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  1. *Would pick up his radio speaking in a rather apprehensive way* Hello. Thanks for all the eh... Responses. The first bloke I raised on this frequency is the one i'll be meeting with the information. The other replies have been a bit more worrying if you catch my drift. The one saying welcome to the backstab being paramount. As for the bloke running from the Kingdom. Maybe we'll meet at the meeting. All the best. No grievence with the king on my part though, I'm just delivering a message. *Releases the transmit button, sitting it back down*
  2. *Would bring the radio to his face and press the transmit button* Still looking for anyone who could direct me to the brotherhood. It's quite urgent I meet with either the leader or the people mentioned earlier, if you've forgotten those names here they are again. Stephen Knox, Zachary Knox and finally Dillan Hanson. Please reply as quickly as possible. It's important I meet them. *Would release the transmit button and sit the radio down*
  3. *Presses the transmit button on his radio* Seeing as you've stuck your neck out i'll return the favour. I'm in posession of a letter left in a camp which named the three folk I told you about. The letter then goes on to demand a meeting with the brotherhood. I figure you're being used as some kind of diversion scheme. I mean. Did any of your men leave a rambly note in a camp? I figure the sooner we meet the sooner we figure this all out. There are some very specific details in the letter i'm not willing to transmit for both of our sake. *Releases the transmit button, Sitting the radio down beside him*
  4. *Presses the transmit button uncrumpling a peice of paper before speaking* Alright? My name is Conor and I'm looking for a certain set of people I wish to make contact with. Also information on a group calling themselves the brotherhood. The people i'm looking for are... *Clears his throat before continuing. More paper rustling could be heard.* One Steven Knox. One Dillan Hanson. One Zachary Knox. Oh. Hadn't really read the names out loud yet to myself but Steven and Zachary might be brothers or something. Who knows. That's why I'm asking you. I'm looking for information on a group calling themselves, or being called "The Brotherhood" cause quite frankly I don't know who they are. I want to be given the name of the leader or the location of their base so as to meet them. I understand it's unadvisable to broadcast on open frequencies about the location of your base so I'm willing to meet up somewhere secluded at first so long as I get to speak to someone who can answer my questions. My questions aren't just of relevance to me. However I'm not broadcasting why because as I said. Anyone could be listening. It's important to the brotherhood I assume as it is to me. Cheers. *Releases the button, Folding away the letter after reading the names over once more.*
  5. Late to the party but hey. How did you get started? My uncle was a photographer by trade. Due to some family shit I hadn't spoken to him in like eight years. When I was like 15 I went and got his number. Phoned him up and went over. We just chatted here and there. He showed me his camera gear and that and I honestly wasn't interested. I wasn't very creative and hated getting pictures taken of me so I assumed fuck getting into that. So after about a few months of visiting him and doing shit he died of a heart attack and all his camera shit got left to me. Being 15 and completely uninterested in the subject my ass just got handed a fucking Canon 5D MKII and a Canon 500D (Or something like that) god knows how many flashguns. Rigs, Whatever. You name it. I had it. I sold that shit cause I didn't want to be into it. I got fucking FLEECED. Guy gave me a grand for a 5D MKII(Pristine basically) and the other camera along with all the other misc gear. When I was nearly 17 I realised how bad I fucked up. Went up the loft. Found a bag of gear. Film SLR OM10 with a bag of lenses. Went out and shot some testers on film completely clueless. Loved it. Bought a d3300 recently. How long have I been doing photography? About 6-7 months maybe. Been studying it for longer than that. Where do I want to go with it? Hobby right now. The thing with photography is that it's a compettitive industry which is narrow. Photojournalism is hard to break into cause anyone can be on the scene quickly and record it on an iphone and will give it to the news for free. Freelance is just too fucking uncertain for me. As for being paid to do landscape, portraits and anything else it's yet again too uncertain. Favourite Photo
  6. *Presses his transmit button speaking into it* I'll take it from "The tower is ours fucker" that the clowns chased me? Never really implied I was taking it from you. I was standing in a field. Tell you what. Maybe if you didn't have the mask on you'd have saw me when I gave you the slip in the forest. *Chuckles before releasing the button*
  7. *Picks up his radio after listening to the man's reply. He'd think for a moment before beginning to speak* Ah, Nah cheers bud. Friend of mine fixed my leg up as best he could. Good enough to walk on for the now whilst it heals. Thanks for the offer though. Maybe it's cause i've been avoiding people but that and one other blip have been the only two possibly hostile encounters i've had. I reckon the majority of people will have a conversation with you. People are still people. Before I ran into the guys who chased me I ran into a really nice bloke in a field in the south of Novy Sobor. He had the drop. His gun was loaded. I had a big backpack full of stuff. He could have but he chose to have a chat instead. Maybe it's the company I keep or maybe i've just been really lucky but since I started travelling about more I generally meet nice people. Hope my luck doesn't run dry. *Releases the transmit button, Sitting it down in the mud beside the fire.*
  8. *Presses the transmit button on the radio and begins speaking* Seems all I'm transmitting about it scary bastards that i've ran into but this one might be interesting for a few people. Namely the blokes that run Altar radio. So I'm sitting as I transmit this with a most likely sprained or broken Ankle and i'm up to my tits in mud. I was near the altar radio station on the road towards Severograd. I look to my left as I crest a hill overlooking a field filled with haybales and see two blokes with assault rifles and they start sprinting towards me. I'm aware of the fact the Altar radio team has a security detail but I didn't reckon they'd charge a bloke in a field so I made a break for it and put maybe 20-30 metres of space between me and them. I got to the treeline and glanced over my shoulder as I got there and they're still chasing. Desperate for something. I didn't plan to give it up so I kept a move on and threw some zigs and zags. Managed to lose them across a small pond and a stream. Stopped to have a look back towards Altar and as I stepped back up onto some rocks my foot went in between them and there was a horrid pain. Dropped my scope and just sat on the ground for a good five minutes. Managed to drag my gangly arse back north and I spotted them again. Only briefly. The jolt of adrenaline I got kept me on a sprint north for about half a mile. In hindsight. I'd rather they just shot me. My foot is fucking hanging off. Question being. Who the fuck were they? They were decked out in Military gear once more. Two of them. Leaving Altar radio. Did I sprain my ankle running away from a security force? *Releases the radio button and continues massaging his ankle*
  9. *Removes the radio from his pocket and holds the transmit button as he speaks* Afraid not. I wasn't really keen on jumping up from behind a rock and startling two blokes decked out with military gear and bullets to waste. Sorry bud. Cheers for looking into it though. *Tucks the radio once more into his pocket.*
  10. *Presses the transmission button on his radio* Hello. My name's Conor. I don't often broadcast on radio but I reckon I should clear something up about an experience I had today. I was down south picking apples and berries, I normally hang about the forests up north but you'll find fuck all up there in the way of fruit and berries. I decided to head to a campsite just north of Stary Sobor for a bit of a rest before continuing. I heard some shots and hid behind a rock near the road, two blokes, armed to their tits came swaggering down with rifles. AKs or M4s I couldn't really see cause I was sweating like a whore in church and shaking like Pavaroti in a cake shop. I hid as they went by. Maybe about 10 metres from the road as the swaggered along. They had shot a zombie but their appearance made me think "Fuck talking to that mob" so I bolted North through yet more trees and heard the same sound from infront of me *He would attempt to imitate a rifle firing rapidly rather badly*. Yet again. More blokes in white armbands with military gear. I nearly shit myself. My question being who the fuck are the cunts in white armbands near Stary Sobor today. Was I right to avoid them? *Releases the transmit button and tucks his radio into his shirt pocket*
  11. [video=youtube] Portugal. The man. Hands down my favourite band.