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  1. Evan Miller

    Evan, sometimes known as Gage (G-o-g-e) was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1994. He had a pretty average childhood with minor highlights and bumps along the road. He very much valued and took pride in his athletic ability. He managed to get strong and made sure people noticed his obviously large biceps and muscles. Evan was very driven growing up and never let anything get in the way of his goal or mission. Once he was 17, he visited the united states for a short while and went to a gun range in Las Vegas. There, he fell in love with firepower, as it added to his already practically unstoppable will-power and strength. After graduating, Evan dropped out of university, as he didn't like it and found it to simple and wanted a better challenge and more interesting lifestyle. He made an inconsistent living with different jobs, illegal activities and hobbies. Some years he would be making 6 figures, others he would barely be scraping by. In 2017, Evan headed to Chernarus to both take a break from his easy, yet stressful lifestyle and also to get away from some heat in Scotland. When the outbreak occurred in Chernarus begun, Evan took it upon as just another hiccup in his life that he could manipulate and get profit out of, while still enjoying himself with his surprisingly easy tasks. Evan will do anything to be on top, and make sure others aren't being unfairly treated. Nothing can stop this man when he really puts his mind, matter and motion into his mission... At least yet!
  2. Bobby Smith

    rp in game
  3. Maleek Zajic

    Born in Seattle, made money as a teenager selling drugs and visited Takistan to see family once he had the money for a good vacation and life. Visited Chernarus after the war. Staying the radar so far. Find out more IC.
  4. Kazimir Volkov

  5. @focus You're joining the VDV: 


  6. I see you creepin

    1. focus
    2. Kevin



    3. focus
  7. Interview with ThatRyanGuy

    Really? Solid interview.
  8. User name day counter

    Affirmative code 341. Good suggestion.
  9. Character spotlights.

    Very good idea. +1.
  10. Survival Games Event

    Forum name: focus Forum profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-focus
  11. A New Moon [Recruitment Closed]

    Good luck niehoulious!
  12. Which Card?

    Upgraded from a 750ti to a 1060 about a week ago. Got the Gigabyte 6GB ITX, amazing card. I'd recommend any 1060, 6GB especially.
  13. An Outrun Guide on how to Dab in DayZ

    Nice meme. Very immerision breaking -1.
  14. Crashing Around Other Players

    Update everything. Drivers, windows, etc. If this doesn't work, try to verify game cache / re-installing.