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  1. Just your everyday lad... Nothing special... Average education... Average job... Average life. He lived the most down to earth life you could imagine, after leaving college he got a standard job behind a bar in a swanky hotel, way too swanky for him, but it paid the bills and introduced him to a few good people he would soon call good friends, after almost a year grinding the job out, it was time for a change. Nathan and one lad in particular, Jake, had been toying with the idea of packing up and backpacking Europe. They had saved a generous enough amount of cash to at least head out for a year or so, and off they went. Several months in and their journey had taken them to Chernarus, a little spot just south of Russia, and not a complete shit hole, they were actually quite surprised with some of the sights Chernarus boasted, a week or so in and they had found themselves in a city right on the south coast, Chernogorsk, not bad, not great, they checked into a hostel and started getting acquainted with the sights, the peace didn't last long, news broadcasts and radio chatter told of a bomb going off, nothing was really clear, then posts would appear online stating northern towns and cities were "overrun" one clip emerged online of a group of civilians charging at a herd of cows, and wrestling one to the ground before eating it whole. Panic started to set in within Chernogorsk and the pair agreed to get on the first flight or boat out, no flights or boats were available, the country was eating itself alive, checkpoints and quarantines started popping up and soon, there was no place to go... The terrifying truth of what had started up north made its appearance in Chernogorsk, waves of people, sprinting, walking, shambling, blood leaking from every orifice, the pair turned and headed in the first direction that looked clear, the sky lit up in orange and red, rain hammered down and smoke put visibility to a minimum, people looted freely as the pair ran by, screams echoed through the streets, they caught a sight of a pair of static headlights In the distance, an abandoned vehicle? As they got closer a shot rang out and crackled...For a few seconds it seemed the city had froze... Nothing, just silence... He turned to see Jake, holding his stomach, red seeped through his fingers, covering his entire chest, and he fell... A man stood not five feet away, aiming the rifle, genuine fear in his eyes, shaking so much the rifle slipped from his grasp, and he stood, staring... He sobbed while saying something in Russian before running off into the night... I was there to pick up the pieces... I wont ever forget the look on Jake's or the Russian mans face, I sat with his lifeless body for what seemed like years before collecting my thoughts and heading off, in what direction I couldn't say... And to this day, I still cant.
  2. I've been wandering the triangle a bit lately and finding nobody, I haven't played RP much since .61 to be honest, so I'm not surprised people have branched out, I really feel like taking a journey across the coast, the south west mainly, anyone down there??
  3. Skyyr

    Server 3 change

    Very interesting, time to go have a little play! I could see a public server using the DayZRP name been very healthy for the community to be honest.
  4. IGN: Mason Carter Age: 24, 26 IRL Country: UK English Skills: 10/10 DayZ Mod Experience: A little DayZ SA Experience: 900 + Hours RP Experience: Star Wars Galaxies a long time ago... DayZRP Previous Groups: The Coyotes Additional Info: Active, good at PvP, getting better at RP Contact: TeamSpeak, Forum PM Mason Carter
  5. Merry Christmas guys!! <3
  6. Thanks to @Dusty and co for letting me go, I assume Henry didn't get off so lightly?
  7. Skyyr

    Could Multiple Warnings Ever Grant KOS?

    Like Dusty said, it really is case by case, as are most situations in RP, every single word said by those involved could tip it one way or another, its a very thin line and it doesn't take much to cross it. If in doubt, initiate. There does come a point when you know someone has crossed that line though, the more you play the more you read each situation better.
  8. I wouldn't say it affects my personality, I do get emotionally drained from intense RP and sometimes need to stop playing for a bit. If I'm just in firefights or chatting to people though I'm not affected in the slightest.
  9. *Taking his first steps back into Chernarus after almost 4 months, Mason quickly grabs his radio and pushes the PTT* "Hello.... Can you guys here me!, I'm back... I know it's been a while... I'm sorry. Is everyone safe.. Everyone still alive? I need to see you all, let me know where I can find you. Russia has completely fallen. There are hordes of those things now, gradually as the weeks went by more and more began to show up, I would rather face this shit hole again than stay up there any longer, please get in touch!... I brought you all some presents too" *He smiles, the thought of seeing his friends again makes him press on into the country*
  10. Skyyr

    Closing s2.

    +1 Populate.
  11. VOIP is pretty much perfect, they have fixed it for the most part, as for cracks, yep they are missing, really sucks