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  1. My friends and I were in Starry and there was a group of five around a bus, three with the kingdom and two other people. After we talked to them for a moment than we decided to leave. Soon after we were approached by two men saying they wanted to start a rebellion against the king. The two men told us that they wanted to rob the three men. So we decided to rob them. By that time though, the three men had already moved on, but they were still in sight. So we followed them to Novy where the bus was stopped. The group of three men were standing there but one was dead. They told us he passed out and fell off the bus. So we carried on, talking to them and just making small talk. A few minutes later a man arrived, that was with the two men who wanted to rob the king. Soon after that the two men kept asking pressuring us into robbing the men. Soon after that we gave in and initiated the robbery, we tied the two men up and stripped their gear. When we were done looking through the mens' gear we decided it was time to leave, my friend Butch was making sure they had enough food and water to survive. One man had a few items of food and water in his bag and the other man did not have any food, but there was food and water in the bag next to the man. As we were going to leave we were shot by the men who wanted us to rob the king's men. All of my friends died but I managed to escape. I went unconscious, but about eight minutes later I awoke and realized I was still bleeding, so I quickly bandaged myself and left the building. I seen quite a few men around the bus so I decided to go around them, but one of the men seen me. I decided to stop because I wasn't for sure who it was. After the man was about ten feet away I realized he was one of the men who we robbed. I told him that I was going to hunt down the men who killed my brothers. After I told him that he shot me in the head.