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  1. I kind of suggested it in a bad way. The only real thing that bothers me is that you can easily be reported for killing someone hijacking your car
  2. It sounded better in my head oh well
  3. So bassicaly I have this car and it the idea came to my head that there isn't really a clear rule or system in place which ensures the owners of safety for their cars. Since there isn't the ability to have your own key for a car, I thought it would be a good suggestion to change to ruleset a bit where it's not just if people see you driving in to the city then they know it's your car and it will be seen as theft. But when they haven't or claim 'they haven't' they can even report you for shooting them while jacking your car... even though I don't have a clear solution for this myself I just wanted to have this in to consideration at least. You can correct me if I am talking stupid EDIT: A bit of a misconseption on my end, it's more about the fact that you can't really defend your own car being jacked without being reported in some kind of way for rdm. Just to clear that up a bit
  4. After being whitelisted and having made my character am I ready to join?
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