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"there’s something because you can’t kill energy - Lil Peep [*]"

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  1. Silk

    Throwback to the party bus.

    Now, looking at that... I miss those times
  2. Jason was born in San Francisco, California. He had everything he ever wanted, every toy, every game but he never had 1 thing that he ever wanted. He never was allowed to have any tattoos. His mother always said if he's going to have any tattoo they're going to kick him from the house. Jason always thought that's a joke and they actually wouldn't. He lived on and at the age of 19 decided to get his first ever tattoo, it was placed on his chest and it was a Simpsons family on the couch. Nobody ever saw it and it was just fine but then he wanted more and more tattoos. He moved out the house, got more tattoos placed on his hands, neck and even 1 on face. One day his parents found out when they came to his house to check on how he's doing and they got into a big argument. He never thought it'd be such a huge deal to have these. His parents never spoke to him after the meeting. Later on, at the beginning of the year 2017 he moved to Chernarus because got fired at his previous job for having such exposed tattoos. In Chernarus he found a job as tattoo artist and few months later everything started. His tattoos:
  3. Silk

    A Legal Drug Dealer

    Jay pickups radio, he sounds a bit depressed Hey I couldn't find you anywhere. Can we please arrange a meeting ? I really need your medical supplies.... Long pause I-I-I don't feel good... Radio cuts
  4. Silk

    A Legal Drug Dealer

    Jay takes out his radio and presses PTT button He-Hey... I might need your medicine. I'm not feeling too well... Where can I find you ? *voices in background* Shit, I have to go.. please respond as soon as you can. I'll wait. *Transmission cuts*
  5. Silk

    Problems installing new CPU

    What motherboard do you have and exactly which i7 processor do you have ? You might have to buy a new motherboard..
  6. Silk

    Biggest fear?

    My worst fear are spiders. No clue why, I'm just scared of spiders..
  7. Since Jay is off drugs it's time for me to stop doing them... Thanks for the RP o7 great as always
  8. Silk

    San Valentino Media Thread

    From now on I hate rooftops...
  9. GOALS: - Survive [FAILED] - Quit Xanax [0%] OVERDOSED - Keep his family safe [Trying] Struggles with: - Depression Likes: -> Computers -> Weed -> Truth Dislikes: -> Liars
  10. Silk

    Shit shit shit (Open Freq.)

    Jay presses PTT button If you ask me, I like to kill them with a knife. It's effective and stealthy. Sure, it's kinda close and personal but it's silent. If you don't like close encounters then find yourself a silencer or even use an empty bottle of water with duct tape. Good luck... you'll need it. Jay releases PTT button while lighting up his cigarette and sits under a tree
  11. Jay quickly grabs his radio Shit shit shit shit shit... Is there anybody ?! Please ! I need help ! Somebody just attacked a church in Elektrozavodsk I believe... They took everyone hostage. Please... help... I don't want anybody to die ... Radio cuts
  12. Silk

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I love your nickname, also I like your character. Art works are great