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  1. What are your RP pet peeves?

    I won't waste your time by making you read over a list of annoyances that other folks have posted. But~ -People who ignore other's Roleplay because they're obviously new, or feel the Need to Report them as opposed to offering guidance. -Team speak in general - I get that it's a useful tool, but it to me it absolutely takes away from any immersion. Suppose that's it for what really ~Grinds mah gears~
  2. Strange call for help (open frequency)

    The rain pounded on the small cedar shingles of the roof, thunder rolling in the distance. Eddy was sat against the wall, comfortable as he could hope for - at least he was out of the rain. The initial radio chatter startled him, and the man was quick to twist the volume down as he listened in relative silence. His brow knotted curiously - and a hand was raised to itch at his stubble before going back to wringing out his jacket. After some thought, Eddy dried his hands on his pants before pressing down on the PTT. "I'm not sure if you can hear me, Dillian, but if you've the breath to ask for help, you might do better with a location. " Edgar released the PTT, confident that he understood the situation; and he didn't think it was how it seemed.
  3. I'm new to both.

    Tips!? What do you think this is!? A friendly community!? Uh, but yeah. Have fun, keep IC, have a good time, and be creative! Honestly, you're gunna have a great time - I've been Roleplaying for a helluva long time, and this community is pretty top-tier. Welcome!
  4. Jason was stood with a slight slump in the rain - he was soaked with the recent heavy down pour. His feet ached, and what he saw at the Air Field had him plenty cautious about trudging on through Lopatino - even if it meant possible 'safety'. ( We all know nowhere is really safe. ) He listened to the Radio Chatter, swaying slighty with a creased brow whilst peering down the highway to Lopatino. Jason checked his surroundings, a habit of the new age - Didn't do him much good with the moon swallowed by those impossibly thick storm clouds. A part of him, truth be told, screamed for human interaction - but he hadn't come all this way to die in some cross fire between folks he'd never even met. That said, sounds like these people were the right people.. A bolt of lightning broke through the distance, shattering the skies and lighting up the world for an instant. The low rumble came soon after - the storm was near. A decision had to be made. Jason re-shouldered his bag and made down the road, a wet squelch with every step. "Alrighty Lopatino, Don't go killin' me now.. "
  5. Evening everyone

    New slates are the business - Hope you have an answer time this time round.
  6. Welcome Brother, No doubts you'll have a blast - it's both hilarious and riveting; well, it's what you make it really!
  7. Hey there!

    Welcome brother, The Community here is ridiculous in a great way. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time round here. See you in the streets!
  8. Cant see RP servers

    The main page shows them as being offline - I'd been having the same issue. Tried all four, no luck; looked back here to see they're listed as "Offline" So, yee.
  9. My peeps. my beautiful peeps

    'Fraid not brother, Canadian.
  10. Hey everybody, suppose I just wanted to say "Hi", dip into the Forums, see what's what. So far, it's been a hilarious ride. Hope to see you guys all in-game.