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"quieter you become more you are able to hear"

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  1. Should I get a DayZRP tattoo or nah ? o.O

    1. Saints


      Errrm .... No ? (Don't know if you are joking or not)

    2. FieJaxon


      Sure, you can apply for castings in the new movie: 40 Year old Polish virgin.

    3. Silk

      No, I'm not joking

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      are you fucking gay

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      are you okay?..

    6. Silk
  2. No prob, I enjoyed every minute of that RP. I hope my new char will meet James and it'll be a new great story!
  3. Jay Blackburn

    Jay Blackburn was a normal 17 years old teenager before this whole apocalypse. He lived normal life but after the infection everything changed. Episode 1: Escape Jay was living in Warsaw even before the apocalypse, he knew where the best stores are and how to get quickly everywhere after infection coming to Poland he and his family went to their hideout and lived there. Jay wanted to finally get out of the city to go somewhere new, so he decided to leave the family and escape. It was a midnight when he finally decided to get away from city, packed his backpack with food, water and a gun with 2 magazines and few bullets. When his parents were asleep he got away and ran towards nearest woods. He managed to exit the city and get to the woods but soon after that he got kidnapped by some bandits and put into the van. They tied him up and covered his eyes with cloth so he can't see anything. Episode 2: Kidnapped After some time of being unable to see bandits removed cloth so he can see again, it turned out he's in some basement being tied up to the chair. Bandits took his supplies and started beating him up for information about his house or hideout, he was very young so it was obvious somebody has to take care of him. Jay didn't said anything about the hideout but bandits tried other methods, they bringed up another ' prisoner ' and told Jay to shoot him and then he can go. They were surprised because Jay without any fluctuation took the shot and killed the guy that turned out to be his best friend from before the apocalypse. They putted him again in the van and drove with him to the Russia to the nearest slave dealer. Why Russia? Because there was the closest slave market they knew about. When they arrived Jay was able to escape and now he's by himself in Russia, eventually he'll arrive to Chernarus. // W.I.P wanted to make a new char ASAP
  4. That's so nice of you ! Thanks ! I loved your Messiah RP as well !
  5. @Jade Then I'm ok with it, sorry for all the problems and please close this report.
  6. If you really were part of that group then it wasn't an rdm, I thought honestly you were a random guy that spawned near Svetlojarsk and came to the Krasnostav to just RP. Edit: But I'd like to get some proof that you really were part of that group @Eagle Sorry for all the confusion but if he really was with that group then it wasn't a KoS and I was confused of what happened at the water pump or water tower, however you call it.
  7. Server and location: S1, airfield near Krasnostav Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:14, 2017-10-08 Your in game name: Ryan Sartos Names of allies involved: Jade Rose , I'd also tag the other guys but suddenly I don't know their names. Name of suspect/s: will be in the logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): - Detailed description of the events: I was having a chat with my new 'friend' when Jade was talking to the other guy few metres away on the airfield near Krasnostav, we decided to go on waterpump and just talk. We had some fun, talked with 2 other guys nearby and he asked me if I have any ammunition for this gun, he took out the gun, raised it and shot me multiple times.
  8. Last Words [Open Frequency]

    Pick ups radio while still running Alright, see you there ! Radio transmission ends
  9. Last Words [Open Frequency]

    Ryan in panic pick ups radio, you can hear that his running James ! I'm so sorry ! I-I have no clue where I am, I'm running through the forest as fast as I can... Whe-Where is your ga-garage? I'll try to get there as soon as I find out where I am. I'll tell you everything when we meet. I'm so sorry again... Ryan puts his radio in the pocket and keeps running
  10. Ryan pick ups radio and presses PTT button, you can hear that he's exhausted and is breating quickly He-hello?! Is this thing working?! I hope it is.... Fuck ! Alright alright alright.... you can hear him inhale and exhale James, Hailee, Jack... I'm sorry for abandoning you. You guys were my best friends in this world. I hope overall you guys are hearing this transmission and you guys can forgive me... I was immature, childish and I'm sorry for being annoying. See you on the ot- radio transmission stops
  11. The Paladin's Crusade (Open Frequency)

    *Hearing familiar voice Ryan pick ups radio* Jamie? Is that you? I'm pretty sure that this guy doesn't have good intentions... Well, in this world I'm not surprised... *You can hear him reload his gun* Honestly... I think that no one can be saved by now, here at least... Does any of you heard news? From other countries? Because I didn't, probably no one is going to help us. If that's you James, I think we should meet soon. *Right before transmission ends you can hear several gunshots*
  12. The Paladin's Crusade (Open Frequency)

    *Pick ups radio* I'll pass... thanks... I like my 'mortal restrictions' ... *Transmission ends*
  13. The Paladin's Crusade (Open Frequency)

    *Ryan presses PTT button* Well, this is going to be interesting.... *sights* Even if we get out, what next? *transmission ends*
  14. The Paladin's Crusade (Open Frequency)

    *Ryan hearing the message quickly pick ups a radio* No, no, no, no, no ! I want to see it ! I want to see what he's going to do and how he's going to 'save' us ! *transmission ends*
  15. Pandoras Box - Open Freqency

    * Ryan hold PTT button * The fuck is that? Can somebody please translate that? It's driving me crazy what they're talking about... * before releasing PTT button you can hear him saying "I need to figure out this cipher.." *