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  1. Well lads, this is me for a while. Server just is not fun for me anymore. Maybe see you all again in the future but until next time.



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      i know what you mean


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      Until next time!!!

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  2. So happy you enjoyed man! We want to keep that feeling people get and improve upon that more and more. Oh and remember.. The Good Doctor's patients are everywhere.
  3. Oh hell yeah now I can put my patient files from the sanatorium into a briefcase! Awesome!
  4. “Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”
  5. Absolutely love the posters, nice work lads!
  6. Great use of the in game camera and gives off crazy " Blair witch project " vibes.
  7. '' Coming across one of those sick people.. '' '' The patients soon figured they are STRONG! ''
  8. '' Daniel McDermott was born in Ireland and at the age of 6 years old they then moved out to Arkansas, United States. He grew up in a normal family, like any other kid. after a few years life became normal since moving there. He met a girl from high school that was just as weird as he is. They both loved each other a lot and life seemed great to Daniel however his life was going to change after what was thought to be another normal day.. '' '' He sat down at school for lunch and bit into a hamburger to which he bit down on something hard. A toe with bone sticking out. Becky shouts '' OMG, is that a toe?! '' then started laughing at me along with everyone else. Entire school shut down to investigate how the toe got there but no traces. He then believed that this was a horrid prank by Becky. Starving the next day he goes to the mall staring at the vending machines when he gave in and bought a chocolate bar, halfway through he stop chewing as he felt a weird substance inside, it was a flap of skin. He threw it away trying not to throw up. Mustering the strength to order pizza at the food court the pizza comes out with a large bubble in the crust. It had what looks like a cooked eyeball. He dropped the plate and started sobbing not knowing what is happening to him and HOW Becky and her friends track him down and predict what he is going to eat exactly. Why they would mess with him like this. After that day his parents knew they had to get away so they along with his girlfriend they all took a trip to Chernarus where they can relax and get away from all the stress over the last few weeks. '' '' Trying to wrap his head around how he could eat food again, he found a strange calm after 2 weeks of not eating anything at all.. He found a solution. He beat the sick and twisted game becky was playing on him. He found the most delicious salad and he devoured it desperately. He was finally saved he thought.. he admitted though, it wasn't what he expected to find the first time. When he cracked open that mans skull he couldn't believe it.. The man fell and chicken salad spilled on the sidewalk. Crunchy lettuce and strips of chewy chicken. He was finding pieces of people in his food everywhere. He thought the only logical place to find something edible.. Was inside people. He kept this quiet for as much as he could. '' '' One night Daniel stayed over to his girlfriends house and he heard how her parents were shaming her for having imaginary friends and collection of teddy bears, even at her age. Daniel came into the same room where they were shouting with Rachel in the corner. Rage filled him and this affected his hallucinations worse. He grabbed the knife and walked for her dad where Rachel shouted '' No! let me do this. ''. Shocked he saw Rachel slice her moms throat and she was sprayed with blood. Her dad shocked Daniel then stabbed her dad in the chest 20 times. Daniel and Rachel then lay back and and realized they are both on the same level of insanity. they smile and start laughing at what just took place. They then lay down in Rachel's bed falling asleep quickly. '' '' Daniel and rachel woke up the next day to police standing at his bed and they grabbed him them like a piece of paper and whisked him into the police car, he was send to a holding cell. A police officer is seen talking to what looked like two doctors. After a while it was agreed that they would spend their jail time in a Sanatorium. They could not leave Chernarus as it happened in their country. They were introduced to a man to them called, Dr. Murkoff. He explained that instead of jail he would take them to a nice place and that they would be subjected to new and exciting way to rehabilitate. '' '' Dr. Murkoff brought them out to the location in his car, explaining along the way what they would enjoy their time here. As they roll up to the driveway a large sign is clearly seen with '' Zofiówka Sanatorium '' They now reside under Dr. Murkoff's care at his sanatorium. ''
  9. Ohhhh yes, it was very fun with the Sec 20 guys! Until next time friends.
  10. season 8 insane asylum GIF


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  11. *John presses the PTT in panic with gunfire in the background* " GOD DAMN FUCKERS! KAT! RUN INTO THE WOODS AND DONT LOOK BACK! YOU KNOW WHERE THE SAFE HOUSE IS ACROSS THE BORDER. " *Transmission cuts for a few seconds and sparks back on* " w..who are you? " *A RASPY GERMAN VOICE IN THE DISTANCE IS HEARD* " You were a hard man to track yet here I am.. I disposed of a few of you already. " *You hear metal scraping off the wall* * YOU CAN RUN ALL YOU LIKE BUT YOU ARE ALL BURDENED BY SANITY! " * You hear blood curdling scream and laughter then sudden static *
  12. @America Appreciate it bud!
  13. Maybe those people offline raiding, whoever they are. Should try it in peak hours? Just a suggestion.
  14. - user has been warned for this post -
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  16. Wee_L_LR

    John's Photo Album

    Collection of photos taken by John.
  17. Wee_L_LR

    '' Catching C-J ''

    From the album: John's Photo Album

    Catching @C-J as he takes flight.
  18. Happy valentine's to you mi amor! 😉

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      Happy Valentines 

  19. I'm all for EVERYTHING to enhance the lore and roleplay experience, YES PLEASE!
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