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  1. Mikkel Andre

    Desolation Redux Release

    100% agree. I don't understand why we would have to pay, to play on DayZRP server...
  2. So yea my Whitelist application, got accepted. So here i am. Information about me: Name: Mikkel Age: 16 Country: Denmark ---------------------- So i have read a lot of topics, and i see some of them are "FailRp", so i was just wondering how good the rp still are? since i have read some threads about the RP )) Currently on Vacation til 29th July. So if anyone have some cool DayZRP videos i would love to see them
  3. Mikkel Andre

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    What will happend if we try it again?
  4. Mikkel Andre

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    Well we tried boys! <3
  5. Mikkel Andre

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    I agree 100%, with everything! Tired of people saying its dead, and won't be reborned! Like just give it a chance again come on, what is the worst thta could happend? More active players?
  6. Mikkel Andre

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    The only thing people are commenting is bad stuff like "We tried it once it will die" "Let it be dead" stuff like that? Last time when rp was up? Did you even give it a chance? Did you have any people to advertise it? did you have 24k members? And does it really take a lot of work? I AM NOT SAYING IT'S EASY! But, Rolle do you have the old mission file? Because then there only need to be added mods, and let's take it from there? And what would happened? is anyone gonna die? or is it because you guys are afraid of dayzrp sa will die? Personally i think it would be a great side experiment! And we have Psi to advertise, and he has also been growing on he's youtube channel? Give it one more chance! Please i beg you! I had my own Arma 3 Community, and i know how hard it is to start from nothing! But if you still have the old mission file, i think it would not be that big of a problem! And maybe this can be a main project? If it attracts more players? Look how many players you got from SA, then if you guys would go back to mod maybe even more people would come. Like me i wasn't old enough to play dayzrp back i 2013 #kappa. Please Rolle and staff, just please give it a try, and wait a little bitwith desolation... #Sorryforbadenglish
  7. I have never played arma 2 dayzrp, because i was to young back then. But i was wondering why don't you guys, open 1 dayzrp server again on arma 2? I would like to Donate 50$ for the project : don't know if this all ready, have been posted i could not find it, so i just made a topic I would love to hear the community thought of this, and the staff <3