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  1. Vladimir Bulgakov

    My name is Vladimir Bulgakov. I was a writer when the troubles began. I did my best to get the word out; use my position to alert the world to the devastation that I saw around me. I lost my mother, my father and my library. Every day I search for books, for meaning, for hope. I can't understand why I was one of the survivors. Why is it me who has immunity and not my parents; what biological coincidence has saved me and is there a reason for it? Is this the apocalypse? Is this God's will? I know not. But I do know this; I see hope and humanity everywhere; even the man wearing the balaclava robbing me for my supplies can be rescued with the right words. Words are what I had and words are what I use now. That being said I have had to learn how to shoot a weapon and I have had to learn fast. My mother was a seamstress and my father an engineer but both were retired and, even as the streets became more and more dangerous, they refused to buy or carry a weapon. They believed, as I once did, that pacifism was the road to salvation. They didn't live long.
  2. Hallo everyone

    Thanks guys!
  3. Hallo everyone

    Entirely new to the scene but can't wait to get involved. Now excuse me while I read the guide a fourth time! Cannot find this password anywhere!