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  1. fun dancing GIF by kingpalewave

    Love the profile song 

  2. OMG

    I love the profile song. 

    Made me laugh more then it should..

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  3. Thank you for every moment, every laughter..

    Happy Valentines!!

  4. Happy valentine's to you mi amor! 😉

    1. Kattsura


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      Happy Valentines 

  5. I'm all for EVERYTHING to enhance the lore and roleplay experience, YES PLEASE!
  6. Character pages update with graphics & story

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  7. -User was cautioned for this post-
  8. Man do I go way back with the 5.0.3! It's always been a blast RPing with you lot and wish to meet you lot on my new character. Starting way back when runners and 503 were living in harmony together, those were the funniest moments I've had on this server. Zub castle was amazing. C-J's rescue of me multiple times and let alone the banter. And also for C-J teaching me " Die die, never comply " Now in Livonia it's been a great time also, from the Robin hood song to tales of King C-J! Always a pleasure RPing with all of 5.0.3 OOC & IC everyone is great craic etc so please keep it up and hope to have some more memories for sure!
  9. Oh here we go! See you soon.

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  10. Wee_L_LR

    Jerry's photo album

  11. leonardo dicaprio love GIF

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      That's literally how our current RP is right now, coming to a town near you! 

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