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  1. Born in the Chicago suburbs, June 8th, 1998. Joey lived in a nice neighborhood, never had any financial struggles, and lived a normal life. But, Joey had a passion for traveling and hunting. He would spend a lot of time in the forest when he was a kid, building forts and hunting small animals with BB guns. He enjoyed going to school and making friends, but he really didn't enjoy the school work. School didn't really teach Joey any Math, it taught him to stand up for himself. Although he was a weak, scrawny kid. He got into a lot of fights because he doesn't like to take crap from other people. He knew he would lose most fights, but he fought in them anyway to stand up for himself and get the message across. Starting in High School, he became good at this. He learned that good technique beats brute force. Joey would often go hunting when something was on his mind. The quiet peacefulness of nature would always help him make a big decision. And boy did he have one big decision to make after he graduated high school. Joey took a gap year before going to college after graduating high school, and during this gap year he found interest in becoming a real estate agent, and didn't think college education was necessary for the career path he planned on taking. So, on April 21st, 2017, he went to Chernarus to hunt. After hearing about the Civil War in Chernarus, he also heard about the hunting in the country. He thought that the countries' isolation, fields, and forests would help him clear his mind and help him decide if he wants to go to college or not. On May 3rd, 2017, Joey was still hunting in Chernarus, but that day he found out he wasn't able to leave for some time, because Martial Law was just declared in Chernarus. He tried to stay away from the major cities, due to the civil unrest. So he would survive on hunting. When the infection broke out, he did the same, survive on hunting. Now he roams Chernarus, hunting lots of game and doing what he can to survive.