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"quieter you become more you are able to hear"

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  1. Popping 2 tabs of acid and 1 xan, let's get lit xdxd

    1. FieJaxon



      (be safe and dont die you polish survivor)

    • FieJaxon

    Since when you're Tycoon?! ;-;

    1. FieJaxon


      Since i wanted a moon behind my name.

    2. Silk

      Fair enough

  2. Problems installing new CPU

    What motherboard do you have and exactly which i7 processor do you have ? You might have to buy a new motherboard..
  3. Just dyed my hair... plz shoot me 

    1. rabcu


      It is good idea, please shoot him.

  4. Biggest fear?

    My worst fear are spiders. No clue why, I'm just scared of spiders..
  5. Since Jay is off drugs it's time for me to stop doing them... Thanks for the RP o7 great as always
  6. San Valentino Media Thread

    From now on I hate rooftops...
  7. I hate roofs....

    1. FieJaxon


      Im pretty sure roofs just hate you ;) 

  8. Jay Valentine

    Jay was living at university, ran away from home. He didn't like it there because parents were always away or simply didn't care. At the university Jay and Angelina were together almost all the time... between classes they were walking together talking. Jay really wanted the best for his sister, if something bad was about to happen he always stepped up for her, even when she was wrong. He might seem like perfect brother but he was hiding something. His drug addiction, he was smoking weed and taking xanax. When he wasn't with Angelina he was getting drugs, yes he had good grades at school but he was also doing illegal stuff. It wasn't a big deal for him to take drugs but when he saw Angelina taking pills he was shocked. He couldn't believe it, he immediately started talking with her about this addiction. He never told her about his problem because then she wouldn't stop taking pills. Jay told Angelina if she doesn't go on vacations with him he's going to tell everybody about pills but if she does he's not going to tell a single thing. Angelina agreed and they went to Chernarus.
  9. Shit shit shit (Open Freq.)

    Jay presses PTT button If you ask me, I like to kill them with a knife. It's effective and stealthy. Sure, it's kinda close and personal but it's silent. If you don't like close encounters then find yourself a silencer or even use an empty bottle of water with duct tape. Good luck... you'll need it. Jay releases PTT button while lighting up his cigarette and sits under a tree
  10. Hi

    1. rabcu
    2. FieJaxon


      Its me, i was wondering if after all these years you lied to me

    3. rabcu


      You did not have to wonder i think...

    4. FieJaxon


      Its a song xD 


    5. rabcu


      ''I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet'' :P

  11. Merry Christmas Everybody !!!!

  12. Jay quickly grabs his radio Shit shit shit shit shit... Is there anybody ?! Please ! I need help ! Somebody just attacked a church in Elektrozavodsk I believe... They took everyone hostage. Please... help... I don't want anybody to die ... Radio cuts
  13. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I love your nickname, also I like your character. Art works are great