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  1. I was born in a small town in Indonesia. Since i was young, i was always fascinated with the world. I love to read books and watch documentary videos. Since i was born into middle class family, my parent make me attend one of the best private school in my town. When i finished my high school, i went to my country capital to attend university. The time i spend in my university life is the most productive time in my entire life. I joined a lot of student activity group. Such as the nature loving group, the charity group, and catholic student union. These activities help me develop my leadership, survival, basic medical practice skill. Soon after i finished my economic bachelor degree, i went to find work in financial company. A few year after that, i heard about Chernarussian conflic and how bad the situation are for the Chernarussian people. So i asked for a year long leave from my company to join newly formed humanitarian volunteer organized by Indonesian Red Cross. It doesn't take too long for us to be organized into groups and sent to Chernaruss. After a long and exhausting flight, my team arrived at Chernaruss main airport. We were quickly brief of the current situation in Chernarus by local UN peacekeeping staff (as we are embedded into one of UN refugee camp). It's appear that the situation had turn from bad to worse. As if military conflict is not enough, there was a rumor of mysterious virus outbreak. Soon i found my self in a military transport car into one of UN camp in the south. The last thing i know before i regain my consciousness is the sound of our vehicle hitting something and a sound of explosion. Now i found my self alone in a no mans land.
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