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  1. Server and location: S2 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not sure but real time was 6:50 Your in game name: Kenneth Boone Names of allies involved: Matt Starzinski Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Coming soon Detailed description of the evidence: Matt and i just logged in to play some Dayz after getting destroyed in csgo we log in here people talking he stays back i go up and talk to the people and they were talking about someone named Jam and out of nowhere this guy runs up yells "PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP" i was not even given enough time to put my pistol away before being sprayed down by 3 people along with me dying another person there is shot. Video evidence
  2. What is the status on the recording? Sorry been trying to get it up give me maybe a few hours just been busy because school started
  3. I was the hostage here and i have recording also but i was AFK because my mom called me to help her for a few mins i asked in OOC if it was alright and they said it was if need i will post the recording
  4. They were never there i checked when we went up stairs so please show logs where your guys were there the "whole time"
  5. Okay so me and matt was hanging around NW airfield and there was some men at the ATC building we decided to talk up my canibal laugh went off they got scared and as i been roleplaying i began to act crazy they told me to put my hands up then matt stepped in and said "thats not a good idea" we began to go to the firehouse after they stopped talking to us we get in the fire house and i check all the floors then 2 men log on above us (I think they were ghosting) and we seen the yellow arm band (the guys in the atc) and we seen then man before i didnt get his name or anything but as we warned them about the men in the ATC we start heading towards the woods they instantly began shooting at us matt is shot in the back of the head but his helmet saves him me and matt regroup we flank around to the metal warehouse i see this man running towards us i run behind him yelling hands up dont move i made sure he had no ammo then told him to check the ATC he said no one was there. Then a second guy is in the trees at this point its a red zone and we wasnt being to friendly we take the second guy in the ATC and i couldnt tell if he was with the other men and i has very hunger and my canibal laugh went off again and me and matt decided to kill the man for food and to be safe because men kept coming to the building before and after we killed him people trying to climb up the later i go upstairs to see who it so i get shot and hit so i decided he was with them sorry if i acted wrongly and as i hit the woods after Grishino my game crashed and you can ask matt my internet went out so i went to sleep because me and matt stayed up all night playing dayz,csgo and battlefield
  6. kjboone333

    S3 Bad RP : Chernogorsk - 31-07-16 11:00

    I did die before and i ran to police station to see if there was a knife to kill myself because of NLR but i seen them i said hi they instanly pointed guns at me and told me to go to the shed. like chares said they were trying to get me to "suck his dick" i didnt want to and i know its not in the rules i also recorded after they killed the other man (chares) sorry if i cant spell they contunied to make me play russian roulette then as we finished they let me go with my gear from before. the guy just looked at him with alt and they shot him up and killed him. They were using OOC in VOIP and forcing me to suck the mans dick. I will post the video after i upload it
  7. So your telling my in real life if someone has you hostage your just gonna up and run out the one exit no or atleast i wouldnt have and the only reason we didnt shoot because we were trying to work out a deal
  8. Server and location: S2 North West AirField Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:50 7/30/16 Your in game name: Kenneth Boone Names of allies involved: Matt Starznski Name of suspect/s: Brad Johnson, Issac, One more Unidentified (logs may show) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly Sedan Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (Matts POV After Brad Was Killed, Thats His Head Poking Through The Door) Detailed description of the events: We went to Northwest Airfield, I asked Brad for his weapon. He refused to give me the AK so I went to rob him and he instantly started flaming us, saying things like "cunts" "shitheads" "inbred teenager bandits". After he was done flaming he started saying hes calling his friends and that they're on the way. We handcuffed and moved him to the new barrack building next to the double hangars and sat him down inside telling him multiple times not to move. Several times he stood up and wiggled when told not to. I handed him my radio to tell his friends and all he mentioned was that he is held up in the barracks at Northwest Airfield. He did not mention any torture or rough handling. We let him tell his friends because we wanted to make a deal for ammunition in trade for his release. His friends arrive and open the door to the barracks without annoucing their presence at all. Matt closes the door and then they open it again. Matt then warned them "Open the door again and we kill the hostage. If you value your friend's life you will make a deal" We started negotiation with Issac (Brad, our hostage, said "Issac!" when the barrack door was first opened) Issac said he would leave the ammo we needed in our car nearby. He wanted his friend let out first before he gives us anything so that started us going over the specifics of the deal. In the middle of the talks Brad breaks out of his handcuffs and runs right outside leaving the door open. The whole time both Matt and I had our rifles out and pointed towards the door while keeping tabs on him. One of people outside closed the door again and we told them to just leave the place. Within 30 seconds of Brad running outside a grenade was thrown at the foot of the door and exploded killing me and wounding Matt. (MATTS POV) Then a second grenade was thrown at the closed door further damaging Matt. After a minute or two of silence Brad opens the door again and rushes Matt with a rifle but Matt kills him. Between Brad running out and Brad dying no words were exchanged even after several attempts to call out to whoever is outside (aprox. 3 people including Brad at the time he was still alive) Once Brad was dead Matt closed the door again and waited for a moment to leave. The remaining two people outside never left and after 4 minutes of silence Issac opens the door saying "Knock Knock" and shoots twice between the gap of the open door and the edge of the door way. Matt would not have been seen in his position if he was using only first person view. The whole situaton was not even roleplayed after Brad ran out the barracks, it was just trying to kill us.
  9. I hope i get accepted to this great community i will surly have fun here ill see you there