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"Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms. <3"

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  3. Wee_L_LR

    In our adventures...

    So are all the white knights thinking it was something serious but sure, whatever
  4. Wee_L_LR

    In our adventures...

    I thought there was enough little snowflakes in the picture, now the comment section?
  5. Wee_L_LR

    In our adventures...

    Calm yourself bai
  6. Wee_L_LR

    John's Photo Album

    Collection of photos taken by John.
  7. Wee_L_LR

    '' mi hermosa amor ''

    From the album: John's Photo Album

    '' The sunrise is ALMOST as beautiful as my lady! ''
  8. Wee_L_LR


    sniper GIF

    New character completed, see you all on the next season of DayZRP.. 

    😉  🇮🇪

  9. Wee_L_LR

    '' Winter ''

    From the album: John's Photo Album

    Back in Chernarus for a bit of business bais!
  10. Wee_L_LR


    Well it's been fun but this is just demoralising. See y'all again soon! 🇮🇪

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  11. Wee_L_LR

    On our way home...

    Damn I look great in denim!
  12. Wee_L_LR


    This is sad fuckin times, DAMN the RP is gonna be heartbreaking. 

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    1. Inferno



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      "That's what it's all about, the life we survive"

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  13. Wee_L_LR

    Wee_L_LR's Media Thread

    Welcome to my media thread! Here I will post random videos of what I get up to on the fabulous DayZRP. Now to start with an old video I had, Enjoy. Credit to @Coco @CaosAndEffects
  14. Wee_L_LR

    Do you hear it..

    Wildlife in the tree
  15. Wee_L_LR

    '' My dear, I am always the big spoon. ''

    You are fine my love
  16. Wee_L_LR

    DayZRP Clapping Cheeks

    Wait.. This is actually a roleplay server?
  17. Wee_L_LR

    '' My dear, I am always the big spoon. ''

    From the album: John's Photo Album

    '' Keeping warm and waiting out the night together. ''
  18. Wee_L_LR

    Rest in Peace

    Came across you just a bit ago, Poor car
  19. Wee_L_LR

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    * John presses his PTT * '' Hello, This is John brown, security leader of Green Mountain Charity. Myself and our other members are happy to help in your time of need and will gladly help. No need for a trade or debt at all Phoenyxx. Níl aon fheidhmiú níos fearr don chroí ná daoine a bhaint anuas agus a ardú. '' (There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. )
  20. Wee_L_LR

    '' Winter wasteland ''

    From the album: John's Photo Album

  21. Wee_L_LR


    Loved every interaction with you all, the craic from some of you I met is hilarious. Much love from security leader of green mountain charity. Can't wait to bump into you lot again. Yupp up the Elddis bais
  22. Wee_L_LR


    tá grá agam di 😉 🇮🇪 🇵🇷

  23. Wee_L_LR

    Low number of loot at military buildings - Livonia

    I traveled across two different military facilities and they have not been touched by players at all. In these two places all the loot was entirely clothing items. I'm not sure if intended however it seems really unbalanced. This has happened the other day when coming across a fresh military installment. Thoughts?
  24. Wee_L_LR


    YEE HAW! 🇮🇪

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