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  1. One of my friends made a report about a group that attempted KOS on us, and I had to put in my POV. I was at work while the thread was made and when I got home, I was banned for not summiting on time. I put up my POV 9 hours after the thread was made, and I haven't been unbanned for the past two days, and one of my friends was not banned and they posted after me. This is the report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-KOS-Between-Kabanino-and-NWA?pid=1518734#pid1518734 My POV should be on the 2nd page.
  2. My POV: We were in a group of 6-8 players in total, I was with Mike McConnell and Chuck Duece, we were down the road when we heard gun shots, we got to the top of the hill to overlook the gunfight and see if we could help, one person from the fight came towards us and upon him approaching us, players engaging in the gunfight began to fire at us, (they probably assumed we were a part of their enemies, or just stray bullets). The few randoms we were with scattered, Chuck was hit in the leg so we began to return fire. We got flanked on our left side, I got hit and was able to retreat North, Mike and Chuck were killed in the field and tree line.