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  1. Yeah someone beat you to it and already told me but thanks for the heads up anyway and i've just sent my whitelist application so i'm just waiting for the result but if i'm not mistaken, if i'm whitelisted I don't have to post a thread, but I probably will anyways, haha.
  2. *you hear a voice but don't know where it came from* Hellllooooooo..
  3. Oh, thought this was the right section to post the forum needed, oh well thanks for the heads up. I'm nearing my approvall at the "Character Background" section, 1000 characters man, feel like i'm back in school. Well it's gonna be well worth, now to put on my Winston Groom brain and come up with something amazing and creative. See you in Chernarus folks and don't for get your legs..you're gonna need em! ;P
  4. Ahah, didn't understand the "pun" until I saw the edited note ;P
  5. Hey peeps, i'm new to this community. I'm currently going through the "DayZRP Newcomer Guide" at the registration bit, it said I needed to post a thred on the forum to show i'm an active memeber of this community...and human. So yeah, I hope I done this right haha. Stay safe in chernarus folks!.