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  1. Yo man , I'll throw some spicy spice your way. I will stay here with you mate.
  2. Hey man I like to have personality , my dude! Not everyone has to be all esspresso depresso. @Loscham
  3. The picture under the "Time to move forward " section is one of old electro , sad boi hours
  4. You just need a magnum to fight the wolves off my dudes
  5. Jared departs from sharing a fire with Loscham and retreats to his tent for some much needed rest, hitting the last remaining bit of Jack Spade’s primo weed. He butts out the blunt that he shared with Loscham, and settles down into his sleeping bag before hitting the PTT on his radio. “This thing on? Testing 1 , 2 , 1 , anyways uuuh…. Hope? Nelson? You fuckin’ ding dongs awake? If you two can here me, Loscham and I just had a real heart to heart...and I’m pretty sure you guys know most of the story, but it seems that he is getting close as fuck to the edge. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. He is also sick as fuck with something, he coughing up a storm. I don’t what it is but…. I dunno it might the stress or … I don’t know what the fuck it is, I wanna get your guys’ opinion on this thing.” He sighs, scratching his head. “We all care about this man, at least I hope so. We gotta meet sometime soon, whenever is convenient for you cunts; I think it’d be in our best interest to do something about this. But you know what, I’m tired as fuck, technically not even here right now, but that besides I’m gonna hit the sack, goodnight for now.” He releases the PTT, settling down into his sleeping bag, filled with concern for his friend.
  6. Goodbye my loschy , you were a swell but crazy man, I bid you farewell.
  7. This guy, some African guy or something, walks up and says " what's with this jackass parade." We all take it as an insult , we walk with him down the road , the conversation is getting heated, the African guy says he'll get his brothers and come back down , another insult , we hold him and take him toward a tree line , half way towards the tree line I hear a shot pop off , I talk to someone up the hill from me , he tells me that he just took out someone on the hill side overlooking us, I thank him , and continue to what I was doing with the hostage African guy, we come to terms and we tell him to go off with his business.
  8. Again , it was late at night , no one was around but us in the teamspeak goofing around on a near empty server. I understand the rules about this sort of thing, and I assure you it wont happen again. But we were just goofing around in a remote location with nobody around. It was immature and not the most hygenic but we were just goofing around, we thought nothing of it becuase it didnt disrupt any major roleplay that was going on. I do apologize for this and it wont happen again.
  9. Me and my other friends had decided to all meet up in Vybor town, near the gas station. We see two people down the road , we didnt investigate becuase we thought they were going to come to us , a couple minutes later we walk towards the center of town , following two people we had seen before. Turns out they were the same ones from before. I started to initiate on the man with the SVD rifle , I admit my initiation was kinda vague but the message got across. I say (Jared Lockwood)" You know your hands?" , then the man with the SVD says " You better not say what I think you're about to say." , Then colton says " Yeah , raise them." The SVD man the proceeds to raise his weapon and open fire on me , missing all his shots , Dom and I shoot him down with an AKM and magnum , thus killing him , I then move over the woman that was with him, saying "Don't do anything stupid , or you'll end up like your friend there." I move back to the mans corpse sifting through his things afterwards I called out " This mans things are ripped!" We then figure out that the women is with The Pestilence Militia when she says " Take off that arm band and beret , you are not with the group that wears those colors." or she said something along those lines , since we are all familiar with The Pestilence Militia from the stary sobor incident , the militia was there and cuased chaos. We then start to talk to women , she mentions her name " Anne" , I cant remember the last name. Colton leads the conversation , well more like an interrogation than anything but still though, after a while , I start to get a little jumpy and paranoid , I thought we were gonna get surrounded by some other people , so I direct everyone to move the hostage in a nearby piano house , Colton starts asking questions about the reasoning behind the stary incident and after a while Colton claims execution rights , then after some more drama between Anne and Colton , colton finally kills her.
  10. No one else was around , it was just us , friends in the teamspeak just messing around it really didnt disrupt any major rp. No one was around we were alone , in the middle of some trees, no one was around. It was all in good fun.
  11. I was radioed in , woke up in stary, while running to novy sobor my friends were talking over the frequency about robbing two of the kings men. When I got to the novy they asked me for help , and all I did was hide behind a short wall and tie them up. When the shots were fired I heard no voice, in game at least , about this goal. I didn't even have enough time to pull out my gun and defend my self. I was a sitting almost the whole time.
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