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"there’s something because you can’t kill energy - Lil Peep [*]"

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  1. Young hacker from Poland, born in 19.10.1999 in Wrocław. Currently 20 years old. Part of: ~ #WannaCry ~ Operation Titstorm ~ Operation Darknet ~ Operation Payback ~ OpKKK Affiliation: ~ ex Anonymous ~ ex Ex0du$ Responsible for: ~ Etherum hack [ in TEAM ] ~ DDoS attacks on bank websites [ SOLO - using Zombie PCs ] ~ Multiple facebook accounts stolen [ SOLO ] ~ NASA database breach [ in TEAM ] Backstory: Born in 1999 .Cain was living in family that loved him, he didn't had to worry about things like clothes, food, shelter or anything at all. He got his first Windows PC at age of 6 and started to be passionate about it. He was examining everything inside it. CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM etc. He was learning about it, what it does and how. He found out about programming and began his job. He learned C++ , JavaScript, Python, SQL and PHP . Then he got interested in hacking, bought cheap laptop and installed Linux system known as "Kali Linux" and began to learn basics of this operating system. He got used to it and started doing his first attack. He hacked WiFi with builded-in tools. Then he began to looking for vulnerabilities on websites, first database breach he did was achieved with SQL Injection. Then he moved to other types of attack, XSS, BREACH, DROWN etc. Cain joined Anonymous for quite some time. The hacktivist group of people that believe in one idea, everybody is anonymous and everybody is equal. He liked that idea and supported it. If he didn't support the idea he wouldn't take part in the 'Ops' . There were few but the most important one for him was the one that affected his own country, this Op was associated with ACTA. Cain also known as 'Q' later on DarkNet/Deep Web and IRC channels took part in it. They hacked a government site of Polish Prime Minister. That was the Op that Cain really cared about, because it'd change the country... and they succeeded. Some time after Cain left Anonymous. And he opened the next chapter in his life. This time he went deeper on the net. To be more precise, he went to Deep Web to look for some forums where he can become a mercenary hacker, to hack for money. After sometime Cain joined Ex0du$, hacking forum on Deep Web. Where he could be hired to hack or sell his code or to just chat with others that are interested in same topics or even seek help. He was doing fine, active, helpful to others and friendly. He started to make friends and allies even spoke to few hitmans. This is where he started his little 'buisness' . Suddenly, authorities were after him because he was simply dangerous. Cain thought somebody betrayed him, so he hired hitman to take care of this problem. Hit was successful, the problem was he only was a bigger target now for authorities. This is why he also ordered a gun through black markets, just to be able to protect himself when authorities come for him. He had experience with guns because he was going to firing range with his uncle. Never killed a human being. He also had a friend, Jack Wolter. Jack didn't knew who Cain really was, they were just friends. When Cain was a cyber criminal Jack thought he's just good at coding and nothing else. Cain wanted to escape to Chernarus because that was the only place where feds couldn't find him, he was lucky enough that Jack invited him to go and visit the country, maybe even make it their new home. They went to Chernarus, it was at the beginning of January 2020 . Suddenly, they didn't have peace for long.
  2. Silk

    I miss those DayZRP days 😞 playing at 4pm till 7 am next day 

    1. Jaxon


      Me too brother, me too ❤️ 

  3. That's why I love DayZs modding community . Can't wait to play my fav map
  4. Tayto

    Wait Right here, I'll be back in morn'n. You up to play a bit of RP

    1. Silk


      Sure, but later... I'm in school rn ?

    2. Tayto


      Fuck me i'm a pedo haha

    3. Silk


      How old r u ?? ;_;

    4. Tayto


      67 Years young

    5. Silk
    6. Tayto


      I play the role-play game with my grandson Desmon 

    7. Silk


      That makes sense

    8. Tayto


      aight bro you on discord

  5. Thank you, it worked ?
  6. Ok, this might be a stupid question but... how do I create a new character ?? I don't see any 'create a new character' button in the menu or in the 'rename' section.
  7. Tried that, didn't worked
  8. Hello everyone ! I have a pretty weird question... Is there any way to change a female character (in-game) to a male character? I'm RPing as male but I spawned as female... and I can't change it from menu in game. Any idea how to fix that ?? Thanks in advance ?
  9. Silk

    Throwback to the party bus.

    Now, looking at that... I miss those times ?
  10. Silk



    1. Jaxon


      fuck you

  11. Jay pickups radio, he sounds a bit depressed Hey I couldn't find you anywhere. Can we please arrange a meeting ? I really need your medical supplies.... Long pause I-I-I don't feel good... Radio cuts
  12. Jay takes out his radio and presses PTT button He-Hey... I might need your medicine. I'm not feeling too well... Where can I find you ? *voices in background* Shit, I have to go.. please respond as soon as you can. I'll wait. *Transmission cuts*
  13. Far Cry 5 is lit


    1. KyleRP


      Image result for doubt meme

    2. Silk


      Well, what can I do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. Brady


      OH LAWDY is it out?

    4. Silk


      Yes it is

    5. DrMax


      I agree! Never knew I was such an Archer tbh. Robin Hood has nothing on me ;)  

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