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  1. blantanly lie as you did not say i was surrounded or anything. you litteraly told me to put my hands up when you couldnt even see me. you were behind a building. i was so confused? then you werent even the person who killed me. i got shot from behind. i wasnt hostile to you or anything. you didnt even give me 2 seconds to put my hands up. i didnt even have a gun in my hand. no one at all told me to vacate the area. besides him yelling piss off for no reason
  2. Server and location: NORTHWEST AIRFIELD - EU1 SERVER Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7;15x 12/3/2016 Your in game name: Thomas Miller Names of allies involved: NONE Name of suspect/s: DIDNT IDENTIFY Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Running on Northwest airfield down the hangers and see a man looking at me. follow the man behind the hangers to the new barrack at the end of the southern hangers and he hid behind it sasying to PISS OFF RN PISS OFF. I said "what the fuck is going on here" and he yells PUT UR HANDS UP IN THE AIR PUT EM UP and barely was able to ask why when i got shot from a person behind me.
  3. i dont think you are in the position to tell me what servers i should play on or where you think would be a good place for me. I didnt even see a ghille suit on you, only your mosin wrapped ghille, which i failed to notice untill i came up to your dead body(mistook it for your friends winchester). I shot at you becuase i thought you were the person i robbed earlier and i proceeded to tell to go the other direction. When i noticed someone flanking the upper hill, wrapping his way back my direction. i thought you were the man i robbed. . If i was this crazy rdm'er u claim I am, your friend would have been dead too. I did not "shoot and run" as i stayed logged in for about 15 minutes after i killed you. Im not trying to cover up the fact that i shouldnt have killed you. It was an honest mistake i tried to explain to your friend as i thought he was you. Everyone does RP differently and i dont think you should come to conclusions as you were not in my situation and you are just another player. I put effort into sticking people up yes, as i did your friend so you. You also dont know me personally so you shouldnt come to conclusions to how i play the game.
  4. It was not a 10 second robbery? I was in contact with the man for a solid two minutes as he questioned me if i had seen any other survivors the direction i was coming from. I informed him that I indeed seen a group of 10+ players. I then notice he has a pistol and backpack which might have had some supplies which i needed more than him. I proceeded to draw my weapon and instruct him to drop his chest holster and backpack. He didnt want to at first and he replied, "I have nothing". He eventually droppped the backpack and weapon and i took the ammo from his pistol as i did not want him to follow and shoot me. I litteraly left every single thing except the empty pistol magazine. I would not do a 10 second robbery on anyone as i know they are frowned upon. I decided in this situation to get us both out of the situation unharmed and on our way to our destinations. In my eyes I had not done anything wrong as I have had numerous robbery's initiated upon me where it was much shorter of an interaction and i would wake up with half of my items gone from being punched unconscious.
  5. This seems accurate enough besides the fact that i didnt kill him for his weapon nor his ghille suit. I robbed the mans friend who I killed and proceeded to tell him not to come back this way or else i would have to defend myself and kill him. I saw a man run from his direction, which to me looked like he was trying to flank around the hill to get a shot on me. My gut instinct told me to fire as he had more or less the same clothes and weapon that the man i robbed had. It was an honest mistake and i wont hide that from anybody. I did not kill him just becuase i wanted his stuff. And giving the mosin back was a sign of saying im sorry, and it was a mistake. I did not say anywords about bribing them with the mosin to not be reported. I logged out after the situation because it was late and i was going to end my day there.