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  1. IGN: Lucas Cashmere Age: 16 Country: US English skills: 10/10 DayZ Mod Experience: When it first came out and i still play it DayZ Standalone Experience: Same as before when it first came out i was hyped for SA when they announced it just like many of you here. Roleplaying Experience: Ive been roleplaying in alot of games like arma 2-3, rust , gmod. and of course dayz. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Medic,Scavanger, pretty much anything Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Very new here but not new to rping in dayz Best way to contact you: Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/CheeseDoodlez/) or just pm me here Backstory:My name is Lucas Cashmere not that my name matters anymore in this wasteland where killing has become a daily thing. I WAS a UN soldier before this outbreak happened. When i first heard of the outbreak back in October of 2014 from my commander i thought it would be easily contained by the CDF so i didnt think of the situation heavily. But days after the initial case, DAYS I say they called us in. Luckily i wasnt a soldier on the front lines i would just provide survivors with supplies. It seemed like everything was actually going well the infection's advance was halted by our presence. But then the incident happened angry survivors killed, their blood on our hands. Everything turned to shit and in the matter of days north east cities were in flames. I had to kill so many people i am scarred for life. So many innocent people getting shot or getting chomped on by zombies running into the unguarded cities. As i stood there in the middle of fires, gunshots, and zombie groans. I decided not to take the path of my fellow soldiers who had suddenly killed everything that moved in fear of dying. But i decided to gather some survivors and run away into the the dark and lengthy forest. I only managed to get one family, just one. But we survived for months at a time and soon enough they became my family. But one night in our sleep a couple zombies that wandered into the forest came upon our campsite. They bit each any everyone of MY FAMILY. Their screams woke me up i killed every single one of those zombies with my bare hands not even bothering to get my gun knowing more would come if i shot. 1 survived the others ripped into pieces. But that 1 survivor was a little boy bit in so many places if he survived the bite in that very very slim chance he wouldnt survive the bleeding. So i just stayed there with him and when he finally went i was alone. I had noticed i had been bitten by one of them but there was no sign of me turning. Was i immune? Yes i was. I wanted to use this gift for good and help other who arent as lucky. I know there are good people and there are bad. So i want to help others who arent lucky against infected, people, or mothernatures own elements.
  2. whitelist just got accepted thank for for the warm welcome and look forward to seeing you guys ingame
  3. Glad to be here in this community i hear nothing but good things about RP and people in general. Hopefully my whitelist gets accepted so i can meet you all ingame.
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