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  1. Hello, I would suggest talking to the group owner first, to see how they like the rp to be played out. Some people might only want a radio chatter, or they might like the rp to be completely natural and for you to meet them in game by coincidence. Just send some PMs to the leaders of groups you are interested in and I'm sure you'll manage to get in a group sometime. Hope this helps.
  2. Afraz Leblanc was born in Montreal, Canada. Growing up, Afraz had a relatively good childhood, but he wasn't satisfied in how he was raised. Afraz, or "Fraz" always wished that he grew up Islamic, but his parents, especially his mother never wanted him to be Islamic. Afraz blamed this on his step father (he has never met his real father). Guillaume, Fraz's step father grew up Christian and converted Afraz's mother, Aesha. Afraz was always sort of an angry kid growing up and had very conflicting emotions. Once he graduated high school, Afraz went to a university in montreal, but was still not satisfied with his "western" lifestyle. Afraz took a break from school in 2016-2017 and took a trip to Chernarus, planning to visit Takistan after seeing the chernarus lanscape, hoping to clear his mind. Then, the outbreak occurred. This was when Afraz really missed his old home, but was ashamed of himself for it. From here on, Afraz attempted to do even more research into Islam. He now was attempting to convert ro islam and was excited for his future as an islamic man in Chernarus.
  3. Hello, As was said, you can make a group idea here. Make sure that you follow all the rules and fit all the requirements before posting a group page. How to get approved and everything can also be found under the rules and requirements. I would also suggest that you look at some other group pages to get an idea of what kind of graphics to put on your page and whatnot. There is a lot of people that could make graphics for you, just ask around. Hope this helps and if you feel that your question has been answered, remember to check a post on the left side.
  4. Hello, From what I can see, you do appear to be whitelisted. The reason you're getting kicked is because you don't have an active character set. You need to make a character page with at least 300 characters in the backstory. Once you have completed your character page, you should be able to join the server, as long as your name in DayZ is the exact same as the one you put in your character page on the forums. I'm not sure why it's saying that you aren't white listed, when the website says you are, but this should fix your issue. Hope this helps.
  5. focus

    Areas to be aware of?

    Hello, There are no KoS zones, but there is a safe zone. The location of the safe zone can be found on the map. I recommend that you thoroughly read over the rules and the lore that was posted here, so you don’t run in to any trouble OOC. Hopefully this answers your question and if so, remember to check a reply on the left side.
  6. focus

    Newsletter 2017-10-05

    I don’t mind this idea, maybe this will get players who don’t go on the forums to often a little more up to date on the rules etc. Not sure how many people will actually read the email, but it’s a pretty good idea. When .63 hits and we hopefully have a larger player base, I’m sure this will be beneficial.
  7. I think maybe like one cannibal group would be ok, but any more would be excessive. I suppose it could make sense IC and whatnot, but I still think they are sort of generic in terms of torture rp etc. I’m all for hostile rp, so I guess this would be a step in the right direction, but like I said, I don’t think it should be overdone. Just make sure that the rp put out is actually enjoyable.
  8. Hello and welcome. If you need help with anything, feel free to PM on the forums. See you in game and have fun.
  9. Looks pretty neat, keep them coming.
  10. Good luck with this, I like the idea and style.
  11. focus

    Lore Wipe

    Hello, I don't think a .63 lore wipe has been confirmed or denied, but from what I've seen, it seems unlikely. There seems to be people that want another lore wipe and there are others who don't. Maybe Rolle will touch on this sometime in the future, but util then, we'll just have to wait and see. If this has been answered to your liking, remember to check a post that solves this for you on the left side.
  12. Used to be this x5. But yea, at least we're getting a full server and get to take advantage of the queue system. Looking forward to getting in game as well.
  13. focus

    DayZ Radio

    Hello, As has been said, yes, it is completely allowed to post the radio chatter forums on your phone, as long as you follow the posting rules. If you feel that your question has been answered, remember to check an answer on the left side.
  14. Hello, As was previously said , make sure that your backstory has at least 300 characters. If this answers your question, remember to check a correct answer on the left side.
  15. focus

    Safe Zone Trial

    Hmmm... I suppose I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Maybe this will at least bring people out of the woods or wherever for the time being. Just hope that people don't abuse it or log off as soon as it closes. We shall see.