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  1. Kick for invalid RP name

    Alright, much obliged for the input guys! I'll redo my name now!
  2. Kick for invalid RP name

    Should I also redo my background or it is fine if I can't find it?
  3. Kick for invalid RP name

    So my in name game "was" skelly. At 8:35pm est I was kicked from the server for an invalid rp name. What's even more strange is I searched my account immediately and found that the forum post I made a while back describing my background (which had been approved) was not showing up under my content. I assume that because this was a while ago the forums were refreshed and it was lost. However I don't believe I recieved any prior notice from an admin. So before I actually "get irritated" I wanted to know if their were any rules on this? Was I supposed to be notified before being kicked (with warning)? If it is allowed then oh well, my bad. However if not, I could have shown my case. My background went something like: staying with friend outside of country near border. Friend is expecting trouble and purchased an underground bomb shelter. When everything started going down I hid down there and my friend ran off to find his family. A while later I run out of food and force my way into this country where I search for my friend. This was approved, and if I remember correctly my nickname "Skelly" was also approved. Again I apologize if I'm in the wrong, but I would like an explanation or at least help working out a new name and whats allowed. Please assist when able.