice to make. However this post is just me, pointing out something I saw as bullshit. But yeah man, I guess its not really a battle you can win.
  6. The double standard.

    I would think the same way. However not if I was in a place of authority where I had rules that I need to enforce in a fair manner. I guess the population decline isn't as bad as it was a week or two ago, but I guess to be accurate on that there would have to be longer term statistics. That however isn't my point on this post. My point is that when you're in place of authority, you can't really be bias. There shouldn't be a double standard. Just because its your friend, the appeal or ban should be handled the same way, at the same time for the offense.
  7. The double standard.

    Not clutching at straws here, due to the purge there's an ever expanding number of new players, meaning that votes on quality of role play are a bit less valuable. I know for a fact that I hold a standard for what I consider good rp now than when I was new, each to their own I guess though. Sorry mate, I was wrong on that one my page didn't refresh properly.
  8. The double standard.

    I probably should have thought about taking a statistic when the server pop was in a good place. However I don't think you need it to see the difference, hell, there's literally zero people in s1 right now. I'm all for new people, but in at the expense of banning long timers.
  9. The double standard.

    This comes from other posts, and a clear population decline, not to mention an even more clear decline in quality of role play. Chill out mate, it doesn't just come from me, top licking up rolle's hole. I doubt he cares.
  10. The double standard.

    You're kind of getting the point, the population is continually going down, and yeah, of course it was full, during peak hours, on a weekend. No shit it was gonna be full. But that's really the only time it will be
  11. The double standard.

    I get you man, however being the leader of a community you should expect things like that and have thicker skin. To be honest, it all links back to having zero humor. Anyway, my point is really just back to the fact that it is unfair to mold rules differently based on who committed the rule break. Mate that's common sense, but what is the server or website worth if no on is in or on it, do I need to enlighten you on how a community works? A flow chart maybe? Oh yeah no totally, don't know what either exoected, but you highlighted my point exactly about a double standard with one but not the other
  12. The double standard.

    Not neccesarily, what I'm trying to imply, what I am saying however, is when you look at it, its a rule break right? So it should be treated by the book regardless of who it affected. In the end, it was a meme anyway, whether or not it was even worthy of a per a ban is highly questionable.
  13. The double standard.

    Yes, please enlighten me on how my facts aren't straight here m'lord.
  14. The double standard.

    I mean I understand what you're saying here, but it isn't really anyones "house". The point is that if bullshit like this keeps happening then there wont be a community, hell, the population goes lwoer every day
  15. The double standard.

    Theres your example of a double standard, picking a choosing just because he's your pal. The rules should still apply the same. It's a community for a reason, keep running it the way you're running it and people will move on to other RP communites. There is no community without a solid population Mate.