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    A bounty [Open Frequency]

    * Struggling to get the heavy chest out of the tent, Milos hears the week radio transmission, it was running out of batteries. He picks out the radio with a sad face * I haven't even finish sorting out my friends clothes and you guys are lovers now ? Well i guess a pregnant woman needs the protection and warmth in this harsh times, no time to mourn, always on the run. I'm sorry to hear about the war inside your group Nikolai, i had a good impression about you guys from the stories Adrian told me. *He opens up a can of peaches* I need to get my strength up, i'm gonna go north and try to find people that i can give some of his clothes and stuff away. I need to follow our romanian traditions, to many values are lost nowadays. *He sits down on the chest of clothes, stuffing his face with sweet peaches. Hes favorite thing in the world, Food, makes him forget all the bad things in the world*
  2. 45..... i edited mine to 47 thats why she put 46
  3. Thank you to you both too, we really enjoyed our time with you. I can't speak for Adrian but I can say it was my very first RP encounter and I was so happy to have had such a friendly positive experience that popped my RP cherry : Thanks guys. Hi guys, i'm really happy to see this post, i had a really good time with you guys. It was our first day in DayzRP and it was awesome finding you and getting such good first impression about role playing. Tnx for the time guys and hope to see you in game again
  4. Adrian Enescu POV: Myself, several members of The Final Order, Donny Andrews were role playing with 3 or 4 guys from The Kingdom outside Novy church. It was very dark, I didn't see anyone else apart from the people mentioned above and I did not hear any form of hostile initiation when all of a sudden there was automatic fire upon the whole group, one of the Kingdom men went down and everyone else ran into the church and we closed the doors. Several attempts were made to call out to the shooters to make themselves known with no response. After a while someone entered the church, we believed him to be one of the people who fired on us, he was tied up and questioned. While he was getting questioned he appeared to log out. A couple of attempts were made to leave the church, more people were shot at. I made it out the church and ran to the left of the church and tried to get behind the barns were I thought the shots were coming from, as I got close I got shot and killed. I didn't know by who at the time but after seeing the logs that it was Donny Andrews it was clearly just mistaken identity and he thought I was one of the hostiles. My feeling of the whole situation due to no attempt at initiation on our group was that it was mass RDM. Regarding the temp ban for being online and not posting my POV when called. I was playing till very late in a long role play session and when we was finally done with it I just logged and went straight to bed as I had work in the morning. I didn't have time to check the forum and was not aware I had been called. I only just got back from work now and have posted my POV as soon as was possible. Sorry for the delay.
  5. I watched the whole video from Don Sherman and it was just a big misunderstanding, people were keep coming in, he was thinking they were with the previous group.
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