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  1. As my ally states above after the restart he went to the restroom and to get a drink I thought this would also be a good opportunity to do so as well. However we did reconnect. As you see in the video they only stayed for about 2min waiting for us. I got rerolled upon rejoining to a broken car I was at on the road leading to NWEF at the fork. I dont remember if I attempted to get in and start it but I think I did so maybe you can check the logs for that. Also (Im just waking up apon writing this) But if I canr emember correctly there was little to no Rp on there side. We were a medical camp as my ally stated.(Guess no one remembers that the UN is blue/armbands) They walked up said "thats a nice record" and robed us? Ok what? Gear RP? (Id like to counter sue lol)
  2. I guess I thought we reconnected it was so long ago sorry I didn't remember we were playing up to about 15 min ago and just assumed we were on the same server the whole time sorry for not remembering.
  3. Pov Jessica Danko: Like My ally above has said I only took his shoes for my ally. Nothing else and we also were going easy on him. Also he was not a totally random person we were talking before hand and had to catch up to him at the end of the hangers. Other then that I dont think theirs much to say we knew He most likely had allys which if you see in the video He did. (Also he kept talking to the after his radio had been stripped) I believe in the video he was saying the location of himself and to "snipe us" im not very sure. Also I remember the server dropping but we did reconnect.