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  1. Entry 2: October 26th 2014 Night 4:22 A.M. It was raining around the time I awoke.. Couldn't see anything in the dark except the hazy glow of the gas lamp inside the brick house that I took shelter in. "What have I done to deserve this?" I kept asking myself as I kept looking toward the warm glow of the lamp and then to the window to my right. I got not answer as even I didn't even know the answer to it. It was just too..complicated, to even think about. All I could even remember is helping out a stranger that I got along with on the journey to find my brother..but..the only consequence I could have found to it was..death. Death that came all too quick for the man that came from America, just for reporting on groups in the area. So simply for such a complex man that became a good friend. I sighed, noticing that the rain has decreased to a mere drizzle outside. "Great," I said to myself before turning off the lamp and getting up,"Time to go.." I went outside at a brisk pace only to encounter a man with a face bandanna and wielding a sharp kitchen knife. "Oh, Hello there.." The stranger said deeply, looking at me with what seemed to be eye that could pierce skin and bone. "Hi..uhm, what is with the knife mister..?" "Mr. Night. And do not worry about it.." He said with a sigh that seemed to be of both relief and annoyance. He did not seem to want to put that knife away. "Are you hungry Mr. Night?" I asked him slowly, thinking he may just be in need of food and water. "No..but on a topic like that, I must ask. Have you met any cannibals around here?" I stepped back. "C-cannibals? Really? No..no I haven't sir." He nods in return of my answer. "well, you have nothing to worry about. I am no cannibal.." Just in case this was a meager joke to test me, I gave him a can of tuna that was opened. He quickly grabbed it without hesitation and ate all of it straight from the damn can. After finishing, he threw the can into a nearby shed and let out a large sigh of relief. "Thank you very much..I must get going now, be careful along your travels.." He said before beginning to walk up the road, leaving me behind. "Wait! It gets quite lonely along the roads these days and..without people you can't trust, it gets quite a trek if you were to go by yourself." I said quickly, running up to him and jogging in pace with Mr. Night as we both went up the road. Mr. Night didn't seem to mind as he nodded to my excuse to come with. "That is quite true..may I ask your name then, since you know mine?" "Dylan..Dylan Wilson." "Hmm," said Mr. Night under his breath before stating, "Nice name, chose right for the right man. May I ask what your plans are Dylan? Any friends or family perhaps?" Now to this question you must tell the answer as honest as possible, either wise the person who asked the question will think that you are trying to get one over on them. I should know..I know this personally.. "I did actually..I'm looking for my brother. I lost quite a time ago while trying to find our Mother." Mr. Night was quiet, jogging a little slower now to keep pace with me, whom at this point was lagging behind Mr. Night, trying my best to keep up with him. "Guessing that you didn't find him yet..have you?" I shook my head. "Damn..I am sorry to hear that..I hope you don't mind that I don't tell you mine..not very pretty if you ask me.." I sighed, understanding what has happened to me may have happened to others as well. I don't ask as together, we went up the road. And coincidentally enough, it was the same road that me and Kevin took..right before he left this world. Along this road, Mr. Night showed me how to operate a 44. magnum just in case there was a point where I must use it. "But..I don't aim to hurt anyone.." "Are you saying that you have never killed anyone..? Not even infected?.." Mr. Night sounded surprised, seeming to have never met anyone that hasn't killed a single soul. "No..I have seen a lot of people die though. Very sad and ironic if you ask me.." At this point, the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon and..on the road in front of us was a fight club. Mr. Night and I slowly walked up to the combatants and the bookie of the rest with our hands on our guns. "Hello gents, may I ask what you all are up to?" After Mr. Night said this, the current bout that was taken place had just ended with what seemed a bald man (the champion) had just been knocked out unconscious. A few cheers came from the surrounding crowd as Mr. Night was pulled aside. I was sure I had heard a distinct voice amongst the crowd but that was sure to be my imagination. It sounded like...Kevin's. I walked over to where Mr. Night and the bookie, Richard were chatting and..They knew each other. "..and after the firefight, I was sure that you were dead. We already lost a guy down there but I was sure they fucking took you too Felix.." Mr. Night (Felix) nodded, answering silently as I walked up to the both of them. "Ah, and this must be your friend Felix?" Richard asked, extending a hand out to me. I took it and shook his hand, giving a small warm smile to him. "So, Dylan, where did Felix meet you at?" he said before a loud "vrroooooommmm" came from the nearby trees. All eight of us, the three of us and the crowd members took up our arms in case something bad was to happen. "Car..possibly jeep.." whispered Richard as the jeep came..straight beside us. They got out and appeared to be heavily armed with m4s. "Hey gu- Oh shit!!" One of the armed said before rushing back into the car along with his friend. "Hey hey hey!! Get out of your jeep now!" yelled Richard as we surrounded the car. Both men got out of the car and, after several brief tries to tell one of them to get down on their knees with their hands on their head, I shot into the air with the magnum, scaring everyone. "C-christ!! Alright Alright! I'm getting down.." We walked them away from the jeep as Mr. Night and the champion checked out the jeep and drove it away into a few trees, more than likely so the two men don't try to get back into their car right away. "Alright..what the fuck were you two trying to do by getting out of your car and getting back into it..huh??" "W-we were sure that there was not that many of you..thought it was just 2 or 3 of you.." Richard and a few others amongst us laughed at it. "Well my fellow, as you can see, there is definitely more than 2 OR 3 of us." After a bit, we asked for their names and checked their gear. We exchanged it amongst ourselves and even gave them some food and water. Hell, even a screwdriver as a replacement to a can opener! Anyways, after this little situation was taken care of. Richard asked all of us if we had any questions for the two men, who were still handcuffed on the ground. "I do.." I said as I walked up to them and told them to get onto their knees. "Now..has anyone of you seen a man about my age..short hair and owns the name, Richard?" They both shake their head, not knowing a Richard besides the leader that belongs to the group that is present with us. "Ok..have you two ran into any..reporters..recently?" "Yeah, we ran into him just now at the North West Airfield." I pulled out my baseball bat.. "Where?" "Tell me.." They both hesitated, not knowing that I had other things in plan. The others of the group watched with curious eyes at what has about to happen. "W-we don't know..we just know that he was at the airfield." "What was he wearing.." I said as the baseball bat was ready to be swung. "He was wearing a green sweater, a-and a blue taloon backpack! That is all we know, I swear!" I lower the bat, sighing. "Alright, I'm done." They were released from their cuffs and escorted back to their jeep. They were gone by the time they got into their jeep and we all looked at one another, all eight of us. Mr. Night yawned. "Wellll, I'm gonna get some sleep, radio me when I wake up Richard. Dylan..come with me for a brief moment." I nodded and followed him, waving goodbye to the others as they waved goodbye back. I followed Mr. Night into a nearby cabin and closed the door behind us. He made sure that no one was with us or in ear shot of us. He nodded, now satisfied with the situation and looked toward me. "You did fine work Dylan.." "Thanks, just trying to get info on family and friends as best as I can." "I know this..that is why I'm going to let you keep that magnum. You may need it. You are a good man Dylan..but you must know that..you can't keep going on without taking the life of another. The world has changed and not for the better. Good men..they last long but.." "I know Felix." "Ok. I wish you luck on finding your mother. Let her know that, even in this world..there are still good men." Under that came bandanna, I can make out a warm smile. He put a hand on my shoulder and shook me, laughing a bit before nodding and walking into a room and closing it behind him. I heard the lock latch and and brief, "Goodbye Mr. Wilson, until we meet again..!" I walked out of the house, smiling as I looked back before looking back toward the road. "Dylan!" a familier voice echoed out in front of me. I stood, shocked at the sound of it. "K-Kevin..?" A figure walked towards me from a tree, IZH Shotgun in hand and was smiling. "Hey bud..how is it going? Nice work with those guys back there by the way.." My eyes went wide. "Doing fine..I thought you died.." "Pfft, nah. They shot me up good though..spent my time crawling to berezino. Almost bled out before those two came and saved me before robbing me. I'm sure that is what they were going to do to US before they even saw how many there were. Should have seen the look on their faces! Haha!!" He slapped his knee, buckling in laughter and smiled at me. "So, wanna get going?" "Sure Kevin, sure." We walked up the road and over a hill. Hoping to find my brother and my mother. The sun was already halfway across the sky by the time we hit the house that I was at, taking shelter from the rain the previous night. "So..when you find your mother, what do you plan on telling her..?" "Well.." "Well what..?" "To stop running..from family." (ENTRY 3 will be posted by the time I get back from work. If you guys enjoy my first role playing experience on this server, let me know!
  2. Prelude - October 16th, 2014 (NOT NECESSARY TO READ, YOU CAN SKIP IF YOU LIKE) Hey. To anyone who reads this..I'm sorry. I have failed you. T-there..was nothing that I could have done to stop what has happened to the world. My family..we are too far apart, even when we were in the real world and away from the madness that has taken over Komarovo. Everything was lost during the outbreak. The Wilson family, which consisted of me, My father (Lutin Wilson), mother(Maria Wilson), and younger brother(Richard C. Wilson). We.. We were happy. Up until the point where our family had a divorce at the age of 10 for me. Richard was devastated and as was I. He went with our Father, Lutin. I, with our mother, Maria. Mother was caring and compassionate about family and, well, her work. She never really told me much about her work but at least she taught me how to take care of myself. She taught me how to sew clothes up and clean, even how to cook. It wasn't much but..It was alot to show a 13 year old at the time. My brother however, was taught how to be a farmer. General things like how to clean your rifle, how to hunt, clean, grow crops. We both learned our own little tibbits here and there throughout the years. You could say that we have forgotten everything that had happened throughout the span of the years between our adolescent years to our young adult years. At the age of 20, I learned..that my father had passed away while working in the fields. It was heartbreaking, due to the fact that he has pulled through so much, even with his old age. I went to his funeral almost two days after, only to find friends of his and..my brother, Richard. We welcomed each other very warmly and asked about each other's lives after the divorce and before the horrible event of our father's death. Afterwards, we found out that our Mother, Maria, never came to father's funeral.. Years later, Me, Richard, and our Mother, Maria live together in a small house that resembles a small restaurant in Komarovo. But.. Around this time, this is where the outbreak began. October 9th, just two days into the outbreak, the news channels of Chernarus show the infected breaking into homes and killing most residents within Zelenogorsk and Myshkino. Richard and Dylan watched with horror at the sight of it all, the massacres, the amount of refugees, and most of all, the fact that their mother was still working that day in Berezino. They took up their rifles, hunting camo that belonged to their father and set off to rescue their mother. This..This is how our family became divided...and whole once more. Entry 1: October 23rd 2014 Noon 7:37 P.M. Dylan was lost within Berezino, having never been there before in his entire life. That could be said about his brother, Richard, who knew the layout of the surrounding area by heart due to the teachings of his father. However, Richard was not accompanying Dylan. Dylan was alone within Berezino, having just lost him a few hours prior. Dylan was scavenging inside the Police Station when he suddenly heard a deep warm-hearted, "Hello?" Dylan sprang up to his feet only to run outside to run face first into the stranger who called out. "Heya bud!" "Hi, what are you in a rush for?" "Nothing, just scared is all..don't know who you will meet out here and what they are capable of..know what I mean mister?" He nods, obviously agreeing as he smiles. "Names Kevin, I'm a reporter from America." "Oh, well wonderful. Name's Dylan. I'm..kinda lost at the moment." "Haha! Don't worry, I don't know where I am either." They share a good laugh or two before getting back into the business that was their convo. "So Dylan, what are you doing here?" said the kind-hearted Kevin as they stood under the shade of the police station's entrance. "Well, to be quite honest with you mister Kevin, I am looking for a few relatives of mine. A brother and a mother. Ever heard of a Richard or Maria Wilson?" Kevin shakes his head, revealing that he knew absolutely nothing of the situation that Dylan was struggling with. Dylan sighs, having just found something humble enough that he could talk to but sadly, get nothing out of him about the details of where his brother or mother might be. "Well, I hope you don't mind if..WE go up the road from here. Kinda gets a little lonely without a traveling companion." Kevin gives out a small hearty laugh, agreeing with Dylan as they both went up the road together. During the 2 hour walk, they discussed their history with one another. Kevin was there to report on the factions of the north in Chernarus. "Heard there was a bunch of Cannibals and horrible people up north. Been there yet?" Dylan quickly shook his head, answering him without a word as they continued to go south west from Berezino. "Well, good. There are different types of people in this world Dylan. not everyone is as kind as you." "Well, I could have killed you already but..I am afraid that I am a pacifist." "Oh? Well, don't worry. I am not much of a fighter either. Seems like we could just be brothers huh?" Dylan stays silent along their trek toward the west. They soon find themselves with Dichina, a military base to the south of the NW airfield. They realize that they had made a mistake as soon as a group of 4 armed men come out of the main Cell building and bunks on either side of them. They told them to come inside to talk to their boss. But, as soon as they went upstairs, one of the armed men, a foreigner who was possibly German spoke. "So, you are reporter?" "Yes," said Kevin warmly. "Yes I am." "Oh, well that is good to hear, maybe you would like to do a report on getting robbed..arms up!!" The foreign man yelled as both Dylan and Kevin held their hands up, walking up the stairs into a small room with three bunk beds. "Alright boys, here is the deal. We are going to play a round of Russian roulette!" This rang in Dylan ears as he pushed pushed onto his knees, Kevin beside him. Kevin pleaded for them to stop this and let them go but was smacked in the jaw by one of the foreign men. After a brief moment that happened as the men talked about dividing the loot among themselves, the three men went downstairs to play a game of blackjack in the cell room and Dylan and Kevin were left with, whom will be called, Skully, due to his infamous skull balaclava. "So..apparently the Russian roulette game is out of the question. Do any of you two have anything to say before I let you go?" Kevin spurts out immediately, "Don't hurt Dylan! He is a good guy, I only knew him for a good 4 hours b-but.." "ENOUGH, you said too much..Dylan..what about you?" Dylan gasped alil, not wanting to be here any longer then he had to. He slowly let out his chosen words after thinking them over carefully, "Just..don't hurt Kevin, he is a good man. He was armed to the teeth and he chose to not shoot me but..he came with me. He is only trying to help me find my brother..please just let him go." Skully sighed, nodding and yells for one of the men downstairs to come up to cut them out of their cuffs since none of them had keys. After they are let out of their cuffs, they are allowed to pick up their belongings but Kevin wasn't allowed to load his gun. If he were to do that, he would have been shot. As they leave the base, Dylan thought over the situation. He couldn't stop thinking about how it couldn't have gone any better than it had but..he was left with only a bottle of water and a new improvised sack instead of his hunting backpack that he had acquired on his trek to the west with Kevin. "Well," said Kevin, now bruised at his jawline. "Where do we go from here friend?" Dylan shrugs, pointing out to the north toward a set of trees. "We ought to hit a airfield out that way..if those guys are making camp at that base we were just at.." They both knew what would be found at the North-West Airfield. More people that are.."just survivors that are doing anything they can to survive, even if it means taking what belongs to anyone else.." After about a two hour walk to the airfield, Kevin and Dylan find themselves accompanied with another survivor with a mosin nagant on their back. Kevin and Dylan asked him to be nice or they will have no choice but to leave him. After just getting robbed a couple of times already besides the group in the Dichina Military base, they didn't want to risk another robbery. After talking a little bit more while making their way slowly to the first set of hangers, they found out that "mosin dude" was a 19 year old named Anthony. Together, they went to the bunks and suited up, arming themselves. Within this time, Anthony had ran off to get water. Kevin and Dylan continued to the last set of bunks only to meet two armed men who yelled for them to put their hands up and to drop their weapons. They complied and got to their knees to allow the men to be assured that they weren't going to do anything. "Do you guys have any mags or spare weapons in your packs?" said one of the men. "No, I don't think so." Said Kevin as one of the men took Dylan AK101 and aimed it at Kevin. "Oh really? What is this then you fucking liar...?" Said the man in charge as he pulled out an AK101 mag, completely pristine and fully loaded with 5.45 rounds. Oh no thought Dylan. This doesn't look good.. "I honestly didn't know that was in there man, honest." kevin said, obviously knowing how this may end for him and Dylan. "Stop fucking talking and give me your bag. You guys are going to line up with your hands up in front of the door and you will walk to the RIGHT. we will walk to the left. If we see you two turn towards us..we will kill you. Understand?" They both nodded towards the men as they walked to the right as commanded. The armed men, now having Kevin's clothes and Dylan's AK101 with them run off in the opposite direction. As they leave, Kevin walks with Dylan to the other bunk that is only a good 7 feet away and asks, "Hey bud, can you help me find some clothes in here?" "Sure Kevin, gotta get you clothes anyhow. Fucking nude dude!" They both laughed a little even after the situation they had just walked out of and enter the bunks. However.. Only after a few seconds of being in the third room in the bunks, they both hear a loud "You didn't fucking stay in the forest like we said!" Dylan stood froze, now scared as he watched Kevin throw down the shirt that he had and ran out into the hallway and yell back at the two hostile men. "Go on and fucking kill me then! Do it!" A AK101 goes off, then a loud *THUD* is heard inside the bunks. "NOOO!!!" screamed Dylan as the leader of the two armed men came into the bunks and aimed their guns at the unarmed man. "Drop your gear. Now." "I..I-I was only helping him..get clothes.." "Drop. Your. Gear. NOW" And with this, Dylan dropped everything that he had on his person, except for his wellies, and walked outside the bunks. "You better start fucking running bud before we shoot you too..!" Dylan ran without hesitation, scared out of his mind as he just kept going, not even taking the chance to look back to see if they were following him like they were before. He ran as far as to Berezino before giving out, half naked inside a small supermarket. After waking up, Dylan went scavenging to warm himself up and to build himself a campfire around the back of the supermarket. At the campsite, he thought about what had happened, beginning to end. Wow.. He found someone who he could actually talk to, listen to and know that he wouldn't be stabbed in the back. It ate at him knowing that he heard those shots from his own rifle ring out. But, after that, only hearing that loud fucking thud..it shook Dylan from within. He lost a friend. He lost Kevin. Dylan laid back beside the campfire, staring up at the stars. Dylan, was once again, utterly alone. (Entry 2 will be added in when I wake up tomorrow lol )
  3. Hello survivors! It is I, Fiv (also known as Dylan J. Wilson ingame) and I just joined the community! From the start of watching Mr. Moon's videos on youtube, I have always wanted that true DayZ experience. Not KOSing people, but TALKING with people instead! This is a dream come true, thank you for allowing this chance for me to completely love what I enjoy doing, Roleplaying. Especially with people that actually know what the heck they are doing! Anyways, thanks again! ~Fiv