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  1. Fair enough. You make a fair point. Sorry about that. Thank you guys for your feedback!
  2. You pasted the non-paraphrased version of my denial reason, and told me that I still have other attempts so I should just accept the reason I was declined. I am still looking for a response to my assertion. And btw, thanks for marking my thread as Solved... I am looking for a response to my assertion, that "my application was denied over an assumption made by the reader". I will be emphatically clear here since it seems people are skimming my posts. The assumption made, was that I lived in the U.S., when at no time did I ever say I lived in the U.S., or even specified where my house was. I mentioned that my step-father was previously discharged from the U.S. Army. That does not mean I live in the U.S. Does this seem absurd to anyone else?
  3. Very helpful. Thank you! No problem dude! Glad I could be of some assistance. Edit- I don't see on your back story where you come from, that could be why staff thought it was USA. It states he (the father) was discharged from that service, but not where he ended up, you may want to clarify that to the Staff Yeah I assumed it was a misunderstanding because I mentioned that he was discharged from the army. I just don't want to have to go through the whole process of applying again over a trivial technicality. Especially since we are limited on the number of applications we can submit. I will change the status of this thread to Solved when this issue is finally resolved.
  4. My application was declined because "you cannot simply travel east using a compass to get from the US to Chernarus". The person clearly made an assumption about my story and then declined my application for it. In my backstory, I mentioned that my step-father had previously been discharged from the U.S. Army for PTSD. At no time did I say that we lived in the U.S., or even specified where our house was. I'm hoping someone on the staff can see the ridiculousness of this situation here, and help me out. That way I don't have to acknowledge this crazy reason for turning down my story, and reapply to add one sentence to my backstory that I NO LONGER LIVE IN THE U.S. Btw, my backstory was already almost 3 times the minimum length, so I assumed a modicum of implied "you get the idea". For clarity and transparency, I will post my backstory below so staff are better able to assist me. Thanks! "My step-father was different after he was discharged from the U.S. Army for PTSD. My mother and I didn't blame him of course. His fixation became preparing for what he called "the inevitable". We supported him, thinking it was a small price to pay to make him feel safe. Night and day he worked for months to build us an underground bunker. When he wasn't working on it, he was perfectly normal, and so for a time, things were good. One night, my mother didn't come home from the store. For three days we tried to retrace her steps while we listened to hollow reassurances from the police that they were "doing everything in their power to find her". The first Infected we ever saw was in the parking lot of the grocery store my mother had gone to when she went missing. Even though we were only close enough to see the Infected as it tackled and began eating a woman across the parking lot, we were immediately suspicious when it jumped up and charged another person, and then another, before finally getting run over as it neared it's fourth attempted victim. I spent the entire rest of the day trying to convince him that it was an isolated incident (to keep him calm). That night, our neighbor from a few houses down tried to eat a neighborhood dog in the middle of the street while his family, and several others, watched. We didn't wait to see the conclusion. The bunker was only partially stocked but we took all of the supplies we had in the house down there and sealed ourselves in. I didn't talk much after that. I was a computer programmer before, and in this new life, I clung to the safety of the bunker, never daring to go outside. Instead drowning myself in a sea of books. My step-father left every night for several hours to either sit in the house to wait for my mom, or wander around looking for her. One day I woke up, and he never returned. I went out to look for them, rarely at first, then with gradually increasing frequency. It was six months before I ran out of supplies. I learned to avoid people at all costs, only going out of my way to search hospitals and clinics whenever possible for supplies. One day while reading the logs of a children's hospital that was located in an unusually rural area, I realized there was a trend in the time and date of when Infected first presented at the hospital. The farther east I went, the earlier the Infected were encountered. Ever since, I have used this system as a compass to tell me where the epidemic originated. So today I find myself in Chernarus, the birth place of the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. Only a madman would risk his life looking for answers, but it's the only thing I have left to hold onto. It's the only thing that still makes me feel human. Maybe one day I'll find something else worth fighting for."