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  1. This is just to make sure you guys know I'm still active. I don't get to play alot during the week because I get off at 10 30 and clock in at 7 the next moarning
  2. *Pulls hand out of snare trap and holds button down* I went to Altar 3 suns past. No one there. Will any person be there? *releases button, then realizes other hand is stuck in snare trap*
  3. *Puts freshly made Saline IV kit in medical pouch, grabbs radio and holds down button.* Because I have alot batteries, I have radio on. If people need help...ask over normal channel that radio set on. If I hear people need help, I come. So ask radio if need help. *releases button and looks surprisingly at the fact that some how got a hand stuck in a snare trap over the course of talking to the radio*
  4. Loki Forge


    *Pulls hands out of bloody chicken again, grabbs raduo and holds down button* I know how doctor people. I could be at....Palona. If I get radio channel, I come to help. *Let's go of button, puts blood stained radio in pocket. Looks at chicken and decides to leave it after shoving hands in it 3 times previous, and the chicken being unsalvagable.*
  5. Loki Forge

    Beloye Obchod Expedition Frequency [114.2] [Open Broadcast]

    *Pulls bloody hands out of dead chicken carcass and holds down botton of radio* I have been looking for town of trade, there will be fighting with bad people and nice people. I will heal people with doctor skills. I run to Palona for help others. *let's go ofor button, puts bloody radio in pocket, then shoves hands back into dead chicken*
  6. My brother (under same IP adress) is blocked by spam blocker. We tried the link at the bottom of the web page that is labled "Contact Us" but it does not do anything. How else does my brother aproach sending an E-mail to the dayzrp admins with his acount info?
  7. *Thinks very hard with a confused look then presses buton* Good I no bandit *released button hopping it made sense*
  8. Loki Forge

    Settlement in Staroye!

    *Holds botton and sudenly sneezes awkardly* ..........I'll look at Staryoe.....If still there. *Release botton*
  9. there is little difference, Forge actually has ø. It more easy to put o
  10. Hei, my name is Loki Forge. I am new to comunity. I am from Norway and got hurt in bad crash. I can not move or see quikly, so I can not fight people. I do not like fight people. I like help others when they hurt. I do not know how speak well. Hope to see every one.