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  1. Philip Hansen a man from Sweden that moved to Chernarus to work and explore new parts of the world. He found work in Chernogorsk at an office, it was a boring job but he made enough for rent and some beer at the weekends. He decided to stay in Chernogorsk when he fell in love with one of his colleagues, Alina. The time flew and Philip and Alina was thinking of moving in together, Alina lived in a small town outside of Chernogorsk called Nadezhdino. Philip was excited since he had no experience of wildlife what so ever, cutting wood or hiking. A couple of months later they moved in together October 2014, a few weeks passed and Philip had proudly learned how to use the axe correctly, since Alina had gotten the flu and Philip had to manage the house and outdoor surroundings. Alina became worse for every passing day, trouble speaking, cramps and even coughing blood, the hospital would'nt take her in since they were flooded with patients. The local doctor could'nt do much but trying to treat the symptoms but it was not enough.. At midnight she passed. As Philip had to wait until the next day for them to collect her he let her lay in bed. But as a bizarre surprise she was standing in the kitchen the morning after looking out the kitchen window, Philip walked up to her confused over the situation, when she turned around she immediately tried to take a bite from his face, but he managed to push her away and got out the front door only to see total chaos in the village in panic he ran into the forest and never looked back and haven't since that day.
  2. Thanks! had alot of fun playing with you guys aswell, also one of my best rp moments in a long while and you especially did verry good rp with your character! the death got better then i ever hoped. Take care of that hat yes hopefully we meet again! RIP Alexander Andersson
  3. celsius182

    S1: Bad RP/Gear RP Kabanino/Lonely House - 15-10-2016 around 6:00

    Please provide us with the names of your other 2 allies that are seen in the first video provided in the OP. Well from the beginning it was me and Jake Smith Frank Asiimov. then one if the others were called Liam i belive the otherone i dont know, we just randomly teamed up. Aperently Fank met Liam and the other dude before we got there. But those in the first video is me red bandanas, Liam in Cowboyhat, And i think its jake in the red coat, and Frank in all green and gasmask.
  4. Don't worry maybe i was out of local range, for the text i dont know, and will drop this report. things got chaotic, i was recomended to post a report about it since i did not know what happend or why i got killed, but i talked with Dusty on TS and will take his word for what happend. I would like this report to be closed please. Thanks for the response from the involved and from the diffrent mods. All have a good day!
  5. Okay just want to point out some things, I was one of "Louie's" group members and i came in the area after all those "rude" things had happend and did not in anyway talk with anybody about belonging to the group, and as i was starving before my screen was pretty much black and white, so I could not tell apart from my members and others so I was pretty much neutral in the situation before, wich means you could not just asume me for being part of their group, and when you where shouting things about pepole to not run i was much further away then 10 meters, plus I did not know you where talking to me since there was alot of pepole around that house, so i did not know if you were talking to EVERYONE or just the those in your area, as I see it I was not involved in the situation as you describe it, I just saw where this could lead so i left the area but apperently i only went 10 meters (when it was alot further away). thats my pov dont mean to sound angry or anything if I do, I just feel that things got handled wrong in the whole situation. I just want things to work better nextime a similar situation plays out. Peace! "Remember that just because you have KoS rights, doesn't mean you can or have to use them. Keep in mind all other rules when using KoS rights, for example roleplay taking priority over ruleplay and No Value For Life (NVFL). Think about if using KoS rights is viable in the current situation"
  6. celsius182

    S1: Bad RP/Gear RP Kabanino/Lonely House - 15-10-2016 around 6:00

    Hank Schrader here, so i was with the others explained above "jake smith" Liam and Frank does i remember my self, we talked to him because we needed some supplys for our current "group" of ppl and initiate, I tell the others to check for a radio wich apperently dosent work when you are *checking for a radio* with the vocie over wich you hear clearly me saying. and also as i can see in the video my voice in game dosent work properly at all times. later we bring him to the house to decide what to do with him and just as i'm going to start talking with our victim i hear voices or steps outside and tells him to be quiet, then decides to cut him loose and run for the woods the group catches up with us and starts a countdown and shoots me since i didnt manage to put my weapon down. (and no i dont see why my character would care to much about him going to a "funeral") thats all i remember. Have a good one!
  7. Server and location: Kabanino S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21-10-2016, 23.50 Your in game name: Hank Schaeffer Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Someone started a robbery in Kabanino, wich I was not involved wtith, shots are fired in a house so I started to run away and as I was jumping over some fences I see a man that to my knowledge was'nt involved with the robbers (I think he was outside as I was when I heard the shots) running besides me and just shoots me without saying anything, no initiation no nothing just kills me. EDIT- So by Dusty's reply I now know the guy running beside me did'nt shoot me.
  8. celsius182

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage above Novy - 23/07/2016 18:10

    Alexander 'Alex' Andersson. for me is was the first time with "the cult" we were coming in to town looting and saw a person one of the group started to talk to him about the cult asking if he's a sinner and telling him about our lord and so on handcuffed we started moving up towards the woods and while going there saw a small group coming up from town and on the way up hill he got sevral warnings "you will be shot if anyone intervenes" and he said "how could i do that since you got my radio" he got told to shout it out to his friends, and when we got to the woods he was going to get torture to walk the road of redemption and when his tooth got pulled out and we talked about branding him we got shot at, no warnings or initiation.. one of ours get downed and the others run for cover thats all i remember and saw.. Thats what i remember of my pov
  9. I'm new here and just sent in for whitelist I hope to see you all in the horrors of Chernarus!