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  1. http://www.dayzrp.com/guide - Try this link. You have to search through the New comers for the passphrase. I did find it thank you very much for the response. I tend to speed read and skim over many common simple words when I read. It seems that as my eyes skimmed the codes they didn't recognize them as pertanent information.
  2. Hey man, welcome to the community! Keep looking for the two passphrases, you'll find them! I found that reading slowly, and out loud will really help. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I did finally find the passphrases.
  3. I fond it.Is the Newcomer guilde passphrase in the newcomer guide or is it in the FAQ? when I click the link for the Newcomer guide passphrase it takes me to the FAQ page, but the FAQ page says the passphrase is in the New Comer Guide. I have read all tabs in the newcomer guide, and it is possible I slipped past it. I am just curious should I be searching FAQ or Newcomers guide?
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  5. Hello I am new as well, and trying to find the Rules Passphrase, and the Community guildelines passphrase. I have read over both of those sections at least 2 times and still have not noticed the passphrase.