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  1. The situation was just as GingerSpice said. We had set up a medical facility in the Vybor military base and about 10 minutes after we had finished diagnosing a large group, this group arrived, surrounded us, and held us at gunpoint. In regards to tycoon's comment, I wasn't wearing any armband to show affiliation at all; you can see this in their proof video, at 34 seconds. Soon afterwards, they began to march us west along Veresnik, and as we marched alongside the hill, the server had stopped. We had no idea whether this was a crash or a scheduled reset, so we each waited around 1-2 minutes to see if the server would respond. It didn't, so Apallo and I disconnected, and Ginger was kicked from the server. We took a short break so we could all reconnect at once and returned shortly afterwards, where each of us was rolled back to a different location. I spawned in the guardpost alongside the road, Apallo spawned by a ruined car, and I'm not certain where in the military base Ginger was spawned. When we had returned to the encampment, everything was back to normal, but the members of the group were gone. Judging by the video, they only waited for us very briefly, and then left, believing that we wouldn't return. Thanks, and I hope that this helps clarify the situation.
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