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  1. POV - I get into camp after talking to a guy called '' Charlie Callahan '' at the gate, I make my way into camp and make conversation with a few people I know there. After a few mins being at the camp, someone tells us all to put our hands up. We all comply and stay put. I stand next to the wall with my hands still up not talking. ( At this point I am experiencing lag and it causes me to move resulting in my hands come down as normal, as I go through the radical menu to put my hands back up I am shot right away. As i am lagging at this point still I do not hear the intruder tell me '' did I tell you to put your hands down then I am shot right away without any chance to speak. I do not move or pull out any weapon. This is partly my fault however it could have been dealt with in a far better way. ) ( I dont have video from myself but I have a clip where I get shot and you can see me in the white checked shirt get shot. )
  2. John Brown first moved to Chernarus just before the outbreak from Ireland where he longed for a break from the old country. once a job offer in Chernarus came he took without hesitation. He then landed a job as a games developer in June of 2017. John then moved into his Apartment at the end of June and had settled into his new job nicely. that was short lived though as soon the outbreak began and normal life for Mr John Brown would be turned upside down. He would have to figure out how to survive and deal with this situation by himself.
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