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  1. swilly

    To the people of South Zagoria [Open]

    *He would pick up the radio* I think you're taking the right step here, if im going to be honest. *He takes a breath* I have but one request, why not keep your laws and ideas to yourself and in your own town, that way the people that wish to follow them, can follow them there. There is no sense on you lot trying to push your ideas on to people that don't want to accept them. Another thing is that some of your people really need put in check. I'd be willing to bet that over half of the confrontations your people face, is because they decided to act like fucking ass wipes. There is a possibility we can get somewhere diplomatically, please let me know what you think of my proposal. Names Blinky by the way. *Static*
  2. swilly

    A message to the commonwealth. [open freq.]

    *He picks up his radio* Shut the fuck up about your damn redistribution, we all know it's bullshit, it does not make sense, steal from the people, to give back to the people? Yeah sure that's what you lot are doing. To the rest of you, this is a message, last night we sent a squad to the airfield, and absolutely decimated 5 of your men, while only taking one casualty. That is the beginning of what will be a very long and bloody war if you do not limit your disarmament act to your own town of tortuga, and give up the airfield. *He pauses* Give up the airfield, limit YOUR laws to YOUR town, and stop acting like you run the show, or this will be a long and bloody war. *His voice sounds calm* These are not requests, these are demands, it is your choice now on how you want this to play out. We are willing to die for our freedom, are you willing to die over laws that will not stand? This is blinky, we await to hear your response. *Click*
  3. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *He would pick up his radio* For people that act so smart you are all too stupid to see, it isn't the weapons man, the material items are not the point here, that would be a waste of life, and nothing to spill blood over. *He would set his AK down on the table* It is a group of people, trying to impose their will on another group of people, where they have no right to do so. In the end you are the ones that are making the world step in the wrong direction. It is about freedom. This is not your country, and it is not ours. Therefore you should mind your own business, and maybe try to instead work with people, rather than trying to enforce laws that you know were never going to work in the first place. *You can hear a round being chambered* Listen, you lot can try and take the world in the direction YOU want, but if others are against it, it is not going to work. a disarmament act in one town maybe? I don't know, I'm just a fighter, not a politician. something like that may work, but if you lot are trying to improve this hell hole of a civilization, you're doing it wrong. You are only furthering the bloodshed, and by the sounds of it, theres a hell of a lot of people willing to trade blows over you people trying to oppress them. *Click*
  4. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *He picks up his radio in disgust* I strongly feel as though doctors are some of the few remaining good people in this world. And I sincerely thank you for what you do. *He pauses* I think you commie fucks should listen to the things people like this have to say before this goes so far that you can't control it. *click*
  5. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *He would pick up the radio* Okay ill give you the play by play since you want to act like a dipshit. Me and a friend arrive in Kab, friend has a red armband. We run into a dude with and accent, instantly know he was one of you commie fucks, this was further confirmed when he goes "blah blah blah take that armband off you're not a commie blah blah". So one thing leads to another and my friend says he doesnt like the black fangs, not knowing you slimey fucks were licking up their hole at the time. So he tries to leave and takes off the armband, your guys follow and 3 more show up, ya know, because you lot are pussies and can't fight an even battle. Friend tries to walk away peacefully, and your men yell and start pointing guns, then I spray them down like the dogs they are. *He pauses, making sure he didnt leave out too many details* You don't have to openly admit on the radio that you guys are pussies that get gunned down like nothing, its okay, just don't spread bullshit. *Click*
  6. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *He would lift the radio, recognizing the familiar voice and accent* Oh I beg to differ sir, thats not what you said as you held me hostage, and I sure thought I left three of them in a bloody mess at the barns near the edge of Kabinino? Stop spreading bullshit, acting like youre invincible, fucking commies. *He would grin at the though of them trying to spread propaganda, like the uprising has not already begun*
  7. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *He would breath deeply before pressing the PTT* Well considering I had no weaponry I did not see a point in swinging my dick around with you and two other pussies armed to the teeth with assault rifles. *He pauses* Oh you also left out the fact that mere hours before I sprayed down 3 of your men and left one crippled on the floor. Not only that, but I told all three of you bitches to your faces that I was the one that did it, yet you pussies did nothing. A few smacks from a baseball bat while I was tied up, yeah you really got me with that bloody nose. *He would grin* That was nothing compared to what i'll do to your wife. You know, you really should have kept your mouth shut about her, I did not even know that you had one before you told me...That will make it all the more better when I make her watch me nail you to a tree and start cutting things off of you....or maybe i'll make YOU watch me cut things off of her...shame you had to even bring your innocent little wife into this. *He would scratch his head* Don't make the anyone think you even touched me, motherfucker all you did was smack me around a little, I straight up told you I gunned down your men to your face while I was restrained, and you STILL let me out alive. But i'm the spineless one? you're just a pussy. And now i'm coming for you David, and Maybe i'll come for your pretty little wife too. *a short pause* The name ain't jonathan either, It's blinky bitch. *He lets go off the PTT and goes back to picking out all the valuable items from the tent near the firestation* *
  8. *He would pick up the radio* Then they will die. *Click* *click\
  9. *He would pick up his radio* Just shut the fuck up already. *Click*
  10. *He would pick up his radio* WE STAND WITH YOU. VIVA LA REVOLUTION MOTHERFUCKERS!!! *Click*
  11. *He would pick up his radio* I hear you everywhere, shut the fuck up already before we come for you and your people too, the proud supporters of some commie fucks and the wangs. *The sound of a rifle being loaded can be heard in the backround*
  12. swilly

    The Fuck The Commies Act of December [Open Frequency]

    *he would pick up his radio* We stand with you, fuck the commies, and fuck the wangs. Tiocfaidh ár lá. *Silence*
  13. *He would pick up his radio with a sigh* Listen, fuck you, fuck the wangs, fuck all of you. You're fucking nuts if you think any of this dumb shit will work. Try to take my shit and Ill mow you down just like i've done before. *pause* No one will follow this, and youre all fucking retarded if you think it will work. *click*
  14. *he would pick up the radio* How about you lot suck my dick. *click*
  15. *He picks up his radio* One of the most accurate things ive heard in a while. *click*