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  1. Looks like a proper group of bais there like! Hopefully come across yous soon.
  2. Jerry Doyle grew up in a busy town by the shore, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Jerry's personality is chaotic good, being the rebel he is in with his school friends from school he often got himself into trouble however he seemed to like that part of life, It gives him his moment of '' ecstasy '' His parents troubled by his ways they look for a resolve. They saw an opportunity to send him to live with his aunt in Novodmitrovsk, Chernarus. In hopes that this would help him clear ending up in jail. At first, he hated the idea. But as time passed he watched his aunt struggle to keep jobs. He decided he wanted to help her. Doing odd jobs off and on. He decided he couldn't be bothered to do delivery jobs. He would end up in fights. His aunt told him about an opportunity at the marina, down in chernogorsk. He went for it and found himself traveling at sea. Jerry would be gone for long periods. Disconnected from the world. Upon returning to shore, he heard of a "flu" From there reality just went to shit and nothing was ever the same again. Trying to return to his aunt, to see if she was ok. Along with his travel, he met a girl who was trapped in a house named Yumi. She was very disoriented and confused. She told jerry about what's been happening inland. They arrive at jerry aunt's apartment complex to see that a fire had ravaged in the building. All we can see are small embers in the sky. At that moment Yumi could see jerry's eyes. He doesn't remember if it was rage or heartache. But either way, Jerry is staying alive. Frozen in his thoughts, Yumi had brought him back. By holding his hand with hers. They knew this was just the beginning.
  3. So first day back on dayzrp and some woman starts chatting to me telling me to take off my black clothes considering they are in the wrong wavelength and need to dress in blues.

    I would have played longer if all the new mods didn't made my computer hotter than the surface of the fucking sun haha 

  4. Wee_L_LR

    Swamp Clinic

    Did someone say... '' Insane ''
  5. Well lads, this is me for a while. Server just is not fun for me anymore. Maybe see you all again in the future but until next time.



    1. marauder1838


      i know what you mean


    2. Kattsura


      Until next time!!!

      I Love You Hearts GIF by RisuDong


  6. So happy you enjoyed man! We want to keep that feeling people get and improve upon that more and more. Oh and remember.. The Good Doctor's patients are everywhere.
  7. Oh hell yeah now I can put my patient files from the sanatorium into a briefcase! Awesome!
  8. “Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”
  9. Absolutely love the posters, nice work lads!
  10. Great use of the in game camera and gives off crazy " Blair witch project " vibes.
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