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  1. Please set your video from private to unlisted so that it can be viewed by others. Thanks. ok there you go should be set correctly now.
  2. Wyatt Khrabryy- Ok so to start off here is a video of our POV (sorry for bad video quality i had to export it from twitch.) Detailed description of the events: We had gotten to the north west airfield and started looting when jimmy ran up to our car and tried to rob us of it. We then attempted to apprehend him but, my game then crashed and i loaded back in so we ended up making friends with him and he joined our group. As i ran to my friends i came across a couple people running towards me past the tents at northwest airfield they then started talking in a hostile way so we just left. After we met back up with our friends we went to see if they had left the area or were gonna cause problems... so we investigated the area a bit and came across a player outside of tents and had seen other people in the tents. we then initiated RP by saying hey. He then insulted us so we asked for an apology and he didnt supply us with one. we then took shots from i didnt know where until i watched the video above so we executed the guy in front of us and ran for cover. As i ran I was gunned down. Thank you for reading our side of things.