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  1. Quarantine Status Update. [Open freq.]

    *Presses PTT button* I don't care if you're from Russia or Ukraine or whatever. I don't care about weapons anyways, as long as I'm safe it's fine. Maybe you're right, I have to do a research and find out what really happened but if that's true, that you guys destroyed their research and supplies. Then you guys are worse than I ever thought.... *Releases PTT button*
  2. Quarantine Status Update. [Open freq.]

    *Ryan hearing this transmission quickly grabs his radio* There's no fucking way they did that.. *pauses for a second* VDV is not going to kill us, unless we give up... I don't know about you guys but I'm going to fight. *transmission ends*
  3. The "Party bus"!

    I think the moment when bus did the "flip" was the best one ! even though ending is funny as hell !
  4. I like every CoD game. Lol
  5. PS. the last guy is @rabcu, just saying
  6. @Sophie Thank you ! I like Lala so much ! I hope we're going to RP again really soon !
  7. Night time on the server

    Ok then, nevermind..
  8. Night time on the server

    Everytime I play on the server, no matter how long, I can't 'catch' night time. So I thought server restarts everytime when there's going to be night.
  9. Night time on the server

    I think there should be a night time, it'd be great for RP. Imagine sitting in the woods when it's night and having a fire or something. Also for encounters it'd be more interesting. What do you guys think?
  10. @MistrWolf @rabcu @Combatsmithen It's nice to play with you guys , although Wolf is a cunt
  11. I'd love to stay longer, but I had to go sorry. Hopefully we'll meet again . And no problem.
  12. @Cantaloupe I think you saw that coming ! Like I told you in PM, I loved that RP . I'd like to also add your friend here, but I don't know his username here Also I loved that little Rping with @DiogoFS2001
  13. Ryan Sartos

    Ryan Sartos is an 17 year old male who was born in Wrocław, Poland. He's childhood wasn't the easiest one because of the stuttering problems, he couldn't say a word sometimes because his own mind didn't let him. He was bullied a lot due to that thing but he didn't really care. He was always passionate about guns so he was going to the firing range frequently with his uncle who was an instructor so he could teach Ryan how to fire a gun. He wanted to have some fun in another country when vacations hitted so he and his friend decided to go somewhere by a car. They chose Chernarus because they could go by a boat to the Turkey after being in Chernarus.
  14. Lack of players?

    So recently I saw there's a lack of players... Usually I had to be in queue for sometimes even 10-15 mins to get in the server and now even at the weekends I can join without waiting or anything. Does anybody know why it's like that and where's everybody? I'm really curious why it's like that.
  15. Safe zone discussion

    @Rolle So I can say "Fuck off" to someone in SZ? As long as it's not going to make them initiate on me?