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  1. The Rattray Corporation

    The picture under the "Time to move forward " section is one of old electro , sad boi hours
  2. Wolves + Lag = Death

    You just need a magnum to fight the wolves off my dudes
  3. Jared Lockwood

    Jared Lockwood is one of five brothers , and oddly one of the few to actually get a decent education. When Jared was growing up into a young man , around the age of 12, his father took him out to the family range , where he'd then learn to shoot small weapons like .22 rifles and various pistols.He always had an eye on semi automatic rifles. He never really much liked using the odd automatic , the only time he used one was when his cousins came over every 8 months or so. A few years of living on the family range , nothing really happened while Jared was there , it was a quiet place, Jared's mother was on her way home from the grocery store in her car , she was t-boned by a diesel truck , killed on impact . Or atleast that's what the first responders told the Lockwood family.When his mother got cremated , the father and all the brothers pooled their money together to move Scotland , where her ashes were to be spread on a beach as her will mentioned. Due to a financial situation the Lockwood family had to stay in Scotland, where the Jared Lockwood went to college and met the Rattry brothers. By the time they had graduated Jared Lockwood and the Rattry brothers were pretty good frieds , and even ended up going into business together. Eventualy the Rattry brothers started their own business called , Rattry Holdings. After a few years of the business basically booming , the law caught wind of some illegal business. Jared then suggested they all go to Chernarus. Jared and the Rattry brothers finally stepped on Cherarussion soil in January , 2017.
  4. Jared departs from sharing a fire with Loscham and retreats to his tent for some much needed rest, hitting the last remaining bit of Jack Spade’s primo weed. He butts out the blunt that he shared with Loscham, and settles down into his sleeping bag before hitting the PTT on his radio. “This thing on? Testing 1 , 2 , 1 , anyways uuuh…. Hope? Nelson? You fuckin’ ding dongs awake? If you two can here me, Loscham and I just had a real heart to heart...and I’m pretty sure you guys know most of the story, but it seems that he is getting close as fuck to the edge. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. He is also sick as fuck with something, he coughing up a storm. I don’t what it is but…. I dunno it might the stress or … I don’t know what the fuck it is, I wanna get your guys’ opinion on this thing.” He sighs, scratching his head. “We all care about this man, at least I hope so. We gotta meet sometime soon, whenever is convenient for you cunts; I think it’d be in our best interest to do something about this. But you know what, I’m tired as fuck, technically not even here right now, but that besides I’m gonna hit the sack, goodnight for now.” He releases the PTT, settling down into his sleeping bag, filled with concern for his friend.
  5. From the Entirety of Storm Front

    Goodbye my loschy , you were a swell but crazy man, I bid you farewell.
  6. Strange Relief - **UPDATED**

    I'll spread the word!