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  1. If your not fearful, your not doing it right.
  2. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    So in my video it shows that the second victim was in fact holding a gun up, obviously dayz is prone to bugs so maybe that has something to do with it? im not sure but Brady also said in his POV that he did not have a gun at all so he is obviously lying. Also in Rover's POV, he says "The second man was holding a gun".
  3. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    Alright well to start, you cant really make out anything from when im looking at it. Also, it seems like the man with the clown mask had his weapon raised not me. EDIT: Also quick note, from I can see I am backing up when he points the weapon and I in fact dont have a gun. The video does not show the full situation and I feel as though the men are trying to hide something by not showing everything that led up to the conversation. If you would like to show our POV or explain it in great detail, or even call in the clown to we would be happy to do so. We are not hiding anything.
  4. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    Alright well to start, you cant really make out anything from when im looking at it. Also, it seems like the man with the clown mask had his weapon raised not me. EDIT: Also quick note, from I can see I am backing up when he points the weapon and I in fact dont have a gun. I was up close with all 3 of you. The clown man did have a shotgun but it did not leave his back. You and your friend both had yours weapons our, I believe you had an M4 and your friend had an AK variant. When I was being initiated on the man doing it (Your friend) was pointing his gun at me, you had your M4 in your hands, and the clown was standing watching with nothing in his hands.
  5. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    You are able to see in the video, both men had their weapons raised at my self. Clear as day.
  6. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    Video quality will become better as it uploads. you will be able to see it more clear soon.
  7. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    I never said I was not armed, I said I did not have my weapon out. I had the chainsaw to give back to the man with the clown mask as he had dropped it. The moment I got there I dropped the chainsaw. My weapon was on my back the entire time and I posed no threat to the entire situation. After I had put the chainsaw down, the m4 stayed on my back the entire time. I know this because I had tried to pull my weapon back out multiple times, and it refused to go into my hands. I also had no association to john other than the fact that he gave me a tent and followed me to ask you what was happening. From my POV as I said, you did infact take out your M4 (I saw it in your hands). Also if you had not relation with him why did you not make this clear when he initiated. How could you have expected us to know this when you had your gun in your hands, were surrounding me, and then your friend initiates.
  8. Confusi0n

    S1 RDM In Lopatino 2:27 PM EST

    I was the man who was initiated on (Axel White). Originally I asked to speak with a man in a clown mask, however he continued to walk past humming. I gave him 2 more polite chances then once he didn't stop I raised my weapon and gave him the request via a demand. Of course he complied and I then restrained him for my own safety. We spoke for a minute or so until I noticed 2 men (1 with a gun and one with a chainsaw) jogging up to us. They began to ask what was going on and were clearly together. Also the man who claims not to have his gun did in fact take it to hand multiple times. The end result was one of the 2 men raising his weapon to me, demanding I drop my weapon. As this was an initiation and I was outnumbered in the direct encounter, I complied and as I went to kneel and drop my weapon, my friend (Who witnessed the entire thing) shot and killed the initiater and the other man who WAS with him. After, we took the man who I originally had taken hostage off and continued RP with him. From my point of view, my friend (Bill Hitchback) was right to do what he did. The man with his weapon on me was a clear threat to my life and was obviously fine to be killed. His friend also had his weapon out, and from my POV was also a threat to my life. He made no effort to make it known he was not with the man who initiated and made no attempt to calm the situation. He did have a gun and released my hostage. Side note: When they both rolled up the man who initiated had his gun out, his friend (The man reporting) had a chainsaw. Soon into the encounter the man drops his chainsaw taking out what appeared to be an M4. He is blatantly lying in his report and was in fact armed.
  9. Look, you never took my radio from me so i was good and well to use that. As for the meta-gaming at 15, he was still in view of what was happening. He could see I was knocked out (he did have binocs) I never recall saying fucking faggots, and if i did I never said it directly to you, like you did to me on countless occasions. And yes I may have initiated, however why not try to build off that with some role play instead of shooting me when I turned around. Also your friends seemed to pick up on how hollow it was "Haha.. calm down mate", etc. It would seem you cant role-play unless it is to do with racism... (How is this acceptable in such a highly regarded community??? - and yes i do understand as it is not my community it is not my choice what is allowed and what isn't) He was able to see you shoot me IC, so I was fine to say that too. I didn't say it IC anyway, I was dead... Plus I already knew he would begin shooting regardless of what i said.
  10. Ok, now it will work. apologies. Also I forgot to add but towards the end when I "initiated", my friend over the radio (Billy) said to get them to initiate so he could toss a nade and kill them all. I honestly did not hear this during the time I pulled out my gun. I purely did this to grow the RP, never intended of causing anything which would have gotten me killed such as initiate of 5 guys so my friend could kill them with a nade. Just bad timing which may cause it to be seen as me trying to do what he is saying.
  11. Ok. Im not going to argue with you. Im going to let the video and my report speak for its self. I will leave it in the hands of the community officials. However, I would like to add that regardless of whether or not it was IC or OOC, i find it disgusting that you would even consider playing a racist character. As much as you might think it is "Good RP" to do so, others really do not appreciate it. If this community is truly full of "mature, respectful and polite" members, your going around and insulting players (IC or OOC, it doesnt matter) with racist comments is incredibly counter intuitive of the rules. I wish you will take this into account in the future. (Btw, I did give you a chance IC to stop with the racism on multiple occasions, if you were too oblivious to realize this what will make me believe you would have stopped if i said it OOC. If you truly cared you wouldnt have done it at all). Also just a side note. The video is uploading and I will post it to the report shortly. The video is processing. Once done it may be found here.
  12. I am quoting this from the rules "Definition DayZRP is a established and mature role playing community. As such, we require our members to behave maturely, politely and with respect towards one another. This rule covers all rude and offensive behaviour that is not allowed in our community. This rule includes but is not limited to actions like griefing, trolling, spamming, advertising, insulting others, being racist or otherwise unpleasant to fellow players. Treat other players the way you would like to be treated in a role playing environment, have fun and remember that it is only a game." You might want to take another look at the rules, a little more in depth this time.
  13. Please have the video uploaded asap. Trying my best. Taking a little while as it is the event from beginning to end. Also CPU is a little outdated. Sorry for the wait.
  14. Server and location: S1, Road leading West out of Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/12/2016 09:40 Your in game name: Axel White Names of allies involved: Bill Hitchback Name of suspect/s: Unsure - Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Rendering now, will be up shortly. My friend (Bill Hitchback) and I woke up in Stary Sobor and immediately began to hear revolver shots from the town. To be safe, Bill went over watch while I entered the town to investigate. I ended up meeting two people at the well in town and began to speak with these men (Ask for info regarding shots, offered help, etc). Soon more men showed up including the main instigator of the group (Unsure name, logs will show). He spoke with my self and talked about the "tax" of the town, followed up by his asking for my backpack and my shoes. While hesitant to do as he asked, he threw racist remarks at me (Can't quote them however video will show, same with other incidents in this event). Eventually as this continued and we conversed to the point as to which I handed over the "tax" for the town, I decided it would be best to leave in order to avoid any hostile action towards my self. As I left town, they apparently had decided that they would escort me to the edge of town as I would not hand over my glasses, which were apparently added to the so called "tax" after I had already paid it. Being insulted by the racist comments and remarks made before hand, I was already on a short temper. Eventually this was broken and I decided to see if they would take me up in a 1v1 fist fight between my self and the main instigator. Of course they did not want to follow these guid lines, as they may have been afraid of loosing to me, so another one of their men (the next most verbal of the men) joined the fight. Eventually as you can expect I lost the fight and ended up unconscious. After this as i felt cheated I offered to go for another round, however as I was injured and they did not seem interested i bandaged and began to walk away. As I did, more racist comment came my way and I had, had enough! This lead me to the point of taking my weapon to hand and facing in their direction without my weapon raised. Being insulted by these unnecessary racist comments I then threw a threat back(I forget my exact words, video will show). (whilst it seemed to me to be empty, due to the fact they had over 5 guys with rifles, I can assume they did not take it the same way). After I turned to walk away I was immediately gunned down. I am mainly disgusted with the amount of racism which was offered, hence it being one of the points in my report. I am also disappointed with how the role play was cut short due to the trigger happiness of the group, and can play out many scenarios which, could have furthered and bettered this role play experience ending. As seen in the title of this report I am unsure whether the death of my character (Axel White) was justifiable, as apart from my last remark I made, I was the main target from which insulting comments and racist remarks were made. As I said above the video is currently rendering and will be up asap. Keep in mind I am newly experimenting with video recording so I'm unsure how it will turn out.