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  1. Jason grew up in the US. After a difficult divorce, his father moved to Chernarus where he found work as a firefighter. He knew little of the language, as his grandfather had immigrated to the US, and who had survived until only shortly after Jason's father entered high school. Jason originally stayed with his brother and mother until she remarried to an abusive alcoholic. His brother left as soon as he had turned 18, and after graduating high school, Jason did the same. As soon as he could he crossed the world to be with his father. Now, the whole country has gone to shit. Now, Jason believes himself to be alone, having been separated from his brother and father during the chaos.
  2. slim_s

    Eminem Vs. Drake

    Even if it was Drake's ghostwriter slim would still win... not biased or anything
  3. Jason Winnfield POV: I had been at the tents with the gun runners for a decent amount of time, and when the kingdom arrived, I headed into the trees on the western hill where kingdom or Akrasia members had set up sniper positions. I was therefore not neat any initiation messages, and I was told nothing of value over the radio. All I've heard is that my men were talking to Jofferey and his men and the situation was friendly. Next thing I know, the snipers who where higher on the hill and on the now enemy side start shooting at my allies in the tents, and I had no idea who was shooting who because nobody was correctly using the radio and many had fallen dead. Sitting in my tree and observing I could see Akrasia members running from behind me into the tents, and I know from radio chatter and my observation that Akrasia (at that time all I knew was that they were the guys with the red armbands) was attacking my allies and to the best of my limited Intel everyone else in the tents. So, I turned around, picked out one sniper who I had watched shooting at my men, and it shows in the hit logs and I shot him in the head and he dropped. Taking me opportunity to escape, I left my position and started heading north where I ran into 2 kingdom gentlemen. I didn't shoot them on sight because I had no idea if they were indeed hostile to us, and I was only sure that it was the men in the red arm bands who were hostile. The onr man told me to stop, and I tried asking what was going on and if they needed help and that there were men in the trees from where I had come who were hostile and had red armbands. They made me drop pretty much everything and they tied me up, and I was complacent. They took my radio and that was what my first //yes message was for. They instructed me to follow them to the tents when I told them I was a gunrunner and had shot a member of the Akrasia. After some limited questioning I was then asked if I had a radio, and I responded saying //you already took it. They were mad at me for killing the man I had, and they proceeded to beat me into unconsciousness. Then I got kicked from the server, so my character reset. If there are any other questions for me simply ask. In all truthfulness, we really just got wrecked.
  4. Got whitelisted and played for a few hours today, learned about some of the groups, really glad to have been accepted!
  5. So reading these responses I have become slightly unnerved but even more excited...
  6. I agree with Killerwelden that hordes would definitely improve the game, because right now it rarely feels like a ZOMBIE apocalypse. I would be ok with dying more often from zombies if they are simply too much to handle and I get overrun.
  7. Hello all! Just sent in my whitelist application last night, very much looking forward to getting a response about it, and very glad to have this opportunity to join the community!