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  1. Jay presses PTT button I detect sarcasm? Releases PTT button
  2. Poland here
  3. Jay presses PTT button, wind and birds can be heard Thank you, I'll check there, stay safe everyone! Jay releases PTT button
  4. Jay hearing radio message quickly grabs his radio and presses PTT button Kabanino? Alright, I'll start looking from there... Do you maybe know which direction he went? Jay releases PTT button and starts walking
  5. Jay puts batteries into radio and presses PTT button Hello? Can anybody hear me? Yuri? Are you there? It's me... Jay... did you manage to find a doctor? Are you even alive? You can hear infected groan Shit..shit.. shit.. I have to go, if you're still alive and would like to meet again please respond on this frequency Jay releases PTT button
  6. *Jay presses PTT button* That's good to hear, stay safe... *Releases PTT button*
  7. *Hearing this message Jay quickly gets his radio, presses PTT button* I was there, I saw only one guy .. he was friendly, I was worried about you... are you ok? Do you need help? *Releases PTT button*
  8. Hearing that Jay presses PTT button I have few regrets, but I think we can't let them get in our way... Shit happens alright? We can't do anything to bring these people or animals or whatever back. Just live on and if you care about other people, help everyone who's in need. Releases PTT button and gets back to making a fireplace
  9. *Presses PTT button and breaths heavily* I-I can see the tower *cough* ... a-are you ok? *Releases PTT button and starts to run again*
  10. *Hearing that, Jay gets radio as fast as he can and holds PTT button* Where are you? Are you safe? Maybe I can help.. *Releases PTT button and starts packing his stuff*
  11. *Holds PTT button* "Alright then, I'll do my best to not get into your way... Can you at least tell me what are you wearing or anything that can help me identify you?" *Releases PTT button*
  12. *Holds PTT button* Holy shit, do you have any idea if they're still there? I wanted to go there... *Releases PTT button*
  13. *Presses down PTT button while clearing his gun* "Are you some kind of a soldier? Someone from military?" *dropping bullets can be heard* "God damnit! What I was saying? Oh, yeah... If you're from army then why you won't help everybody? I understand, it's 'your' land but if you *cough* *cough* I'm sorry, I'm not in the best condition right now...If you would help everybody and clear the infection then I think most of us would leave." *Releases PTT button and starts putting bullets back in the magazine*
  14. *Jay pickups radio as fast as possible* Yes ! Please help me! *more wolves can be heard* They're almost in, please help me ! *Transmission breaks*
  15. *Jay holds PTT button while panicking* H-Hello?! Anyone there?! Please ! I need help ! *wolves can be heard* FUCK ! I'm really hurt, please help ! They're coming to get me ! *radio is turned of for a second* I-I don't know where I am, I can see a big tower, I'm on some kind of hill... I don't know.. Someone please ! *Jay releases PTT button and hopes that someone heard that transmission*