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  1. As seen in the PoV of the video, we do see that he puts his weapon away but due to the position of the man and the way my buddy was pointing his gun, the lower half of his body could not be seen. Because of this, when he saw movement that was not an attempt at raising his hands, he may have assumed that he was trying to pull a gun (maybe a pistol from his jacket or something). I am not the one who recorded the video so I cannot confirm this but regardless, we gave your friend ample time to comply to our demands and he wasn't having any of it so we shot him. You say he was lagging but there was no possible way for us to know that because all he did was type OOC, not even telling us that this was the case. This isn't relevant to this report.
  2. Can we please keep these two reports separate? They are related incidents but separate violations. My KoS isn't it relevant to this report.
  3. Please note that the movement you refer to is him pointing (F6) instead of putting his hands up (F2) right before you shot him.
  4. I was running around the NWAF looking for ammo for my gun. I was with my friend Frank Khan. On the airfield we ran into this guy. I don't remember his name, but he was held up by Isaak at the same time as Frank, and I believe he is friends with Isaac. While Frank is talking to the guy, I log off because it is late. I then thought he was about to be in trouble so I logged back in, but it seemed fine and I got off again. Then, Frank tells me he is being held up and killed at the pub. I got back in the server and proceeded to the pub to find the group. I spot Edward in the room where Frank was killed and assume he is a part of the group and kill him. I then proceed to search the rest of the airfield for the remaining members. I find none and run away from the airfield before logging off because it is late. I did several things wrong. I didn't have KoS rights on the actual people who held Frank up because even though I logged out within 500 meters I wasn't in the server at the time. I also failed to correctly identify who was in the pub. I finally shouldn't have logged out because of the combat timer.
  5. Sorry for arguing this in this thread. I will tell Frank Khan, my friend, to submit a report.
  6. I killed him because I believed him to be apart of the group who had murdered my friend. I should have properly identified him, and I shouldn't have logged off. On a different topic, In this video my friend was lagging but managed to put his gun away, yet was killed for failing to raise his hands quickly. My friend posed no threat and was killed while trying to comply.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-BadRp-Gear-Rp-NWAF-tents Why the verdict is not fair: No verdict has been reached. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Felix explained what happened fairly accurately. I would only add that I didn't pulse check him; I am just awkward and got up in his personal space, which I RPed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Provide my POV. What could you have done better?: After reading Felix's explanation I realize how poorly we RPed the situation. We should have talked to him more, instead of being quite. I realize that we didn't provide a good explanation for why we held him up.