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  1. Anarchist activist, while attending a conference in Chernarus I became arrested while helping out a local group (for spurious reasons of course) and only released shortly before the world went dark. I've been treated fairly brutally while in prison, broken bones included and it's taken me a long time to recover. I stayed in what used to be a squat in the old days to recuperate but the time has come for me to find my way in this land and see what we can do to rebuild our world. Rebuilding in the ruins of the old is nothing new I suppose. I'll be promoting my non hierarchical society to one and all that I meet upon the road and we'll see what's what.
  2. Thanks Daisy, that's very nice of you. I have been whitelisted and am currently exploring the great wild north- I'm sure my adventures will be plenty
  3. Phil_Oi

    Anarchy [ACTIVE] [Recruiting]

    Anarchy is order. Funnily enough I became whitelisted at the end of last week. My back story was an anarchist from London who had been on a tour of Chernarus after visiting Makhno's birthplace in the Ukraine. Lost my comrades etc etc Looks like a nice group man, didn't expect to find folk with a decent grasp on anarchism here. In game my name is Wat Tyler
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    Whitelist status

    I managed to get my application in yesterday afternoon, sorry to add to the work load What I will do - should I be accepted - and once I've managed 300 posts - is offer my services to help with your admin
  5. I didn't at first because I misread a question, I thought I was being clever but like a lot of things in life I came to appreciate it...eventually. It really does make you get to grips with information you need to know.
  6. Well, that application really does make you learn the rules and lore. Excellent way to do it guys