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  1. Gilliam Tanner was born into a military family. Even at a young age, he knew he was destined to wear the uniform. However, he also felt slightly differently than the rest of his family when it came to how best to serve. Young Gilliam, initially joined the United States Army as a Combat Medic, and then applied to become a UN Peacekeeper. He served in Serbia, and many other war-torn nations throughout the world. He liked the military life, and helping others at the same time. For him, being a medic and serving as a Peacekeeper seemed to go hand in hand. He stayed on with them, and as the years dragged on, he and his unit were eventually sent to Chernarus during the early stages of the Frenzy Flu to assist local police and medical personnel. He had never seen a disease quite like it before, no one had. Still, he was determined to help. And as control of the region began to slip, eventually his unit was recalled, and him with it. Now, haunted by what he had seen, and the guilt of leaving so many behind, Gilliam returned, sneaking through the border under cover of darkness, and determined to remain this time, and help those in need till the Frenzy Flu is no more.
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