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  1. [align=left]IMPORTANT; This is not suggesting that permadeath should be added as an official rule, this is merely guidance on how to effectively assign a personal permadeath rule for yourself and how you could benefit from it. This rule or any variation of it MUST NOT and WILL NOT conflict with the official rules of DayZRP in any way. If there is a sentence, statement or word that would suggest otherwise in this guide, the official rules ALWAYS come first. If you wish to modify the boundaries I've set here, double check the official DayZRP rules before you modify them. I do not wish to argue with anyone about adding permadeath as an official rule. I believe it is good to not have permadeath in a fairly large community. This makes the game more accessible and will not sway people away when their first character gets abruptly killed because of unclear reasons and motives. It can also be hard to effectively apply the rule as there can be very difficult situations that can't be solved without admins interfering. Having this rule controlled by the player brings needed lenience in the rule. Thank you and have a good read. So the first thing you're probably asking is "why the hell would I want to permadeath my character? I've invested so much time into his/her background and story, it would be a waste". Well, let me tell you about the wonders of permadeathing your characters. Think of a world where everything you do could have serious risks involving your character, knowing constantly that death could creep behind every corner. It could make you feel fear, it would make you consider your every move and action thoroughly. A character you've grown attached to must constantly fight for his/her life in a harsh environment. You would learn to value human life. You will have to make hard choices to ensure your own well-being. Or maybe you will make heroic sacrifices to save others and leave tales about your character to be told around Chernarus. People will miss you, people will grieve for you, you can be remembered for what you were and what you stood for. You will leave a permanent mark on the world. Your death would not be in vain. All stories must come to an end and you never know when you face your own. [align=left]Chapter 1. General information [align=left]Well, of course it isn't as dramatic or emotional as that but you probably get the point. Basically what I'm saying is that when you stick to your own permadeath rule that you've set for yourself, you will value your characters and others lives a lot more. You can find something new about yourself and you can expand your skills in character creation. This simple rule means that whenever you get the "You are dead" screen, your current character is permanently dead. Of course there are certain situations where you can be lenient about it and I will try to explain them further on. Using this rule can bring new sides of your character to light. This could give you new opportunities for roleplay and make you consider what you say or do in the world carefully. This can make situations more intense and truly immersive. Surviving will be hard and permadeathing your characters can be a heavy toll for new players. That is why I would advise using this personal rule if you are a veteran player and have dealt with permadeath rules before. This way you can avoid getting sad or angry after one of your characters dies. Still, I will try to provide ample guidance to permadeathing your characters. If you feel like you want to try it, by all means go for it. [align=left]Chapter 2. How to deal with permadeath With permadeath, comes the harsh reality that you have to let go of your favorite characters. This can be especially difficult if you've worked hard for your characters background or have achieved a powerful posision in the world. This could be too much for some people to handle as they might feel like it is a complete waste. I'm here to tell you that no, it's not a waste. Your character will not be a waste. None of your actions in the world have to be a waste. Roleplaying your characters death could bring a memorable moment to all parties involved. I would also like to say that permadeathing your character when you die because of game mechanics and you are not part of any event at the moment should be avoided. This will only leave you frustrated with the game. Just go into the world again and get a fresh start. When your character dies in a roleplaying session with other people, it can leave a lasting impact on you and others if played well. These kind of situations can be something to talk about in the future. Something to be remembered. I myself would definately feel happy if my characters death was well played from all parties and was a great and enjoyable session overall. This is where permadeathing your character really makes that moment feel authentic and amazing. And also keep in mind that this is a personal rule set by yourself, you can always be lenient about it. Just remember to also at times be strict about it and really push yourself to play by it to get the full effect. Another way to cope with permadeath is to modify the rule according to your own mood or mental state. If you're feeling brave and are looking for some hard survival in a post-apocalyptic world, it might be time to find out how long you can really survive with your character. However, if you are feeling down and don't have any kind of idea for a new character, you should avoid this harsh rule. When you feel that you are mentally prepared to let go of your character, you can have some real terrifying experiences in the world. I do not wish to cause harm to anyone because I tried to force my rule down their throat. Keep that in mind, use these kind of rules carefully and don't push yourself too much. [align=left] Here is a list of things to consider when dealing with permadeath: Don't get too attached to your characters. I know this might sound like you lose some authenticity in your roleplay but here you have to find a nice middle ground. You care about your characters story and want to develop it, but you will also not feel depressed or frustrated (at least not too much) when he/she dies. You could also prepare different characters in anticipation of your current characters death. Writing stories for different characters can be a wonderful pastime. If you ever feel creative and have good ideas for characters, remember them and keep them in mind. I would also suggest writing them down even if you are fairly certain that your current character won't die in a while. As always, remember that it is only a game. If your favorite character dies, try not to create a new one that uses your previous character as a template. We used to call these kind of characters "conveyor belt characters" in my old group (this is a rough translation of the Finnish word we used, liukuhihnahahmo). You will only make yourself a service when you start fresh with a character. This will help you develop different characters with different backgrounds. It could improve your writing and storytelling skills. It will make you more diverse in your roleplaying. This could be extremely benefitial to you as you will not get stuck on one character archetype. If you are a new player just starting out in DayZRP, I would advise not to impose this rule on yourself. When you find steady ground in the world, maybe acquire a few contacts and get involved with groups or major events, you could consider assigning the permadeath rule for your character. You need to know your way around the world and possibly get some help in order to survive in the beginning. This can avoid frustration in early hostile RP situations where you are all alone being pushed around by some thugs and in real danger of dying. As this is a personal rule, you are the one assigning its limits. However, try to use this guide as a reference and then modify it to your liking if you so wish. Just remember to keep it fairly strict. Chapter 3. Advice on what not to do I already mentioned some things you shouldn't do in relation to other points, but I feel like I should evaluate it further. I'm fairly certain everyone has different thoughts or ideas on how permadeath rules should be applied. Well as I've said before, the beauty of this rule is the fact that you can assign it however you like. Still, it would need to strongly resemble what I've described here as in my opinion, shaping and modifying the rule too much to your own liking might completely defeat the purpose of the rule. However, this is just my own opinion and nothing is set in stone. Do as you like but also consider the points I decide to bring up here. Here is a list of important things I advise you not to do when using this rule: Don't avoid permadeath just because some situation didn't play out the way you wanted. That's life and you will have to learn to cope with it when using this rule. If you feel that the situation that was played was unjustified or played badly, you could have a strong point in not following the permadeath rule. Try to avoid falling into a lone wolf style if it doesn't fit your character. Interact with people the way your character would. Of course your character naturally cares about his own life even without the rule but I am mostly asking for you to forget about the gameplay implications and anything that would affect your real self. Don't be constantly paranoid and avoid opportunities for good roleplay because you're afraid of your character dying. NEVER try to tread the line between powergaming and roleplaying. Do not go out of your way and maybe even a little out of character to escape hostile situations while still keeping it within the official rules of DayZRP. Just let the situation play out and do what your character would normally do without the permadeath rule. What matters here is how much your character cares about his own life, not how much you care about your character. Do not constantly keep the rule in mind. Try to forget it completely and keep thinking like your character would. The only situation where you need to remember the rule is when you see the "You are dead" screen and that's when you have to apply the rule accordingly. It might take a lot of getting used to but it is possible. Chapter 4. Closing words And that is pretty much it. I tried to make this guide fairly simple and short so that it would be easy to add it to your own personal ruleset. I'm still kind of surprised at how long it actually turned out to be but I hope all that clutter of text will be helpful to you. The underlining should also help in finding important parts by just skimming the text. Lastly, I would like to leave you with a closing thought: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss (If you have any further questions about this subject, you can either send me a private message or reply to this thread directly. I will try to help as many people as I can and I am hoping that this rule would find some interest in all kinds of different players.) Wasn't actually supposed to post this guide before my whitelist application gets reviewed since that would be kind of awkward, I was just trying to save the draft and somehow it got posted after I solved a captcha pop-up. Whoops.