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  1. Journal entry :- 147 I was reading this the other night i thought i really didn't make sense if you didn't know me very well so i thought i would make this just in case if something happened to me you would at least get something out of this little book, well between the scribbles and mindless thoughts put in here. I was brought up in the capital city of Scotland by my single mother, it was challenging but it made me realize what you need in life, and i'm forever grateful of that teaching. Although growing up in the city taught me a lot, I despised it, everyone was two faced liars trying to one up everyone else and i couldn't stand it, so i really didn't take part in the social life around there which lead to me spending my time alone for the most part, it was necessarily a bad thing as it made me more productive but that isn't me saying that it didn't get lonely. The only reason i stayed so long was for me to pursue further education and my dream to become a Journalist. Once i graduated i managed to land a job with a huge News agency which i was over the moon with. I found great pleasure in my job for the first few years, traveling the world and meeting new people that were like minded was amazing, especially after being trapped within the toxic boundaries of Edinburgh. The one job that really mattered to me was when i traveled to Krasnodar krai, in the South of Russia, just a simple politics interview changed my life. And no it wasn't the interview itself nor the city, it was the fact that i met the woman of my dreams there. It was after the interview i was on my way back to the hotel that me and my colleagues were staying in and she was there at the bar. We kinda just hit it off, i'm not one for believing in soul mates but this was the next best thing, Her name was Антонина or Antonina. We sat for hours and hours just chatting and conversing but mostly laughing at my poor attempts at Russian. I told my colleagues the next day to just leave me while they were on their way to the airport. It was a big decision and one of the craziest things i have ever done as i've lived a rather mundane life. So we got engaged in Russia but then moved back over to Scotland as she wanted to explore my hometown as i explored hers. To no avail she had the same outlook of the place, she loved the sights and architecture but apart from that there wasn't much for her like there wasn't much for me. After meeting my mother we decided to go up north to a more rural place as we liked the idea of the simple life. So we did.. I slung up my journalism hat and we moved away. After a few years everything was going great. We had a lovely little cottage with our dog "Chewy" and nothing could be better. We had great dinners on our balcony and watched television on the couch just like any other family would but one night when we tuned in for our Friday night TV binge we were unpleasantly surprised. The orignal broadcast that we were tuning in for was taken over by the news service to get out a message about a deadly virus spreading almost as fast as the black plaque, although it was very vague but they gave out the advice that they usually would. Stay in doors and stock up on supplies. We thought this would blow over and it was some sort of hoax or something but we were terribly mistaken. Two days have pasted since the broadcast and we were asleep in our bed when the phone rang and woke us both up, we feared for the worse but i was somewhat surprised to hear my boss. He asked for my help on some sort of big scoop on the virus, i accepted this even though i was hesitant, i thought it must of been urgent and i could be some sort of savior.. I was gravely wrong. The helicopter arrived so i kissed Antonina goodbye and oh god i wished i held her closer and i naively said that i would be back soon. I get flown out to a place called Chernarus which was similar to the Russian places i had been before, similar to Antonina's hometown.. Although bigger. We flew over a town called Chernogorsk and what i seen out of the helicopter window i would never be able to unsee, from the untrained eye it looked like mass scale rioting, huge fires and just general chaos.. Oh was i wrong.. Anyway getting a bit off topic... We land at the nearest airstrip Balota. The Pilot throws me a bag of supplies and my camera. Utters out that i will be a hero if i return with what we were looking for. Nervously i ask him when will i receiving a pick up.. He replies with a devious "Never...". He then slams the door and starts taking off and i smacked and flailed both my arms at the door but to no avail it takes off and i was stuck in this hell hole.. There's a little insight on how i got here anyways. As always, Stay safe. Irv