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  1. ac9acekilla

    S1: Kos in Novy Sobor - 29/11/2016

    OK so susie an i were on a skype call when she met up with a guy (who by the way is a bad sales person) trying to sell her some diamonds. She was not interested (because he was so bad) then he threatened her by saying some thing. (i was on the server hiding in the police station in novy) so then we meet a girl whos friend just got shot by bad sales man. sooo we went to see for are selves when this guy was saying if you come up ill shoot so no one went up. then came two other men who were helping out with this situation. i was outside the building by the doorway you see in the video but when Susie got shoot i went to shot the guy but he was dead thanks to mr pebbles (thank you kind sir).
  2. we were on edge because some guys tried eating us and didn't know if it was them or not. I threw the nade because you guys were trying to rob us and in the video you even said you were going to attack us. we put are guns down and wanted to leave but you guys kept saying we owed you something. I'm sorry I killed you but you guys did try robbing us.
  3. well for one you tryed to rob us and we're being hostile towards us first