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  1. Hello, Im sorry for posting so late, i have been sick and i did not know that i had to post my side of the story as well. I have no Video/picture evidence Well here is what happened in my pov: As Philleo said in his post we were laying together outside of myshkino tents checking if it was safe or not. We saw two guys heading down and Philleo then decided to rund down because he had to find new boots wether it was safe or not. I stayed back just watching over Philleo while he was looting just to try to keep him safe. I saw him running up to one of the guys and it looked like they were talking so i kept my distance because i did not want to reveal myself just incase something happend. I kept looking at them from a distance and i noticed that one of the two guys who initialy ran in the tents before philleo was gone. I assumed that the two guys were friends and i was now on high alert because i thaught Philleo was in danger. When i then saw Philleo following the guy up to the treeline i decided to follow them just to keep Philleo safe (keep in mind i was still at a distance). As i came close i heard Philleo saying "get your hands up" therefore i assumed it was a hostile situation. When walked up to them i saw the guy and he was now restrained. I knew Philleo did not have any keys for his handcuffs so i used my keys to unrestrain him. I decided not to say much because i did not want the guy to remember my voice if we ever met again. After i unlocked his handcuffs i ran away with Phillieo. When we ran away Philleo told me about the red bandanas and everything and the gang suspicions. Then he made it clear why we had robbed him.