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  1. Just close the thread, I don't have a evidence, and I'm afraid this is going no where. All I wanted is to visit kabanino to -ROLEPLAY- for the 3rd time, and I of course got killed or robbed, I thought people would value role play on this server over just robbing players that are solo and has no group to play with, like me.
  2. I would have a video evidence if it lasted longer than 10-5 seconds, and I wasn't in a panicking mode, I tried to drop my weapon first, and then tried to explain in the chat I am having heavy de-sync, and lag.
  3. If you read the report properly, It says I was de-syncing and about that reload, it does that EVERYTIME I log into the server. And besides, when I connected, I believe you could see my body, but on my screen it was all black because of the 20-30 seconds wait, and when the black screen was gone, I still had horrible FPS lag because the world was loading. The funny thing is, all I did was JUST standing still, I didn't reply with voice chat, or move my legs, you might have seen my character body turn to left or right, but that's because I was just moving my camera. And my two witnesses can confirm I was de-syncing all the way from NWAF till I met you guys. I would have evidence, but I was focusing on trying to get the weapon out of my inventory. EDIT: I would also like to say, how did I even move when I connected back? You said I was standing still loading drum mag into my AK? And why did you call me out, of all the other guys that was on the scene, you wanted to talk specifically to me. I guess it's because you or your friend wanted to take either my SVD or Gorka helmet. So it didn't matter if I died or were alive, since you would still get what you wanted, didn't you?
  4. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15/07/2016 16:10 Your in game name: Andrew Blackbur Names of allies involved: Jeremy Jones | Chris Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Basically, me and two guys I've met were running from the NW Airfield to Kabanino, using the road, and one of the guys wanted to cool off near a lake, and while he was cooling off, another one just suddenly came and cooled of with the guy and we had a small chat. He wanted to go to Kabanino as well, so we could go there with him. On our way, we met 2-3 more guys. At that moment I was lagging heavily, I kept having de-sync most of the time. When they were speaking, it was really laggy, and there were too many speaking. So I wasn't sure who was speaking and what they were saying. But apparently there's a guy that called me out, and wanted to talk to me. But I couldn't hear him, I was about to type in the chat that I am de-syncing in OOC chat, but then I got disconnected from the game automatically. I came back, and two of the guys I was with was long gone, but there were 6 more people. And all of them were aiming a gun at me, one of them told me to drop my gun and I had 3 seconds. I was confused as I just logged on, and he started to count soon as he said I had 3 seconds, I went into my inventory, and I had to scroll all the way up to my gun, and obviously I was too slow that he just ended up killing me. This was not fair at all, and I have lost tons of value able gear, just because he gave me too short time, and didn't give me time when I just returned from a disconnection.