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  1. Mark was an EOD specialist in the 33 Engineer Regiment of the Royal Engineers until he turned 26, He was honorably discharged after serving for 7 years. When he went back home he became a private contractor working in security on board Cargo ships. He worked with mostly Eastern European and Russian cargo companies and was docked in Chernogorsk when the city got overrun by infected. Mark and 3 of his co-workers got left behind and fled West towards the only Airport he knew only to be turned around at a Military CP west of Kamenka. He headed up North to try and find another way out and managed to find a rifle and a small bag which was left open with some food that was laid as a trap, 2 of his co-workers got shot in the head and the other shot in the leg, Mark managed to help his other co-worker leave the area and ever since Mark has been extremely wary of any people he comes across.
  2. already been said by William and moody, I'd prefer to have control over my character. -1
  3. No Video on my end. POV: Was sat inside the tavern at the castle with a few people when someone in a orange raincoat walks in and was talking with a Russian accent but was saying "Vato". @AFluffyBrick Mentions that the word doesn't really go well with the accent which the guy speaking with a Russian accent takes offense to. Started to say David was being aggressive but he was sat on the floor talking to him. I start to walk outside to go and speak to some other people but I mention to the Russian guy that if he's going to argue about it then maybe they should just leave eachother alone to which he says he's a part of the house/works for them. Then his 2 friends come up to the castle and take David down to the barn East of the Lopatino.
  4. Jakob was born in the UK but his parents originated from a city in Chernarus called Severograd When Jakob was 10 his parents moved back to Chernarus with his brother. Little did Jakob and his family know a massive conflict would happen, they fled to Gvozdno and stayed there until the war ended. In 2014 his parents decided it would probably be a better idea to get weapons, ammunition and alot of food. Jakob`s favourite weapon was a Mosin 9130 as a Hunting rifle and the small AK74 to deal with the infected.
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    Delete post pls.
  6. So i`m new to this community but not RP i hope to meet you all in chernarus.
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