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  1. Th1nkPositive

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    Is there any chance to get whitelisted if you were previously? I've took a break due to some exams and now I'd like to play on here again, thanks.
  2. Well, I've came back here after a long break and I'd like to know if the server still has its persistence on and if it's worth placing a tent and roleplay around it. Thank you for your time.
  3. I see, thank you for all of your responses guys. I tried to use the search option but I couldn't find anything regarding this. Thank you again, you're so friendly <3.
  4. Well, I've joined the server around 6 PM today and I've looted a bit around Berezino but I couldn't find much because it was already looted of course >.<. After 4 hours I joined the server again and there was the same loot in the same locations. I'd really like to know if there's a bug or an issue regarding the loot because this happened yesterday too after a server restart, there were the same items.
  5. I'm thinking of coming back and roleplay on the new european server of DayZ Standalone and I was wondering if there are still the old guys who played the mod or maybe new ones who play the dayz standalone of this "gamemode".
  6. As title says, I created a video from my first visit of Reaven, I know it's old but that russian guy is high as fuck :3. [video=youtube] LINK:
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